Comparison: Arts as an AOK, and Natural Sciences

Why might the question of whether or not The Arts should be considered an AOK seem much less problematic when we consider Maths or Natural Science? Provide a very brief response to this question (feel free to challenge it) while also provided a brief outline of your own answer to the question of whether The Arts should be considered an AOK.

I think The Arts as an area of knowledge really depends on what one sees in art. The analysis and interpretation of art can generate knowledge, but to the average person a piece of art is merely for aesthetic or entertainment purposes and without meaning or knowledge behind it, or even emotion.

Art as an AOK to me seems a lot more problematic than Maths or Natural Sciences. In art, knowledge is much more loosely defined, but in Maths and Natural Science there are rigid definitions for knowledge; not only this, but art often does not actively seek knowledge. Most art forms seek entertainment or aesthetics, while Maths and Natural Sciences are focused on the generation of shared knowledge. Examples of art for knowledge could be propaganda, infographics or many types of photography. However, this is counterbalanced by other forms of art which in terms of generating knowledge, are often trivial.

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