Tuck Everlasting Reflection

During the past couple of weeks, we where assigned to a project where we had read a book called ‘Tuck Everlasting’ and then create a advertisement about something that occurred in the book.

The book Tuck Everlasting is a classic fantasy about an family called the Tucks who accidentally stumble upon a spring the woods, who gave them the ability to have eternal life. They don’t realize a first the water they have drunk has given the eternal life until they realize that they can not age and are not able to hurt themselves or get. Then, Winnie Foster comes into the family, a little girl in search of freedom. She learns there secret and slowly falls in love with the family and will do anything to protect them. The family and Winnie then must face a villain who would steal their secret for himself.

In my perspective, I thought this book was very interesting in good ways and bad ways. But here are two most significant and  ways that the book was good and not so good.

The good way that the book was interesting was when Winnie wondered of in to the forest and later found one of the Tucks (Jessie) drinking from the magic water (the water that makes then live forever). Then Jessie asked Winnie where she is from and Winnie replied in a very scared way and said “I was just on my way back, but I wanted get a drink of water first (from the magic water place).” That part was very intimidating because Winnie didn’t know yet if she drank that water she would live forever.

There where not so many bad ways that the book was bad but there was one part was rather confusing: After the Tucks captured Winnie, that night all of a sudden Winnie and Jessie became really good friends which was really confusing because considering Winnie was kidnapped, she should be in shock and disappointed.

Power Experiment

Today in school, we did a very un-usual activity. What the hole grade 6 student body participated in was you where given a color (yellow, green, blue and red where your three options), and if you where given the color yellow for example, you would have to be like slaves and walk around the class listening to the people who got colors red, green and blue. People who where given the color red had all the power, they could do whatever they went wherever they want (so they where the ones mostly bossing people around). But blue however, where only allowed to stay in one place that the teacher assigned to them but could also have free time (couldn’t used computers). The two colors that I was given was yellow and red.

Personally, I thought this experience was really interesting, fun and a bit annoying. I thought it was interesting because we got to experience different levels of power that different people in the world gain. And having to act like a slave for one moment, then getting to do whatever I wanted to was a really interesting switch. I thought it was fun because it was an activity that I have never done before and it was fun to tell people to get me stuff and do things for me. Lastly, I thought it was annoying because when I was a yellow, people where bossing us around (which made feel annoyed) and when I was bossing people around I knew what they where feeling at that moment so I didn’t get to severe with the orders (maybe some I did was a bit severe).

Overall, I thought this experience was really interesting and I hope we are able to do it again.

End of Unit Reflection

Recently, the whole of grade 6 just finished our most recent unit, ‘How the World Works’. This unit was mostly about how man-made landforms are formed and the evolution of the earth. Before this unit, I did not know things existed like Pangea, the different periods in time, when the first fish and Tyrannous Rex ever appeared. I can also do things like make I stop motions now that I know how to and have the website.

High Island Field Trip

This week my class and class of 6E journeyed to High Island for a Field Trip. The purpose of this field trip was to experience the Geo Park’s fascinating rocks that are amongst the hexagonal rock columns. The main reason we went there because it was for our new unit; How the World Works and the Geo Park is one of Hong Kong’s most memorable geological site.

I think the High Island field trip relates to our unit because the site shows us the natural features of the world since the Geo Park was naturally made. The Geo Park also relates to our unit due to the fact that its main artifact was a man made reservoir and during this unit we had to investigate how man made landforms affect the world like the reservoir.

In my opinion, the High Island field trip proves our central idea true because there was always constant activity going on in the Geo Park. For example, before there was magma, which cause the really nice hexagonal columns. However, there is not much magma activity going on these days. Adding to the subject, something that affects life on High Island, is that there is a reservoir. Since there is a reservoir, and there is only fresh water, there isn’t any food they can fish. Which makes finding food a lot harder.

Most Challenging Activity this week

This week was a very challenging and fun one. But overall I think that the most challenging thing was the first part of our math project. To understand this math project I first have to tell you that the whole 8th floor has a timeline from 4.6 billion years ago to now. With all these numbers, we had to write all of  them down and write it in standard form, expanded, written, in a exponent, units of billions and B.C or A.D.

Because this activity was very complicated I tried many ways not to think this project was hard so every time I thought I could not do the question I would revise the other questions and use my knowledge from the other questions and convert the strategy in to the question i’m struggling on.

