Natural Sciences vs Pseudoscience

The difference between science and pseudoscience is that science can provide us with the truth. Evaluate this claim.

I think this depends on what one defines as the “truth”. “Natural science”, as it is known now, is based on claims which are backed up by evidence. “Pseudoscience” may also consist of unfounded claims or faulty evidence. If the truth is to be found in knowledge of the world around us and how it functions, then the natural sciences provide us with this actual facts within truth. However, if the definition of truth extends to one’s beliefs and understandings, not simply “the world as is” but also “the world as we perceive it to be”, “pseudo”science can be incredibly beneficial in finding one’s own truth. Pseudoscience can also be used to lead to truths in science- and simply because something has yet to be disproven does not mean it is untrue.

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