Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Karen and I’m currently studying in Grade 8. This website is an online documentation of my learning. All of my work will be recorded in the MYP section in the Navigation Menu above. Hover the decorative blue cursor over the MYP section, and I hope you find something you are interested in. Please enjoy!


Please comment or give feedback so I can improve my blog and make it more interesting for you, thank you! I hope you like my blog.

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    Mandison and Kyna –
    Thank you for your feedback and support. I appreciate it very much :) Have a great evening.


  2. Mandison

    Great website, the information on this website is endless, with beautiful display which enhances my interest. I’m starting to check almost daily now :)

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    I love your new theme, way more cheerful than before :D just sayin’.
    And I really love your photograph, I might go there for Christmas… Maybe not same resort though.

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