TOK: Emotion

Claim: A good historian strives to be as unemotional as possible, this is the only way to write accurate history.

In order to write¬†a completely truthful story, one must consider all the perspectives, elements, and factors involved. This can be done by being as objective as possible (because it is [currently] impossible to become omniscient). By being objective, the historian removes all emotional or political bias from him/herself and can see the event as it really happened for every person involved. When this doesn’t happen, the ‘history’ may be twisted and used as propaganda to influence people’s thoughts and opinions. An example of how the knowledge of history can be abused through subjectivity is North Korea; the version of history that is taught is subjected to political bias and affects positive emotions for Kim Jong Un; because of this bias, the people of North Korea have no idea of the differences between their living conditions and that of other countries.

However, personal or emotional understanding of the people involved may be required to know why someone did something that affected the course of history. An objective point of view theoretically sees all perspectives, however may not understand if there are personal reasons involved.

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