The Sorceress

The Sorceress is a book filled with action. There are magicians, immortals and different creatures and everything creature inside a story book.

I think this book is very interesting to read and is totally filled with action, believe me, you will not get bored when reading this book. I think the character Josh Newman is like me because he never gives up and he always looks for a bright side. Even though this story is fictional, I think the way the author discribes the story is very realistic.  I would put this series on one of my favorite series and I highly recommend it to you.

Hunted-Chris Ryan

The book Chris Ryan is about a group of teens that all are in one group called the Alpha Force. They go to Africa and find some poachers and meet some friends. Poaching is a law so they are going to stop it, do they succeed or do they fail, do they die or live. Read the book to find out.

I think this book starts of slow but gets a lot more action towards the end. I recommend this book and I am glad that I read it.


The book Gladiator Fight for Freedom is about a young boy who his dad has been killed. He must be a gladiator to survive, will he die or live. The book starts of a little bit slow, but goes into much more action towards the end. I think that he is very happy until his dad dies. I think that if I was in his position, I would feel the same as him. This book is filled with action and I highly recommend you to read it.

Hell’s Heroes

The series called the Demonata is written by Darren Shan. The series is filled with action. My favorite character is Kernel, he has the ability to create windows from one universe to another within minutes, even seconds. This is definitely one of the best book series I have ever read. As the books go on, it changes the point of view. The first book is Grubbs point of view, the second is Kernels and the thirds is Becs point of view.

The disciples are up against their strongest foe ever known to them, death itself. The only way they can beat it is to use the power of the kah-gash, the most powerful weapon ever known that can do anything, but it has been shattered into several pieces.

Will they find the pieces in time, will the human race defeat death or will they all die with the human universe. Read the book to find out.

Book Review #1: The 39 Clues book 2 (One False Note)

Amy and Dan were just ordinary kids, until their Grandmother Grace died. Her will was to take 2 million dollars, or to go on a journey and become the greatest Cahill there has ever been. The Cahill family is the most important family in the world. Famous people like Benjamin Franklin, and even Mozart! But if they take on the challenge they must take on their rich and powerful other family members. They take on the challenge thinking that Grace would want them to. The story takes place in Vienna. Where mozart lived, they have one of his pieces of music. They search in on the internet and find out that it has extra note, they figure out that this must be the 2nd clue.

I think that this book is a very exciting and clever book, each book has a different author though. I think this is good because it make the story  less predictable. Overall, I think that this is a very good book series and will continue it.

Guest Speaker Reflection

Today, Grade 6 went to the library to listen to 3 guest speakers who were going to talk about their values, conflict and how to deal with them. We listend to Mr. Lobo, Mrs. Hnekta and Nurse Carla. The first speaker was Mr. Lobo. He said that his values in life change a lot, right now his value is being eco friendly. Mrs. Hnekta showed us a photo that was showing a photo of parents leaving their baby to go and get supplies from a helicopter, while leaving their baby to crawl there. People said that the journalist should’ve helped the baby, people got very angry. She said that her value was integrity. Nurse Carla said her vakue was helping others and putting others above herself. After that we headed back to our classes.

I feel that this was a very go talk and it gave a me a lot of help in my new unit.

My Generation Reflection


The video starts of with the narrater saying only money is important, the environment is worth nothing. But at the end, she says this will all happen unless we reverse it. Then it starts saying that the environment is important, and that family is more important then work. I think this is true, because if the the environment is gone we will be dead, and money is not as important as family.