Stella Solo Draft

Attached below is the PDF to my draft version of the Stella by Starlight composition. Listen to the MP3 too from the recording bar!

FionaChan9G_Stella by Starlight

This is the draft of my Stella by Starlight jazz composition. The solo instrument is Flute with Piano as accompaniment. The tempo of this piece is not too fast, I chose this because it has many notes that have short value, so even if it is set at a slow tempo, it wouldn’t be too boring. I found that this project was a little more difficult than the first ternary composition and I propose that the reason is because jazz music normally does not have a set melody, so I cannot write the piece revolving around any specific element – most of the notes have to be devised from the chord and there wasn’t any guide lines. Feel free to listen to my draft jazz music and leave a comment down below to help me improve my composition! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Stella Solo Draft

  1. Your composition is very nicely composed, with great use of blue notes, jazzy notes, and rhythms. You have used matching flute notes to the piano chords, and most interesting part was the use of triplets. I think it would be better if you add dynamics 😀 otherwise… THIS IS AMAZING OMGGGG :))

  2. You used a variety of conjunct and disjunct motion, as well as some chromatic sequences that made your piece sound jazzy. You also had a variety in rhythm, what especially stood out was the use of triplets at the end of the second page. Perhaps you could have certain rhythms or notes that you used at the beginning of the song near the end of the song to give it a better sense of cohesion? This is just a suggestion, I think you did a great job!

  3. It sounds very jazzy and your flute notes quite fit the piano chords well. You even put down details like swing during the start and the speed of your notes! You can add a more distinct melody to your piece as it does not have an apparent theme to it. I like your chromatic notes too.

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