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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

After finishing the whole apple box, our second task was to transfer the design into sketch-up, the app we’ll be using throughout the whole unit.

Here is a screenshot of what I came up with.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.44.20 pm

Although its very similar to the original apple box, I was able to modify it so it meets the criteria of what makes good packaging.

What Im about to say next may not be logical and probably not make any sense, bare with me.

I don’t really think our understanding of geometry has a very big impact on the reduction of our carbon footprint because the definition of it, and I quote is “the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organisation, event, product or person”. I mean, I understand the connection within the question if we’re talking about how the use of packaging affects with but not much with our understanding of it. 

Starting a new unit in the design is always the hardest. There are so many things to talk about, so many tasks to discuss, apps to try, projects to start… its always so much work, but its fun 🙂

This unit, our design is based around math class and the task is to do some packaging work. To get us familiar with the idea, we were given some sort of packaging and were supposed to analyse is and discuss what made it good, what made it bad, any improvements and generally what makes good packaging. By the end of that, as a grade we managed to come up with a criteria the makes good packaging.

After finishing all of that, our first real task was to make a packaging box for an apple. Attached in this post is the picture of what my group came up with. I believe that this packaging meets most of the expectations but lacks a few features. It is; secure, attractive, contents are obvious and is light. Considering the lack of materials, we made the box out an A4 piece of paper. My group used ONE piece of paper, 3 markers and some tape. With all of that, I believe that we did a good job and aesthetically, it turned out really well.

Bare in mind, it doesn’t look that appealing on camera.


After weeks of doing work with writing our composition, its now time to write our final song, which is the summative.

So to writing this composition we had to do 3 things beforehand;

1. Write the rhythm

2. Start off the melody

3. Finish the melody

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.08.32 pm

These three tasks set us off and gave us something to rely on and made the job itself a little easier.

For my final composition, I chose the trumpet and the piano. I chose the trumpet because I started playing it this year and Im more familiar with it now after weeks of practising and playing. I chose the piano to be the instrument that plays my chords because after experimenting with others, I thought that the piano was a great instrument to go along side with the trumpet.

Although everything we have practised with has helped us in such a big way, doing the final one was still as challenging as I imagined it to be. We had to add 8 more bars of melody and add chords which I knew nothing about.

I started off with finishing off the melody which took a very long time because I tried to make it fit with the first 8 bars and I had lost ideas after the 12th bar. I ended up tweaking with it to make it sound better with the added 8 bars.

After finishing that, I started to add chords. I think this part of the task took me longer to write the song itself because me not knowing much about music in general, I had to figure it out, read the instructions over and over again and just play with it until I was happy with the result. This was probably the most challenging thing for me in the whole unit. The result ended with me trying to choose chords that were not too off tune with the melody itself, I felt that making this decision made it sound better because the trumpet and piano are two very different instruments and if I chose a different instrument, it would be off tune.

This is what I brought the first 5 bars to be.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.18.55 pm

The final step of writing this song was to add the markings and to be completely honest, I did not know what I was doing the first time around, but after playing around on finale, working it out, I think I did ok.

From the beforehand tasks, I had written blog posts and gotten feedback from people in different classes which helped me tremendously. If I hadn’t got feedback I might have failed this task completely. After reading it, I made several changes to the project itself.

While writing the song, I had came across many challenges that were not as easy to get through and I had made several changes. Going off track and doing something completely different that was unplanned was not only terrifying for me but also very stressful and maybe I shouldn’t have done so, but if I didn’t, I don’t think I would be as happy as the result as I am with this one. It has been 2 or 3 weeks since we started writing this composition. I can now say that Im so relieved I’m finally done. Not that I didn’t enjoy it or anything, Its just Im not the best person in music class so when it comes to assignments like this, there is a lot of pressure for me and It always feels better when its done and over with.

How has the content covered in class so far (theory and performance) helped your development as a musician?

The content we have learned in class has given me a better understand in music in general. When I was younger, I was never taught how to play the piano, let alone any other instrument. The only type of music I was interested in was singing. What I have learnt In grade 8 has really widened my understanding for it overall.

Discuss the ways in which you are furthering your development as a musician.

Earlier this year, I wasn’t focused in music class as I should have been. To change that, I decided to try a new instrument, the trumpet. It was definitely a big leap for me considering I have only played the flute for the past two years. At first I found it difficult but over the course of practising, I found that it wasn’t that bad. I hope that in the future, I am able to get a good sound out of the trumpet, which I am lacking in now.

Discuss how other musicians have inspired you to be more successful (consider musician in your class and/or in the school and/or outside of school).

There are many talented people in my class who have inspired me to try to be better in class. As I said before, I was not very exposed to the music world when I was younger, so theres not many famous musicians who has inspired me. My music teachers also have always supported me which made me try harder each time. Music is an art I will try to carry with me to my new school next year.


hey grade 5s and 6s,

after weeks and weeks of planning and working, I have finally finished my ibook! yay!

please take a look at it, it would be a big help for me and my group

and leave a comment below giving me some feedback 🙂

thank you! 🙂


Grade 5 and 6 students,

In my science class, I have been challenged to make an ifolio about a disease called Lou gehrigs disease. When I was younger, I didn’t really read a lot of science books and if I did, they would have cool things in them like do it at home experiments. Comparing the books I read, to adult science book, you can see major differences. The language/vocabulary is more advanced, in some cases, there is more text than images. In books for younger kids, there are more images and graphics to back up what the text is sayings, making it easier to understand. When Im reading science books, the feature that interests me the most are probably the pictures because its always easier to understand what the author is trying to say when there are visuals.

5th and 6th graders, what do you think makes a good science Ebook?