Second Last Post

by 063699 on June 12, 2012

Hey guys! Guess what? Today is the second last day of school for us! Which means that it will be my second last post because next year I won’t be here anymore! But, to keep up with everything in the school, make sure to go to the jar I live in: The Cookie Jar! But To Some Up What I Am Feeling Today Here are some lyrics from a song, guess the song’s name in the comments box!

“If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this. And all those fairy tales are full of it one more Stupid love song i’ll be sick.” (reminder, all swear words were replaced) Have a great day people! <3 ya peeps!

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by 063699 on June 3, 2012

Finally, after long and hard weeks of preparing for the making of the exhibition, we have succeeded in completing the making of the EXHIBITION. The entire grade was split into groups of 4 or 3, and there was a number of groups presenting everyday. One group was presenting on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the other group would present on Thursday and Friday. I was placed into a group with Rose, Austin and Audrey, we were and are going to present on Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone in grade 6 is exhausted and personally, I  can’t wait for the real exhibition to start! The people going to the exhibition will be other students (lowest grade is 3) visitors, parents and teachers. They will all try and challenge us with difficult questions, like : ” How does your area of focus relate to the transdiciplinary theme?” or ” What did you find in your investigation most surprising?” thats not it, the success it to be accurate, immediate, detailed and not simplistic. Phew, is that a lot to think of or what?


Have a Great Day Peeps!

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Sophia 😛



by 063699 on May 17, 2012

Hey everybody! Sorry for not posting anything in a while… it’s just that I was quite busy with activities and the exhibition!

As you can see in my title, it says ‘Exhibition!’ I don’t even know if you know that I started the exhibition already in April! Wait, we started tuning in in January, whoops, forgot to tell you! :P

So here is a paragraph about what is happening already:
We started the tuning in in January, which was quite a while ago! In my group, there is Rose from 6B, Audrey from 6EAustin from 6D, and me! Our groups study is Medical Discoveries and each person will be researching about one medical inventions. I am doing about vaccinations and how it changed, impacted lives, and perspectives. Which leads up to my point of this blog post…

Our group made a few surveys which will help and mean a lot to our exhibition group if you participated in it. It will take a few minutes of your time, and here is the link to our surveys, you can either click the following links or copy and paste!

1. Please let your friends and family members know about this, because it really means a lot to us!
2. I will keep updating this because other group members might have surveys that they want to share, so keep checking this blog and this post!
3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! if you finished the survey, we really appreciate it!
4. To those others… Thanks for considering and we really hope you’ll take our survey.



Writing club/ EXHIBITION!

by 063699 on April 27, 2012

Hey Hey! Wow! Do I need to catch up! Okay.. um.. Where to start? I know! Lately I Have entered the writers club. I will be posting part of my stories from now on! Heres the link to see my stories! Make Sure you tell you friends and feel FREE to make suggestions and give feedback!


Now on to the really important thing! THE EXHIBITION IS HERE! AHH! And the unit we are talking about is Where We Are In Place And Time! My Group Is Rose, Austin and Audrey. We are doing our exhibition about medical discoveries! My second choice! My actual list was 1. Social Media’s Impact On The World 2. Medical Discoveries 3. Art History 4. Communism. Now, we have refined our purpose and we have made essential agreement! I am So Excited! Our purpose is now: The Evolution Of Medical Discoveries Impact Our Lives! Now, we are going to make questions and then research! We are going to miss chinese for a while.. 🙁 / :)? Depends if you like Chinese…. But So far we have been given nicknames by Austin. I’m the disagreer and the peacemaker. Rose is the teacher.. (she’s so smart) Audrey is the quiet one and I am gong to call austin the “Chatter?” Well, no one takes the nicknames seriously, I think that our group is going to get along really well. For more detail you can go to my friend Rachel’s blog… The only problem is that she is doing a completely different topic.. Oh Well.. Remember to check my writing blog!

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by 063699 on April 18, 2012

Hi Guys! sorry I Haven’t been posting anything lately… But Today we are doing the SLLR( Student Led Learning reviews!) We (dad and me) both have some things to share!


I see she is learning how to learn structurally with a good framework around the concept or attitude or skills to acquire. This is good that I am confident that she grasp the complete picture of things she is trying to learn. I think sophia has become very confident in presenting works and I felt she grow up when listening to her presentation. I Loved to see the positive change she demonstrated. And she has good eye contact and loud volume, more engaging than before. no timid, and hesitation. I would like to see more arguing and persuasion skill in her daily life. To be brave to fight with friends while remember to take care of her friend and earn the friendship from friends but not asking for it.



Preparing for the SLLR helped me prepare for what I was going to do and say at the actual presentation and it also helped me get more confident.

I think the most challenging part of preparing the SLLR is when we had to write out he script because you had to really address what you were going to say and at this part if you really changed you agenda it would really affect you! This was also hard because you had to write almost word for word about what you were going to type.

If I could redo the SLLR I would probably create more activities to challenge my parents, and to show them my true understanding about each units.

The best part of the SLLR was to finally let them understand about the inquiry, action and writing cycle and show them about our learning.

Cya Soon

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Thursday Special Day?

by 063699 on March 22, 2012

Today is the World Water Day… Please watch this video to find out about the event!


Also, today was Francaphone day! We had a snack shop at lunch time and there were some great foods there! However, they were a bit expensive…. I forgot to tell you guys… Tomorrow is DDD (dress down day) !!! Tell you about later!


