Healthy Habits

Food Swap sugary drinks (soda, Gatorade, etc.) for water as much as possible. (Level 1) Movement Add 20min + of high-intensity training (HR over 150bpm) 4 times per week. (Level 3) Sleep Switch to airplane mode when going to bed. (Level 2) Thoughts Come up with a coping strategy to help deal with stress

TOK Journal Post #17

Summarise in your own words the reading “Can we use scientific approach with humans?” In this article, as evident in the tittle, it is debating where a ‘scientific approach’, which includes high specificity of things such as a scientific method and controlled variables, can be applied to humans.  Through a reading of all the points, […]

TOK Journal Post #16

Choose 1 question you developed from HS To what extent do the droughts in Australia impacted the farmers psychologically? Design a research task or experiment: Research Question: To what extent do the droughts in Australia impacted the farmers psychologically? Hypothesis: The drought will which disables the farmers ability to produce crops will lower their income and […]

TOK Journal Post #15

When scientists and mathematicians use the word ‘prove’ do they mean the same thing? Speaking from a general standpoint first, I believe that the meaning of the word prove to both scientists and mathematicians have either the same or extremely close meanings. The reason for this is the fact that both areas of knowledge have […]

TOK Journal Post #14

Article #1: Is mathematics true? Summary: Growing up in the mathematics world, it was always a concept that was concrete – one answer derived from either simple or complex methods, but the end result would always be the same. However, now philosophy has challenged math to discover whether what we learn is ‘true’ to any […]

TOK Journal Post #13

  What is the difference between a conjecture and a theorem? A conjecture is known as a statement that is unproved, but is believed to be true. A theorem on the other hand, is a general proposition not self-evident but proved by a chain of reasoning. In the case of conjecture, from the definition we […]

TOK Journal Post #12

  Summarize what the main point(s) of the two essays into one short paragraph each. Article #1 – Art and Truth: Artists that are involved in all kinds of forms of art have some sort of moral choice to illustrate social truth within their work. The reason for this assumption is because art usually has […]

TOK Journal Post #11

The arts are concerned with entertainment, not knowledge. Personally, I believe that this statement is true to a certain extent. The arts can both be used for entertainment and knowledge. For example, in entertainment, there are movies, fiction books, and many other forms. Similarly, in the knowledge section of arts, there are things such as […]

TOK Journal Post #10

How can scientists decide between competing hypotheses? There are a few things that scientist tend to look at when competing hypotheses. The first is the fact that scientist are more likely to believe ideas that explain the observation/belief better. Science after all is based heavily on reasoning and determining what is the truth. Scientist will […]

TOK Journal Post #9

Similar to the problem of defining art, the distinction between science and pseudoscience is equally unclear. I think that distinction to me personally is quite clear as to what science and pseudoscience. However, the reason for this is because of what my beliefs are and is personal for all. For example, I believe that Chinese […]

TOK Journal Post #8

What distinguishes Natural Science from other AOKs? Speaking on a general level about the natural sciences is the fact that they are very straightforward with essentially no leeway around them in terms of explaining them. Science is based on experimentation and observation of the natural world and is built upon globally. Science, unlike other AOK’s […]