TOK Reflection #2-”I need to see it to believe it”

Upon discussing about the type of sense that one would least likely give up, a majority would agree on not giving up sight. Sight is essentially attributed to one the most important senses that we, as humans, use. It is nearly impossible to live in out current world without possessing the ability to see (with some potential exceptions), and this is because we now live in a visual oriented society. Most of what we consider as general knowledge is acquired through the use of our sight, and this is especially prominent in our technologically lead…continue reading →

TOK Reflection #1-Walt Whitman

  Inside Walt Whitman's poem "Song of Myself", one of the TOK-relevant ideas that is conveyed is possibly how our perception and understanding of knowledge will change. The poem mentions how the audience shall no longer do certain things, such as taking things at second/third hand, looking through the eyes of the dead, feed on the spectres in books, or look through the eyes of the author and take things from him. It is implied that the author is addressing towards the audience that they should learn and see more, without limiting themselves to these…continue reading →


7 Outcomes for Service Questions for Grades 10 Activities done: Digital Ambassador, Habitat for Humanity, Cooking for a Cause How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth? I think that I have become more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses through the various activities that I have done. Through my activities, I learn things that I have passions for, as well as things that I want to improve on. As an example, I am a part of the Digital Ambassadors, which has been a good experience,…continue reading →