An Example of a Flawed Human Sciences TOK Presentation

(presentation link here)

This presentation was created to deliberately include flaws in either or both data collection and presentation.

Factors that reduce reliability/certainty:

  • Sampling bias (limited sample diversity/small sample)
  • Leading questions
  • Observer effect
  • Over/underreporting

How can Human Scientists increase the reliability of their claims?

Human sciences is an oft-disregarded science in that it is disdained for its inability to control all the variables, arguably going against the scientific method, thus being “less” of a science. According to the scientific method, the best method to increase the reliability of claims made in human sciences is to reduce the influence of other factors that could bias the results. This is incredibly difficult in human science, but it’s also possible that by collecting a lot of data, one could reduce the possibility of claims being correlation instead of causation.

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