Alan Dick Memorial Walk (part 2)

by 063699 on March 20, 2012

Hey Everyone in the world! I hope everyone had a great day! If you all have read the previous you would know that today was the Alan dick memorial walk. It was a very organized event, reception to grade 4 could take the bus to the sports ground. However, from grade 6 and above we had to walk! We all had to walk about 10 laps, and it was a normal track. When we were walking there was music blasting out from the speakers! There were many top hits like I gotta feeling, Moves like jagger and so on. It was a great activity, but by the end of it all. I was completely poofed! For lunch we had a hot dog, a cookie and a banana! Afterwards were some entertainment like the choirs and bands. Finally, we had to walk back to the school! How was all of your day?

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Alan Dick Memorial Walk (part 1)

by 063699 on March 19, 2012

Hi Guys! How are you guys all?

Tomorrow we are all going to Aberdeen Sports Grounds to walk, please read the following information for more detail:

The Alan Dick Memorial Walk takes place on Tuesday 20 March at the Aberdeen Sports Grounds. This whole school event is an opportunity for our community to come together, raising funds for the Alan Dick Memorial Fund and remembering the man who had such a huge impact on our school. Donations may be brought into class before the walk or made at the event.

Our goal is to have all participants complete an average of 10 laps so that collectively our school will cover the same distance as walking across Canada from the East to West coast. Different grade levels will be assigned different lanes and the number of laps for each group will be shared at the venue. Grade 6 students are to come to school and have attendance taken in their homerooms. We will walk to the sports grounds together as a class. All students will be given a pink T-shirt to wear on the walk.

Sadly, Our beloved principle has passed away and we are doing this is honor him. Since his favorite color is Pink, we will all be given a pink t-shirt. We will be walking for more than half of the day, and I will update you more about it once I finish! In the meantime please read the rest of my post! Be sure to come often, soon there will be a post about the book “Island Of The Blue Dolphins”! Hope you guys enjoy my blog! Please share it with everyone you know! 😀

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Rabbit Proof Fence

by 063699 on March 16, 2012

Hey Guys!

Today at school we watched a movie called the rabbit proof fence. It was a based on a true story. There were three main characters, Molly, Daisy and Gracie. All of the children were half castles. And the white people were coming to bring them to the camp. They wanted the half castles because they knew that in the third generation the children’s were all going to be white people, with no trace of their history. The camp they go to is called moore river’s camp. The camp is run by white people and they would whip the half castle kids if they tried to run away or did something wrong. All the kids could not eat great food and the three kids had to share a bed! The trip to the camp had taken a long time because it was about 1200 miles away from their home Jigalong. Finally when they arrived at the cap, there was a head of the entire dormitory and she guided them through the camp. But then, Molly could not stand staying int he camp and so she and Daisy and Gracie decided to go back home.


They had skillfully fully dodged many attempts to catch the girls. But finally when they went to one person for food, Gracie decided to go on a train to see her mother. That decision tore them apart for some time. Finally, Molly and Daisy decided to meet Gracie at the train station. But when they arrived, they tried and warned Gracie tat there were people coming that wanted to catch Gracie. The two girls were too late, right in front of them was Gracie being taken back to the camp. After many months the two girls finally arrived at their home. However, Gracie had never returned to their home and she had passed away after a while.


Some connections I can make to the central idea is that this kind of activity has been going on for a long time and it happened all in the past. It had finally stopped at 1970 and there was no more abduction from families. But from what happened in the past, many families cannot stand each other. It had caused a lot of pain that ran through the past a long time ago. This activity has shaped the future because we know one what has happened and it has changed the way we think of each other. If this activity has not bee stopped this would still be happening today and it would tear so many families apart from each other. Just  imagine being locked up in a camp without your family to love and care for you. Could you even imagine how much that would affect the way you believe or live?


I think that it is very brave of Molly to bring her siblings to escape from the camp! I hope that this will never occur again because it is a event that know one hopes to happen again. We should all be able to have equal rights. It should not be affected by the color of your skin or the color of your hair.


My favorite part of the story is when Molly carried her sister through the dessert because Daisy’s whole leg had cuts and bruises on it! I think this part really moved me because it really made me think about how I treat others and it also reminded me about how much I love my brother and how much I never regret having him with me in this world!

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Island Of The Blue Dolphins

by 063699 on March 14, 2012

Hey guys!

How are you? In the past two weeks we have been starting a new book club! The group I am in has Rachel, Nicole and Anson! Our book is called “ The Island Of The Blue Dolphins.” The main character in the book is a girl called Karana. She is caring, a risk- taker, and creative.

She is caring because at the beginning she had to take care of her brother and father, because she had to collect food and take on her mothers responsibility ever since she had passed away. Then after a pack of dogs killed her brother she started to plot her revenge. But after she saw the leader badly injured she started to take care of him and so she was caring to the dog by giving it food, water and letting it play in the wild. Another example is when there was an otter in a pool who had lots of wounds and was very weak. She went to the pool everyday just to feed it fish. One day increasing a fish. Finally, when she gave 6 fish a day, she started to see that the otter was recovering.  So se started to keep the level of fish to six.

She is a risk-taker because when she was with her dog Routu she had to hunt for food. One time, she found a devil fish and she tried to kill it for it’s sweet meat and flesh. But she had to go from the beach to a different cave and in the end she caught the fish. But that came in a price which was with scars, cuts and bruises! Another example is whe she saw a girl, and she was older that Karana. However, Karana still was a risk- taker to spy on the camp and to befriend that girl.

Finally, she is creative because she created spears and canoes out of scratch. She used that spear to kill the devilfish and that takes many trial and errors. Making the canoe took about a whole summer. But with a lot of hard work and creativity she finally finished creating it. Another example of her being creative is when she created names for the dog and the otter.

I suggest that all of you guys either borrow this book or buy it! It is really exciting and I think that people who want a heartwarming and sad story, this is the book you should read!


Cookie 17


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