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TOK: Religion

What are the difficulties in defining what a Religion is? Over the course of history, numerous sects of belief and forms of worship have arisen; some have fallen into obscurity while others are practiced...


Natural Sciences vs Pseudoscience

The difference between science and pseudoscience is that science can provide us with the truth. Evaluate this claim. I think this depends on what one defines as the “truth”. “Natural science”, as it is...


An Example of a Flawed Human Sciences TOK Presentation

(presentation link here) This presentation was created to deliberately include flaws in either or both data collection and presentation. Factors that reduce reliability/certainty: Sampling bias (limited sample diversity/small sample) Leading questions Observer effect Over/underreporting How...


TOK: Logic

  In your own words, explain the difference between deductive and inductive logic.   Deductive reasoning makes a conclusion based on a large basis of information, deducting possibilities until reaching said conclusion. Inductive reasoning takes...


TOK: Emotion

Claim: A good historian strives to be as unemotional as possible, this is the only way to write accurate history. In order to write a completely truthful story, one must consider all the perspectives, elements,...


TOK: Personal and Shared Knowledge

1)Write a definition of personal knowledge and shared knowledge in your own words Personal and shared knowledge are two general classifications of the knowledge of humankind- personal knowledge is known by the person itself,...

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