CAS: Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively

The AYP Expeditions could not have been completed so successfully without the people that I was lucky enough to have been placed in a team with. Though we took turns being “group leader”, we worked equally as a team regardless. Dividing up responsibilities made expedition planning much more efficient. Splitting the equipment evenly helped made sure nobody was particularly bogged down by weight. Arriving at the camp, half of us would set up tents while the other half started setting up for dinner (unless we were early). When navigating the routes themselves, taking on a leadership role meant trusting your team members to lead but also having the trust of your team, though it was always better to consult with the group if we were unsure. I really feel that we bonded over our experiences, especially because we functioned so effectively together.

It was sometimes challenging to work as a team. Rarely were there arguments, but they did happen and it lowered the morale of the team. But in the end, we all picked ourselves up, put aside our differences and finished the expedition together. Ultimately, collaborating as a team made the AYP experience much more memorable and enjoyable.

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