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TOK Numbers and Numerals

What is the advantage of employing place value? By employing place values, it allows each number to mean something and allows humans to communicate a specific value of something. Why does the number system which we generally use have base 10? This is because by employing base 10, it has been historically used, making it convenient

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There will be an App for that

I will create an app that will help my parents help keep track of their weight and blood pressure while being able to have their BMI calculated by the app. This app will show them their category of weight for their height and whether they need to improve their weight or not. The app that

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CAS Week 新西蘭之旅

這次的 CAS Week 我就去了新西蘭的南島。皇后鎮成為了全紐西蘭乃至世界聞名的旅遊度假勝地,我覺得皇后鎮很有趣因為它四周環繞雄偉群山 旅途一開始就已經醉人心扉,沿途風景是美輪美奐湖泊接著巍峨雄偉的山脈!前往皇后鎮的路上,瓦卡莃普湖景色很美麗, 湖水清冊透明,比香港的海更顯得秀麗。在湖上還有各式各樣的探險活動。有帆傘、鯊魚艇、空中飛人、噴射快艇⋯ 我們玩了噴射快艇,真是太好玩了。這是因為噴射快艇的速度非常快,是一個很振奮的經驗。 皇后鎮的山非常陡。對我們這些香港來的學生來說要爬上去談何容易,所以我們就做直升機上去,坐在直升機上,俯瞰整個皇后鎮。到達山頂 360°的無邊景致瞬間令我敬畏。爬上山頂不容易,下山也不簡單,可以說是步步驚心動魄。我們每走一步,都小心翼翼,生怕自己一不小心摔了得粉身碎骨。不過在老師的鼓勵下,我們都順利的完成任務。在山的下面也跟了朋友露營,大家也一起做了一個營火。我們吃了一個很豐富的晚餐和圍著營火烤棉花糖。      

Breast Cancer iBook

Here’s my iBook on Breast Cancer. Feel free to give me comments and feedback. Please download the book. Link Please also fill out the form below. Loading…

Did the Industrial Revolution cause more harm than good?

After investigating about the Industrial Revolution for a few weeks I believe that the Industrial Revolution caused more harm than good. I believe this because Industrial Revolution started and caused urbanisation. In theory people moving to the city may sound like a good thing as in present day people who live in cities most of

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Short Story Unit Refletion

Look Before You Leap The above is a link to my short story. The hardest part of writing my story were choosing ideas  to add to my story as I had a lot of them. Another hard thing was writing a good introduction and conclusion. It was hard to begin and end a story. I

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