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Waste Not, Want not

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During today’s design day, I attempted to make a paper box that could fit a muffin. That didn’t turn out too well…


At the start I researched into interesting designs of boxes and how to fold them. One of the methods is to add interlocking tabs on the nets by adding a hole for an extra piece to fit through. To create a hexagonal frustum (my box shape), I need to make sure the hexagon of the net has a curve of trapezoids sandwiched between the bigger hexagon. This is so I wrap the trapezoids around the hexagon sides to create a frustum. These two techniques I researched can really help with my box design because it will be strong and won’t need that many additional features (tape, glue).

March Reflection

1.  Explain how you believe you are progressing on your instrument so far this year.

I think that my fingering and blowing methods have improved because I know how to play notes we haven’t played in class yet.

I can also recognise those notes in new sheet music too

2.  Explain specifically what you are currently doing to improve your level of skill.

I try to play the scales at different paces, then I move on to playing songs recommended by my saxophone teacher. I also work on reading the notes to familiarise myself with the music I’m playing.

3.  How often do you practice?

Twice a week depending on the time I arrive home or how much work I have.

4.  Which of these are you most successful at: note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, articulation, dynamics, tone quality, breathing/phrasing?

In order:

  1. Tone quality (Because I usually practice these at home and get advice on how to improve it from my saxophone teacher.)
  2. Articulation
  3. Note Accuracy
  4. Dynamics
  5. Breathing
  6. Rhythm Accuracy


6.  What can you do to improve as a musician?

I can work on understanding the rhythms of the songs because even if I know how to play the notes, I still play faster or slower than others due to my lack of understanding rhythm. I can also work on my breathing because I don’t know when to take a breathe and when not.

Design Day – What Did I Change?

This is a recording of me explaining what I changed in my design plan and why I changed them.

Music Criteria D Scale, Thirds, and New World Symphony

1.  Discuss your rehearsal process from when you practiced the song for the first time until recording it. (Consider the following:  With what frequency did you practice? How many minutes did you practice each time?  Did you play through beginning to end or isolate parts of the song?  Did you practice at different tempos?  etc. )

I was already familiar with the scales and thirds, but I was unfamiliar with the New World Symphony, so when I played it for the first time, I kept playing either too fast or too slow, which causes me to eventually lose control and accidentally play a different note.At home, spent at least 10 to 15 minutes practicing songs like these, and finally got used to the movement of fingering for the song.I also play the scale and thirds at a faster tempo to practice the finger movement on my saxophone, but I practice the New World Symphony with a slow tempo so I could practice long tones since there are many 1.5 beat notes. I recorded the G scale and thirds easily, but I recorded the New World Symphony multiple times because I wanted to submit the most fluent and perfect one.

2.  Was this assessment more challenging than you expected, at an appropriate level for you, or too easy?

I didn’t think this assessment was challenging at all due to the amount of practice i put into it, so I am very familiar with the scales and the thirds because I can perform the correct finger movement for all of the notes.  Also, even if I recorded New World Symphony multiple times, I still played the notes correctly and tongued the notes when needed.so that is why I think the assessment was easy.

3.  What did you learn about the rehearsal process?

I learnt that once you’re familiar with something after performing it correctly, there is a very low chance that you will play it incorrectly since you already know what to do.Hence the famous idiom, “practice makes perfect”.

4.  Were you satisfied with your performance?  Why or why not?

I was satisfied with my performance because I can finally prove that all my practice hasn’t gone to waste. Also, I played each note without any mistakes and slurred when the music tells me to.

5.  What did you learn about yourself as a developing musician?

I learn’t that even if your performance doesn’t turn out as good as you expected, you can play it multiple times over and over again and until you get the result you wanted. After finally feeling ready enough, you can finally perform, record yourself playing .

End of the year music

I recently completed my second music theory test and achieved an 8 on it (48/50). The reason I got two problems wrong were because I mistaken F flat with another note, which is why I wrote D flat as a tone below. I thought that 48/50 is really good if you compare it with my other grades.

A few weeks after the theory test I took my playing test. That didn’t go as expected though. The night before my octave notes weren’t sounding the same as before, the G sharp wasn’t the right sound, and I couldn’t blow on some notes such as B. I pressed all correct keys when playing but the notes weren’t what I expected to sound like. Turns out I was using a broken reed the whole time, that is why I kept squeaking the night before. Next time I should try to check all the parts of my saxophone before I start playing my instrument


Blues Down Under Summative

I completed my Blues Down Under Solo a few weeks ago.I used Finale notepad to create this piece on the computer. I used the D7, G7, A7 notes we practiced in class such as “D,E,F sharp,A”. I first started of with a high note just like Blues Down under, then thought of some combinations that sounded good together in my perspective. Before I started to edit the whole solo, I asked Mr. Taitoko for advice and also approved some comments my classmates left me on the previous blog post.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.15.53 am

Blues Down Under Reflection

A couple of days ago I played my Blues Down Under Solo piece to this year’s CDNIS guest: Mr. Taitoko

Unfortunately, I used the school saxophone, so I had some troubles with it and started to rush my solo.I managed to play the notes correctly and only made some mistakes when I pressed the wrong key on the school saxophone. Mr. Taitoko and Mr. O’Toole both said I did a pretty good job trying to keep up with my solo while using an instrument that doesn’t belong to me. The only problem was because I was too stressed I might mess up because I’m not used to the structure of the school instrument.


If I could do this again, I would:

1. Bring my own instrument

2. Tell myself to not stress out

3. Be more familiar with the solo so I can even play it on a school saxophone

My Blues Down Under Solo

Today I exported my first solo draft for the Blues Down Under song that we were practicing in class. I first jotted down some notes I thought sounded good together, then I copied it on the computer to hear what it really sounds like. After observing it a couple of times, I started thinking the sixth measure started to get jumbled up a bit, so I will fix that later. This is what I’ve got so far, I didn’t add the piano part yet:

About the Biology Unit

The biology unit was about the structure and details of the living things and how they changed over time.

One thing I found interesting in the biology units was the similarities of the different species and how those different species can be related to each other.

what I found difficult in this unit was trying to understand the very complex vocabularies such as the scientific names of the species.I overcame this by researching the definition and remembering those vocabularies.

What might happen to the earth if all human life goes extinct?




December Test Reflection

Today I took my music theory test.The first part was very confusing when I added up the notes because I am not too familiar with math. (Meaning I am bad at math).When I named the notes I treated it like it was nothing and got in all correct.I have only 7 questions wrong in the test.Three of those were because I didn’t add the naturals when I was finishing up the semitones and tones section.If I added the naturals or though more about my answers, I would’ve got an 8 on the test.Though I am happy with a 7.

I recently took my music playing test on the Hansel and Gretel theme.Before my turn, I focused on playing the notes smoothly so that it would sound better.I was only a bit nervous when I played but I did it in a short amount of time and played the notes equally at the same time.What I found out was that my neck screw was loose, so I am not sure if the notes were correct.Judging by how I play, I think I got a 6 on this test.

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