Passport Simulation Exercise

What was it like to be a national of this country?

When I was the passport holder during the simulation, I got assigned as an Iranian citizen, my first reaction was expecting to get detained from each country I would try to visit due to the political past of Iran as they are not exactly a reputable country. As I was going through the simulation/activity, even though I was expecting to get detained, getting detained from the majority of the countries I visited still wasn’t that great of a feeling as you get rejected from places you want to go.


How did the exercise make you feel as a passport holder, then as border control officer?

As a passport holder, I think that accessing countries based on your passport alone is quite difficult, and not just for my country of nationality but for others as well. I know this because as a border control officer, I had to check the visa qualifications for the other citizens from different countries, and quite a few would get detained from the country I was ‘stationed’ at. Being a border control officer definitely made me feel like I had more power over the people who were trying to enter the country as I had the power to detain them or let them in.


What did you take away from this exercise?

From this simulation activity, I think that there are many takeaways, such as the difficulty of being a national citizen of a certain country and how much that can open opportunities or close them for you. That people who are born into a nationality with a passport that can offer them many entrances for different countries can have an easier life when traveling, but for people who hold a passport that deny them of entry to certain countries will have a more difficult time getting let into these countries.  


Has this changed your idea of what it means to be ‘free’ at all?

Yes, it definitely has. After this simulation, I think that my perspective on being ‘free’ has changed and widened. I have realized how fortunate I am to hold 3 passports in which all have great access to the majority of the countries worldwide. Due to the fact that I do not face these difficulties of entering countries, I have never put much thought into how fortunate I am. Never considering what it was like for Iranian passport holders, Syrian passport holders, or Afghan passport holders, and many others.


Do you feel gratitude for your passport?

I definitely feel much more gratitude and appreciation for my passports. As I am a holder of the Canadian, Hong Kong, and Taiwan passports, I now feel how lucky I am to have these passports and be given the access and opportunity to access most countries that I want to visit.

Healthy Habits Goals

Healthy food:

Level 3 – Cook at least 2 meals per week consisting of good quality protein, green vegetables, starchy veg or healthy grain

Level 3 – Try a new recipe once a week that consists of real food, as well as no added sugar. Share your recipe with others.

Healthy thoughts:

Practice gratitude by telling 2 people a week why you appreciate them

Healthy sleep:

Level 3 – No processed foods and sugar 3 hours before bed

Level 2 – Switch my phone to airplane mode before going to bed.

Level 3 – Sleep for at least 7 hours each night, try my best to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Healthy movement:

Level 3 – Do 20 min of high-intensity training (HR over 150bpm) 4 times per week.

Level 3 – Take part in vigorous activity/exercise 5 days per week.