Healthy Habits Goals

Healthy food:

Level 3 – Cook at least 2 meals per week consisting of good quality protein, green vegetables, starchy veg or healthy grain

Level 3 – Try a new recipe once a week that consists of real food, as well as no added sugar. Share your recipe with others.

Healthy thoughts:

Practice gratitude by telling 2 people a week why you appreciate them

Healthy sleep:

Level 3 – No processed foods and sugar 3 hours before bed

Level 2 – Switch my phone to airplane mode before going to bed.

Level 3 – Sleep for at least 7 hours each night, try my best to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Healthy movement:

Level 3 – Do 20 min of high-intensity training (HR over 150bpm) 4 times per week.

Level 3 – Take part in vigorous activity/exercise 5 days per week.