Blues Down Under Solo Reflection

When I was composing my solo, I experimented with different notes from the blues scale to find a melody that I liked and sounds bluesy. I used different note/rest lengths to have more variety and to make it have a more rhythmic tone. I also have some slurs to make it more interesting and to make it flow better. I used notes that go well together and don’t make a huge jump so that it can flow and I will still be able to play it confidently. When I showed one of my friends my draft, they pointed out that my piece doesn’t have dynamics or a tempo which can make it plain. Therefore, I went and added some dynamics and crescendos/diminuendos to make it a more smooth transition. I also added the Moderato tempo because that was what I felt was most suitable for me and others that may want to play it. Someone else said that the ending for my solo was a bit boring since it was a row of half notes. I changed that by adding an eighth note to the end to make it sound more complete and to tie it all together. I feel like I could improve the piece by adding a wider variety of note lengths to make it sound more interesting and maybe use some thirds in there to make it sound more appealing and bluesy. I could also have more articulation by adding more slurs or staccatos to have the melody be a little different compared to the others. I think that this unit has helped me improve my composition skills especially in writing music in blues style since I usually write in classical or romantic styles. This unit has helped me think more out of the box and has given me more freedom to write whereas classical music is more strict on how it should sound.

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