What Will I Remember From Careers?

What will I remember in 10 years?

What have you learnt about yourself?

What did the interview teach you?

In 10 years, the biggest thing I will most likely remember is how badly I messed up my interview, and why. It was quite embarrassing, and it will be important to remember that it happened so that it never happens again when I am actually applying for something. I’ve learned quite a bit about how I think through my interview, because while some of the ideas I discussed in the interview were certainly not feasible, the interview actually made me consider whether I could actually implement them. The interview taught me a number of things: how to handshake, to maintain eye contact, to be prepared in whatever I plan on saying and to tell stories by making connections to yourself personally.

As for Careers in general, I think that in 10 years, I will look upon this course and hopefully I will have achieved something (such as a position in university or a job) because of the course, and that will be how I remember it. This course has covered a lot of self evaluation of who I am, and that is very helpful to me- while I still do not know where I’m going, I have a better idea.

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