Grade 9 Music Final Reflection 😂


The theory unit went by pretty quickly, I learned some of the things I had forgotten when I had taken the grade 5 theory exam a few years ago. For my final theory exam, I got a 57/70 (6/8). During my theory exam, I forgot to study the transposing pitches of the different instruments and got a 0/6 for that part of the test. Along with other careless mistakes, I felt like this was the main reason I did not get a 7. About 95% of the content we covered for the theory unit was common knowledge for me, but my lack of practice prevented me from getting a higher grade. I forgot to study the transposition between the different C, Bb, Eb and F instruments, which cost me 6 marks. If I emitted some of the careless mistakes and studied the transposition part, I could have improved my mark to at least a 7. Next time I will spend more time practicing before the final theory test in order to improve my mark.




My favorite unit, the playing unit was very satisfying to me as I have improved a lot compared to the beginning of grade 9. I can now reach the notes I have practiced at home for 10 minutes almost every day and found it really helped with the quality of my playing in class. I also really need to improve my time management skills because I hand in my assignments late. I will have to work on my time management which is important if I want to continue to get good grades for Music. I scored an 8/8 on both my Stellar By Starlight playing test and my scales playing test, this shows how the consistent practice has paid off throughout the school year.



The composition was my least favorite unit because we had to use finale. The composition itself was not very hard, it was just time-consuming to create the 32 bar composition because of the confusing functions in Finale. It was also very hard finding inspiration from a painting to start my ternary composition.

Classical 24 Bar Ternary Composition – My Alarm 😂

My Composition:

My ternary composition was inspired by this artwork (above) called Planet Ringtone. The intentions of this song were to sound ‘like’ this was someone’s ringtone. I did this by using certain cords, and happy/repetitive melodies. I thought of the melody when I was thinking about different ringtones and randomly came up with the melody in the first 8 bars. From there, I used the artwork as inspiration to create the next phase in my composition (part B) which lead back to my final 8 bars (part A). I feel like playing my song is definitely achievable by a real life bass player.

I felt like my original idea in my 8 bar composition was a pretty good start to this final product. The bars are a little repetitive as the similar rhythms are played in the course of these 24 bars. Next time I would spend more time creating a whole different rhythm and key which would create a ‘shift’ in the composition, which is used a lot in many famous compositions. Overall, I felt like I could have spent more time creating the middle section of the song, which did not sound as I hoped.



我覺得我把這些閱讀活動做得不錯,因為我使用了很多時間去讀,了解故事裡有困難的詞語。故事也挺有趣的,但是它們都很長,除了三,四個故事。‘陌生人’ 這個故事是最感動的一個故事,因為這些悲慘的事情有一天可能會發生在你身上。我喜歡這個活動但是如果我們下一次又多一點時間會更好。

December Test Reflection

Theory Test

I feel like I did not do very well on the test because I did not study enough of the triads, diminished notes, and transposing instruments. Over 95% of my marks were lost from triads, diminished notes and transposing instruments questions. I should have made more notes on the topics I was unfamiliar with earlier so I know what to study when revising for the test. This will be a mistake I will learn from for more upcoming music tests and can be applied to other subjects also. I was one mark away from a 6, which is sad in every way. Two marks were taken away because I drew an ugly treble and bass clef, which I need to improve for next theory test if I don’t want to lose more marks.


Music Composition and Playing Test

The music composition and playing test were quite rushed because of all the other assessments which were occurring at the time. I think I did well when showing my knowledge of composing jazz music. I used a variety of notes and different rhythms to show my understanding of general music knowledge. I used various dotted rhythms and my piece had a swing feel throughout the entire piece. The composition took me a little bit more than one hour to finish, it was pretty well done apart from the final bar when I ended the blues solo on the tonic note which sounds atrocious. The composition was pretty good, but I could have changed a few minor details to make it better