Reflection on Movie Trailer

Movie Trailer

Last week was a very fun and interesting one. But the most interesting thing that we did was making a movie trailer with a title that relates to one of the concepts for the unit.

The first thing that we did to start this activity of was get in to groups. Then our teacher assigned us a concept title, my groups movie trailer was called, ‘The Form’. It is about a guy who can change his appearance when ever he wants (shape shifter) and this guy goes around killing everyone which makes everyone wonder who is ‘The Form’ because he can change his appearance.

When we where filming the trailer, me and my group ran in to some problems due to the fact that we where not agreeing on some scenes and who should play who in the trailer. The attitudes that I displayed while doing this activity was tolerance and creativity.

I displayed tolerance when we where trying to film and some of the group members where fooling around and kept on messing up the scenes. Instead of shouting and getting them in trouble me and the other group member who was also getting mad told them stop. I displayed creativity when we where deciding to on a closing scene that will really want to make the viewers want to watch our movie (well there wont be a movie but we can still pretend). So I decided that we do something where someone dies by the shape shifter who has already change his appearance and when he kills the person, he changes his appearance back in to his regular form.

Overall, I thought this activity was really fun to do and hope to do it again.


Weekly Reflection (Feb 1-Feb 3)

This week was a very short and interesting one. It was only 3 days due to the fact we just returned from Chinese New Year Break!! I went to Whistler to ski! Even thought this week was very short we still did some interesting activities.

On Wednesday, we started our new unit about How the World Works. During this unit we will investigate about tectonic plates and natural disasters. We watched a video about Earth and colliding continents. It talks about the earth in the past and the near future.

On Thursday, We started an activity where we got in to groups and had to make a movie trailer about IB attitudes. My groups name is called “The Form”. It is made to look like a thriller movie where people keep disappearing by a guys who can change his formation.

Today, We went on a field trip to the Hong Kong Science Museum to investigate more on our new unit. When we arrived there me and my group where to walk around the museum and look at all the cool things that have been put on display.

The attitudes that I displayed this week was curiosity and appreciation.  I displayed curiosity when we where making the movie trailer and I had to be curious to the other group members ideas. Last but not the least, I displayed appreciation when we where on the field trip and I thought that we didn’t get enough time to see everything and instead of complaining I was glad that we where able to go.


Weekly Reflection

This week was yet another busy one. We started our Personal History project that is due on Monday. For our Personal History project we needed to make up a big question and other supporting questions and interview our parents with them. Another interesting thing that we did this week was the classes first Capture the Flag in Physical Education. The score in the end was 7-5 to the other team. The attitudes that I demonstrated this week where tolerance and independence. I demonstrated tolerance when I was interviewing my parents and they kept on changing the issue. I demonstrated independence when we where playing CTF and two players from the other team came and tried to take our flags and I was the only defender there.


This week was a very interesting one. The two main things was our  summative assessment and the two math tests. Our summative assessment needed to be about two markets of our choice where we needed to explain the needs of the community, the community and the market. It is obvious that this was the hardest thing we did during the week. The math tests was a review on decimals, percentages and fractions. The second test was easier then the first one because we did a lesson on what was going to be on the test. During these two activities I was principled, thinker and balanced. I was principled when I was doing the summative assessment especially because it was a report and I needed to spend a good amount of time doing it. I was a thinker during the first math test because I forgot how to convert percentages so I needed to try to remember everything I learn’t last year. last but not least, I was balanced because I needed to split my time up for all my homework.




Weekly Reflection

During this week was like any other normal week. We had a test on Thursday about fractions, on Wednesday we started out literacy circle and my group got a book about Starbucks and how it got successful. An new thing that we started was planning for out summative assessment. The summative assessment was difficult because we needed t0 choose a way to display two markets that we chose to investigate. Another interesting activity that I participated in was literacy circles. Our book was about how Starbucks became successful and what they did to make it so popular. While we where reading the book we needed to find connections to the book and our school life, comments that we felt that should be written down and questions if we didn’t understand whats going on in the book. Last but not the least, the fractions test/quiz was really  surprising because it happened right after chinese class. The test was a review of fractions, decimals and percentages.

During these activity the two attitudes that I acted like was principle and thinker. I was principle during most of the activities especially when our class started our summative assessment and I tried my best to get as much work done. I was a thinker during all the activities especially when our class was doing the fraction test.