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Welcome to your iFolio

Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your...

Service as Action reflection 0

Service as Action reflection

The problem that I have decided to take action against is a lack of competitive sports in Hong Kong. I decided approach this problem and present a solution to it by planning to organise...

第一單元 reflection 0

第一單元 reflection

在這一個單元裡面,我理解了詩裏的主題內容。我現在明白作者在詩裡面寫的意思和故事。 我學到了一個新的學習方法,我要背詩歌的時候,我應該了解詩的內容在講什麼。我發現這樣做讓我記得詩歌裡面的字。

Waste Not, Want Not ( G8 Design ) 0

Waste Not, Want Not ( G8 Design )

Fruit Box Package: This is a fruit box that I created on design day, to package fruit and a muffin. I made this package using 1 piece of paper and 4 pieces of tape....

Canadian Railroad Trilogy 0

Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Canadian Railroad Trilogy   Listen to Gordon Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy. Here are the lyrics.   Answer the questions in full sentences, giving support and justification for your ideas. Briefly explain these four terms:...

Inuit Throat Singing 0

Inuit Throat Singing

Inuit Throat Singing   Watch the following clip. Please list 4 things you notice, and give the time for each one. For (fake) example, the tempo increases at 5:43, or the dynamics increase at...

Introduction To Throat Music 0

Introduction To Throat Music

Introduction to Folk Music What do you think you know about folk music?   Use this link to answer the questions below.   What does folk music attempt to express? It attemps t How...

Design Criterion D Reflection 0

Design Criterion D Reflection

A built environment can reflect upon a place from structures and architecture. This depends on the artwork or the specific form of the structure, as these clues usually tell a story or holds history...

End Of Year Reflection 0

End Of Year Reflection

This year in music class, we have done 4 units. Instruments, theory, blues composition, and playing. Although all were interesting and I learned from all of them, I must say that my favorite unit...

“If I Can Stop One Heart” Poetic Devices Annotation 0

“If I Can Stop One Heart” Poetic Devices Annotation

If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking, Emily Dickinson If I can stop one heart from breaking,                           Enjambment: Underline I...

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