Grade 8 CAS: Sanya, Hainan

How did you persevere in action?

I think that I persevered in action mostly in the water sports and the waterfall hike, this is because I don’t usually do anything like this because the ocean where I live isn’t the cleanest and there are rarely any good waves near me that are good to ride. Also, I always thought that it would be too much of an inconvenience to get out of the water and do everything like showering, get changed, wash the sand off etc. However, after this trip, I started to not care about the little things and just live in the moment. Will I surf where I live? Maybe but not often, I simply do not have time for that and I feel like that experience should stay where it happened. The water sports we did including the waterfall hike we did isn’t necessarily something that I would do since I’m not exactly the most adventurous person. But I did them anyway and gained some more unique experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

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