Reflection of Creative Process – Music

Crit D:

The student:

  1. constructs an excellent outline of connections with depth and insight and effectively transfers learning to new settings
  2. n/a
  3. presents an excellent critique of the artwork of self and others.
I have detailed and ample evidence of critiquing my own work AND the work of others in terms of strengths and weaknesses.I have a detailed explanation of the status of my work in its various stages.

To conclude my music making process, I have learnt a lot and have gained a lot of experience. I have constantly tried to make my piece better and better, asking peers for feedback as well as trying different things on my own. In the beginning of my composing journey, I started out with a very basic melody with the clarinet, something that I have come to love is how other instruments can sound beautiful with each other, they can accompany each other in the music and help develop the mood and tone of the music piece.

During my creating process, I have found chords for the piano especially challenging, making the melody was much simpler as I could be as free and diverse with the ranging notes as I wanted. I found the chords challenging due to the need to fit it with my clarinet melody, I had to try different chords and decide which one accompanied my melody the most. Although this was a difficult process, with time I got it done and made the chords fit well.

16 Bar Melody Final – Summative Assesment

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.02.25 pm

This is my final copy of my 16 bar melody. I have named this piece ‘Presto’, due to the fact that it is lively and has an accelerating tempo. I think that my dynamics are well used throughout my piece, I have drastically changed them in comparison to my first 8 bar melody or previous¬†drafts. This is because I personally think that dynamics really help the mood and tone of a song, as it can grow loud and perhaps help make the piece sound commanding,¬†but the dynamics could also grow quiet which could help make it sound softer. In my melody, I have made it a more loud piece which I think goes well with my fast melody.

8 Bar Melody Final

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.09.09 pm

I have taken the suggestions/comments from my drafted version on my 8 bar melody and made some adjustments. I have added some dynamics to make the piece more lively. I have also added crescendos due to that I want the different instruments to gradually get louder as they both end up in FF. In my 16 bar melody, I will try to make my other 8 bars flow with these 8 bars. Since I have chosen to compose a fast piece, I think that my 4/4 key signature fits it well because I can have more diversity in the ranging of notes with a simple key signature.