CAS Project

My CAS Project: AYP Silver.

My purpose and goal in AYP is to develop my skills, adaptability and independence outside of my comfort zone. I also seek to become a better team member. I enjoy hiking and camping, and the expedition section of AYP fulfills this. The other sections of AYP require that I branch out to other interests simultaneously and stay engaged.

Every expedition had to be planned beforehand as a group; deciding menus, route maps and charts, and distribution of equipment. Through the lectures, we learned techniques required for the expeditions such as navigational skills and campcraft.

The expeditions themselves were challenging, as they put our teamwork, navigation, purpose planning, and menus to the test. We completed 3 expeditions, of 2-3 days each, hiking the span of Sai Kung. Occasionally, tensions flared between teammates and the trip became even more stressful, but overall we were a fantastic team. Each expedition was valuable learning experience as we encountered and overcame many different problems, both practical and devised by our assessors. Despite having never met almost everyone from my group, we became a strong unit during the expeditions, and our work together was (almost) seamless. We reached the peaks of both Sai Kung’s steepest hill and tallest hill, and I daresay I also found new peaks in my endurance and coordination.

Over this project, I learned to navigate and cook. I met many new friends, and now wonder if I can reach new limits and just how much further I can go.

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