G9 PH3 – Unit 2 Reflection

第二个单元是 《多元化社会》。这个单元的探究说明是 “在多元化社会里,人们要以宽容的态度尊重不同民族和宗教特有的文化和传统”。我学到了一些关于少数民族的东西,比如人的文化,传统,外貌,和衣服。


我的少数民族报告挺不好的。这个报告是Crit C和Crit D考试。我觉得下次,我可以做更好。I scored a 5 in both criteria, which, according to my teacher, was very disappointing. I was anxious before my presentation because I knew that I had not been applying myself very much during the unit due to my feeling that most of the content was not very useful in practise. I hope that next time I feel more inclined to apply myself during regular lessons, and I believe that performing so poorly on one of this unit’s assessments may be the motivator I needed.

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