May 16, 2018 - Arris Lan

Service as Action reflection

The problem that I have decided to take action against is a lack of competitive sports in Hong Kong.

I decided approach this problem and present a solution to it by planning to organise a competitive American Football tournament next year, in hopes of introducing a new sport into our school society. I believe that doing this will also reinstate the value of sport into Hong Kong’s society, by starting off with the small community of our school, and slowly spreading and expanding this value of sports to the rest of Hong Kong.

become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth:

During this project, I realised that my strength was that I dedicate myself to things that I really want to happen. This would allow me to present my service as action to the best of my ability, because I chose an issue that I have in interest in. However, seeing that this is the first time where I have taken the initiative to organise something like a huge event, I would consider myself to be inexperienced in this field.

discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities

I have already planned how I am going to organise the framework of this sports event, as well as evaluate risks and possibilities that might derail any plans I have made for the future. The action that I will take involves student participation and interaction, and gives them a chance to contribute to the service.

persevere in action

In this project, although my service has not been put into action yet, I have many plans and accommodations if it does not go as planned. Throughout this service as action project, I have considered obstacles that I might run into during the process, and I am determined to persevere through problems in order to reach my desired outcome.

work collaboratively with others

For my service as action project, I will be collaborating with Mr.Lovegrove and the athletic department in order to arrange the competitive sports event. I will also be interacting with other students through a petition they will sign for this event to take place.

develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding 

I am developing international-mindedness through global engagement, by bringing in a foreign sport into society. This will hopefully spark and understanding and value of sports from other countries, while promoting a new sport into the athletic society of Hong Kong, as American football is not a popular sport in Hong Kong and goes unnoticed.

Service as Action

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