There Will be an App for That

I will create a fully functional application which can be used for solving basic adding and subtracting equations. This mobile application will have a basic yet engaging background picture that doesn’t distract my client from the actual questions. The purpose of my app is to help younger kids get a chance to practice adding and subtracting equations in an easy way, something that doesn’t make the process a bore but simple to the point where you open the app and answer some questions which in turn you can have a high score. Some of the features which I want to have are the ability to have a tracker of your high score and current score and the ability to chose from a set of easy to hard questions.

Through researching in depth about the elements of a successful app and what kind of code will be required to create a basic maths quiz app, I have discovered that having my app meet a universal need is crucial, in my case it is education. I also found that I need to focus on my niche, my niche is 4-5-year-old kids who want to practice adding and subtracting basic equations. I also found that I need to make sure that my application runs at a high speed so that my client who is very young doesn’t get frustrated with the app. The research which I have conducted has given me an idea of what I need to include in my app to keep my client engaged and wanting to use the app, not feel like she is forced to.


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  1. I like the concept of the application and your explanation of it. I wish that you could have expanded more on what you found during your research. What if you expanded more on what you found during your research and directly explained how it helped you with the project.

  2. I personally believe that this is a relatively achievable goal in the time frame that you have, but I don’t see you will be able to have an engaging, yet not distracting background, obviously your target audience are young children between the age of four and five, but if you provide an engaging background, is there no chance for them them to be distracted?

    I like the fact that you have defined how your app will be structured, as well as how it will be suitable for your target audience, meaning that it will be easier to build your app. However, I wish that you can understand how the app can relate to your audience, an example of this is the app will help them develop their mental calculations. What if you made the app so that it would help your audience in some way or another, such as but not limited to the previously mentioned example.

  3. I like how you have clearly thought about who your target audience is and you really adjusted your features to suit it. You clearly explained what your requirements and why. I wish that you had explained more of the research you did to reach the conclusion of what should be included in your app. What if you wrote down the reasons behind you choices and what you could do to fix them if a problem occurred?

  4. I like how you described exactly what your client expects from you as well as how you are going to incorporate their requests through all of your research. I wish you added a bit more detail in your explanation because it seems a bit too short, especially when you described how you will make your app run smoothly since you did not describe any of your reseacher. What if you could incorporate a few mini games in your app in order to keep your target audience engaged and want them coming back for more. Good job though!

  5. I like that you made your client very clear, and that you have a very clear cut idea of what you want your app to be. I wish that you would have talked a bit about a more about the aesthetic section of it and the actual design of the app. What if you could give a run down of how your app would look like and describe the different sections of it?

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