March reflection

  1. How i feel how am i progressing through music is not much. Because most of the notes, rest, and dynamics is i learned a few years ago or learned from last year. The only thing i feel i learn is the 2/2 time signature is that the half notes are equal to 1 beat.
  2. What i am doing to improve my skills is practice at home. Also, taking saxophone classes outside of school so i can learned new notes or new songs to play. I joined the concert band also is because i wanted to perform in front of the audience, but also i wanted to have a challenge to play sometimes difficult music to play.
  3. Around 30 min per day i practice.
  4. What i am more successful at during music is note accuracy. Because i know mostly all the notes of how much beats should they get such as in 4/4 time, a quarter not is 1 beat and a 1/8 not is half a beat.
  5. What i feel i am the least successful at during music is dynamics. Because i usually ignore most dynamics when playing because i am so focus on what note should i play so i won’t mess up.
  6. What could i do better at a musician is playing the dynamics when playing music since i mostly ignore the dynamics because i’m so focus on the notes.