TOK: Emotions

  • The sciences are all about using reason to understand the world, there is no place for emotion in science

In sciences, I think that in this area of knowledge, it is hard to brings emotions into the topic as it is very objective as we are not allowed to bring subjectivity as it would impact the reliability. Such as conducting experiments, if scientists start with a hypothesis that they believe is true, and conduct the experiment to increase the likelihood of reaching that conclusion. The findings are not accurate as there is data manipulation and the findings and research should be completely objective.

On the other hand, the definition of science varies as the field is quite broad. Science can refer to social sciences such as economics and geography, medical sciences and also natural sciences. For example, psychologists therapists must feel emotion in their jobs to help learn and understand others emotions. In which case is empathy as they must understand the patient’s situation to help them.

Another aspect where emotion is important is the passion. If scientists are not passionate or do not have the hunger for new knowledge, our knowledge of the world will not grow and will stay the same forever. Passion helps challenge existing theories and help push the boundaries of what we know and what we want to know.

In conclusion, emotions have their benefits to the different Sciences but I believe that generally science is more fact based and is best to stay as objective as possible as we do not want biased information.

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