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Unit Reflection:




Music Crit C- Reflecting on Finale Summative

When composing my song, I wanted to create a faster paced rhythm to make the song feel more active and alive. I was inspired by unique and catchy songs like “we are number one”, because I liked the fast pace, so I stuck to mezzo piano and mezzo forte . However I wanted to make a song that was unique and didn’t repeat itself, so I made sure that the rhythm started with the same notes, possibly a tonic or semitonic higher or lower than the last phrase, and then created an all new and unique rhythm that was unique to the phrase and the first bar of the phrase. When making my task 2 music, I really liked the sounds of b flat major, so I stuck to it for this task. As for instrumentation, I love the sound of jazz and blues alto saxophone, and I thought the piano would give a unique spin to the song by adding the opportunity of having 2 hands, which can play different chords, giving the song more depth.

Originally I had planned on having a similar rhythm to my task 2 or some ideas I had for task one. I had also planned to make the song slower, but instead decided on making the song faster to give it more melodic shape, and make it more dynamic and unique, like adding 16th notes in fast up and down patterns. I also had many other plans for my melody, like making most of it 16th notes. However this seemed too fast paced for the whole note and half note chords.

If I could improve one thing, it would probably be making the starting bars of each phrase fit in with the last phrase, and the next bar. I personally feel like the connection between the bars is quite weak, and if i had more time to experiment, I could probably use notes in and out my selected chords to create a more smooth and fitting rhythm. I interviewed Marcus and my parents and they said that I could also give a larger variety of notes, i.e. including more whole and half notes, and that I could also try and add more notations, or incorporate staccato to make the rhythm more dynamic.

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Waste Not, Want Not-(Design)

We recently begun our design unit, we are currently investigating into different kinds of packaging, and packaging regular and irregular shapes. During design day (today), we started off my discussing what the unit was about, and the criterion for this IDU design unit.

I did some research on different innovative packaging designs and found some incredible designs like packaging that can wrap around anything, or packaging based on the product like the concept Doritos bag.Image result for concept doritos bagImage result for headphones shaped like a note

I think the most important things I learnt are that I should take some inspiration from the product, be creative, think outside THE BOX (sorry), and make sure to try different things. By doing this you can create different shapes of packaging with different materials, which can reduce the amount of wasted space, and it can reduce the required resources. I also think that using different kinds of geometry like the Doritos bag can make the packaging more adaptable, therefore making it cheaper, environmentally friendly and making it look really cool compared to a plain box.

March Reflection (music)

This year I think I have overall made quite a lot of progress. I was able to learn many new songs and my ability to sight read and play faster tempos and notes has definitely improved. Along with that, I am now able to play quicker/faster songs than I was ever able to before.

I did this by practicing at home at least once a day, and trying to play in my spare time and If i can’t do that then I read over the book to look at notes and songs I need to work on, this way if I’m not playing, then at least I am getting some work done.

I think my strongest ability is probably rhythm accuracy or note accuracy. and I think I need to work on my articulation, because I struggle to play smooth notes while at the same time focusing on dynamics and rhythm. I also struggle to understand some notes in songs, for instance songs with many symbols are hard for me to understand, and I can’t play many of them

I think what I can do to improve my skills is try to practice some harder songs, and even if I cant play them, just try to so that I can get used to faster playing. If I keep doing this then as time goes on I should be able to properly play faster, more challenging songs that have different kinds of tempos, key signatures, etc. Along with this improving my theory ability wont hurt because it will help me understand dynamics more, allowing me to play songs and understand notes better.

Crit D: Line 90, 104 Responding

When practicing, I was already familiar with the scale and thirds, for the scale  I started off with a tempo that was 30 bpm lower than the required, if I was able to play it well, which would take 5-8 min, then I would move up 10 bpm, all the way until I got to the required amount. Once I got to the required amount I Recorded each attempt, until I got one that was (near) perfect. But for the song from New World Symphony (line 104) I did not do the same, because the beat and tempo were already really low (76 bpm) so I decided to just practice segments of the notes continuously until I was able to play them all well, then I recorded myself playing the whole song.

I think that this assessment was about my level, I was able to complete the songs and practice them effectively and play them without too many mishaps, although I think that I still need to practice sight reading because I was unfamiliar / could not recognise some of the notes at first.

I learnt that when rehearsing, it is best to start off at a slower pace, to help you get the feel for the rhythm, beat, and the notes, then once you are comfortable, you can increase the tempo and practice that too. This is important because if you get a feel for the song first, you will be learning the notes, while practicing at a slower pace.


Thailand Chang Mai CAS Trip

Last week a hand full of people including myself went to Thailand on a CAS week trip. Overall this trip was really fun, we got to hike to a village in the mountains, build a building, by hauling dirt (actually more fun than it sounds) and we got to do so much other stuff, like kayaking, archery, climbing etc. I learnt a lot about Thailand and I learnt about some of my skills that I originally did not know about, such as my skills in archery and my decent balancing skills on the high ropes. I also worked on my communication skills by trying to lead my group as best as I could, and if I was not leading, then I would be trying to help as best as possible.

End Of Year Music Reflection

I believe that I did pretty well on the theory test, I was able to recall the correct notes for the majority of the first page, but I had trouble with the second page, so I think for that I need to go and review those tasks and practice them for the summer.

For the playing test I think I did decent, I was tonguing and slurring when needed, but I got a lot of the notes wrong, because I am unable to remember how to play the notes due to the amount of symbols that I needed to remember. But other than a few mistakes I can honestly say that I did pretty well.

For the rest of the year, my performance was great, I got high grades on most of my tests and managed to get a couple of 8s. I memorised all the intermediate notes, symbols, etc and was able to play them quite well. Though sadly I did not do one of the assignments properly so I got a lower grade for it. I also got way better at theory, I went from knowing pretty much nothing to almost, but sadly not getting a six.

Overall I personally think that this year, my effort could be improved, though it was ok, I personally think that it could better that it was, because when I gave my all I got eights and sevens, but for the other tests I only got 4s and 5s. So I need to make sure I give more time into learning the notes, practicing, so that I will get a better grade.


Blues Down Under Reflection

For the past few weeks everyone has been assigned with the task of creating a solo for a music piece called blues down under. I found this quite easy and I personally really enjoyed it, I learnt about different note combinations that help make a song sound good, like playing 1235 for D7, A7, G7, and I learnt about the blues scale and how to apply it into my solo. Using the things that I had learnt I was able to create a personal solo that applied all of these things.

Blues Down Under: Solo Summative

In the time that we wrote the blues down under solo, I was able to compose a solo using the template from the original piece, The comments that I received told me that I could have worked on was making the solo more for myself, because I think that my solo almost mirrored the original solo, something else that I could work on is variation, so I decided to alter the rhythm and add some of my own personal work and changed the variation, I think I changed the variation well but I still think that it sounds too much like the original, so I think that I will try to make my next solo more for myself and less like the one given.