Methodology of Art

The methodology behind the lightsaber as a piece of Art:

The idea behind the lightsaber was that it was a chivalrous weapon used by the Jedi to show their peaceful/honourable nature. The fact that it is a melee weapon in a world of laser guns shows the intention of the Jedi is to defend themselves rather than attack. Not to mention it is meant to be a symbol for the simpler times when the universe wasn’t under threat by an evil empire. Although it resembles a sword, there needed to be a reference to future technology hence the light-sabres looking like an energy beam.  Also in reality, although the prop was fairly light, the actors were directed to make the weapon look heavy to convey its power and energy.


Does Deadmau5 give me knowledge? Knowledge that goes beyond language.

Listening to Deadmau5 or music, in general, gives us the understanding of what the artist wants us to do while listening to their music. For example with Deadmau5 some listeners got a feeling of urgency to dance or even just move their body. This feeling is hard to explain through language because we do not understand what it is that is making us want to move around so bad. This gives us knowledge of our awareness of the world and our emotional reaction/connection to art



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