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Welcome to your iFolio

Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your...

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Although I shouldn’t have bought this plastic water bottle, I’ve been using it for the past week. Think of ways you can reuse your trash ! #environment via Instagram

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Carb loading for tomorrow’s track meet, eating well over 3000 calories #food. #>3000calories#carbload#healthyhabits via Instagram

Service as Action reflection 0

Service as Action reflection

The problem that I have decided to take action against is a lack of competitive sports in Hong Kong. I decided approach this problem and present a solution to it by planning to organise...

第一單元 reflection 0

第一單元 reflection

在這一個單元裡面,我理解了詩裏的主題內容。我現在明白作者在詩裡面寫的意思和故事。 我學到了一個新的學習方法,我要背詩歌的時候,我應該了解詩的內容在講什麼。我發現這樣做讓我記得詩歌裡面的字。

Waste Not, Want Not ( G8 Design ) 0

Waste Not, Want Not ( G8 Design )

Fruit Box Package: This is a fruit box that I created on design day, to package fruit and a muffin. I made this package using 1 piece of paper and 4 pieces of tape....

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