CAS: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

When planning for my group’s AYP expeditions, we had to plot out a route based on given checkpoints, allocate tent parts and equipment to each person, plan menus and research a purpose… The planning often took a number of hours per expedition, but my group worked smoothly so our expedition would go as smoothly as possible. I usually ended up taking the lead in mapping out points and drawing the route, and distributing responsibilities to people who weren’t sure what to do (ie. bossing people around). My group members were all very effective and we took to each responsibility with efficiency, thus making our group the quickest at completing our plan without error. Hence, our expeditions were able to proceed smoothly.

The action plan used in AYP expeditions was the Journey Plan, which would contain information about the purpose, equipment, menu, route and member responsibilities.

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