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In design, we have been going through the design process to create a personal logo. Our logo had to include some parts of our identity. I used my name (V), personality (colors) and hobbies (music note). I think that I did I good job on this because my logo is very simplistic but it shows a lot of my personality at the same time. I also think that my design process has shown what I have learned over time with Adobe Illustrator.





Just as some feedback I would really appreciate it if you answer the questions below:

Does this logo represent me?

Do you think I have made an effective logo?

How could I improve?

5 thoughts on “Personal Logo

  1. Your logo represents your identity really well by the music note and the V. It is also really simple and the colour contrast is nice. I think you can improve by adding more things that represent yourself.

  2. I think this logo represents you very well. I can tell you enjoy music and like the colour purple. The only thing you could change is to make your “V” slightly more taller. But other than that, well done!


  3. Your logo is very simple with a good representation of your identity and characteristics. Your logo suits the elements of logo design well. The colours make me think that you are a serious, classical and simple person. This logo demonstrates your excellent skills on using Illustrator because included curved and straight lines. I think you can make your logo better by adding thickness to the brushes to show more value.

    Good Job!

  4. I love that you put a music not in your logo because I know you like music. I think your logo is creative and represents you a little. I think you made an effective logo but You could add more of what represents you.

  5. I think that this logo represents you really well because of the music note. It tells me that you like music. The colours represent you nicely too because they relate to your attitude and feelings (most of the time). I think that your logo is effective because it’s recognisable and timeless. I think you can improve by adding in one more aspect of yourself (hobby or colour) into your design / logo.

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