Service as Action Grade 10

Throughout this year, I felt that I have done service as action outside of school by flag selling to raise money for various charities. This was done over the course of 3 months and allowed me to raise money to help those in need. I also volunteered to give out food to those in need and help distribute basic necessities.




  • How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?

I became aware of my own strengths as I learned that I am positive and try to persevere when doing my action. An area that I can improve in is to continue to be motivated as a few hours into selling, I would be fairly tired and didn’t want to continue doing this as I’d be too worn out. I also learned that I am able to visit places that are hard to visit which allowed me to learn about different cultures and allowed me to know that I am open-minded and willing to go experience different challenges.

  • How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?

I undertook new challenges as I had to converse with strangers and try to convince them to donate to the charities. This was a skill that I had to develop as I never talked much with strangers before and trying to persuade people to help charities was a skill I had to develop in order to be successful.

  • How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities?

When discussing with the organizer where we should station people, I chose to pick an area where there would be higher foot traffic as it will allow more people to have an easier opportunity to donate money to the charities. When giving food I also discussed with my peers in order to organize who would be carrying what and how we would more effectively deliver food.

  • How did you persevere in action?

I was able to persevere in action as I had to persevere even though I might not have people donating for 10 mins. I had to persevere when people rejected to give me money and continue standing and asking people if they were willing to help. I also continued to help when there are challenges I had to deal with, allowing to learn to persevere and keep trying to help.

  • How did you work collaboratively with others?

I worked collaboratively with others as was working with my peers in order to cooperate with each other to find more people to donate money to us. This allowed me to practice my collaboration skill and required me to show teamwork skills and communicate well in order to be successful. I also worked collaboratively with others when giving out food as I did this service with my peers and friends which allowed me to demonstrate communication and collaborative in order to organize and plan how we are going to do the service.

  • How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism, and intercultural understanding?

Throughout when I was raising money, I encountered people of different cultures who were willing to help me and donate some money to help. I also used various languages in order to inform them about my purpose of asking for money which demonstrated my multilingualism and shows that I am a good communicator. Through helping other people, I also learned about their experiences and learned why they were willing to donate as well as experiences of people who need our help and what their story is.

  • How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions?

I considered the ethical implication of my action as I learned that the money I had to help raise money with was used to help people in need. In regards to giving food, I learned my actions have implications as I realized that giving food to other people allowed them to survive and help me benefit their lives, creating a positive implication. I also learned that helping people by not letting them starve allows them to live another day and continue to try to go on with their life as they receive more food. I also considered that the action might not be completely ethical. This is because when trying to help these people by giving food, we would make them more dependent on us. Although we would try to talk to them and help them learn to be more independent, our actions made it easier for them to be dependent which is something that I should consider in the future.

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