Exploring Correspondence and Coherence

Read the TOK essay and suggest how the student could have used the concepts of coherence and correspondence

This essay is ultimately a discussion of the significance of internal and external factors in different Areas of Knowledge (AOKs), making an argument for the practical applications of each field. Discussing the fallibilities of certainty in the Natural Science, the author briefly identifies a typology of knowledge that allows for certainty to be achieved.  The comparison made to Ethics was lacklustre at best and seemed characteristically flawed, though less relevant to this reflection.  In fact, coherence and correspondence are at the heart of this essay, which focuses on the context of knowledge production and its subsequent application. Knowledge does not exist in a vacuum, as it’s said, except that in some cases it does. The primary failure of this essay is the inability to connect it to larger concepts within TOK and epistemology—the thoughts the student sought to articulate could have been far clearer discussed when referencing established ideas. The essay as a whole (but specifically the examples used) seemed to simply be a less nuanced explanation of correspondence and coherence. 

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