1.  Explain how you believe you are progressing on your instrument so far this year.

I think that my fingering and blowing methods have improved because I know how to play notes we haven’t played in class yet.

I can also recognise those notes in new sheet music too

2.  Explain specifically what you are currently doing to improve your level of skill.

I try to play the scales at different paces, then I move on to playing songs recommended by my saxophone teacher. I also work on reading the notes to familiarise myself with the music I’m playing.

3.  How often do you practice?

Twice a week depending on the time I arrive home or how much work I have.

4.  Which of these are you most successful at: note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, articulation, dynamics, tone quality, breathing/phrasing?

In order:

  1. Tone quality (Because I usually practice these at home and get advice on how to improve it from my saxophone teacher.)
  2. Articulation
  3. Note Accuracy
  4. Dynamics
  5. Breathing
  6. Rhythm Accuracy


6.  What can you do to improve as a musician?

I can work on understanding the rhythms of the songs because even if I know how to play the notes, I still play faster or slower than others due to my lack of understanding rhythm. I can also work on my breathing because I don’t know when to take a breathe and when not.