CAS Week Relation to English

Last week, I went to Chiang Rai for my CAS (Community Action Service) week. This means that I went there to help people in someway or another. The life in Chiang Rai is very different to my life in Hong Kong. Instead of huge skyscrapers and huge buildings, there are not many buildings there. They are either houses or little huts. The schools there are only the size of about 2 houses. This is very different to my life because the school that I go to is very big and has lots of technology and books. All the schools in Chiang Rai have are books and a few chairs. This means that they do not get the education they should be getting from a good school.

What I felt:

I think that I was not used to seeing other people in this way. Whenever I go on holiday, I have never connected or talked to any of them. I think that their lifestyle is ver different to ours because they speak different languages and they have a different culture. I do not think that it was too hard for me to understand them because I have been to the Philippines and the lifestyle is almost the same there. I have seen all of these things so I am quite used to it.

Relation to Other Side of Truth:

In english class, we are reading a book called The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo. In this book, the two main characters; Femi and Sade both have to escape from Nigeria to London because they are in danger.  I have related to the book The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo and thought it would be much harder for Femi and Sade. This is because I have already seen people like this. Sade knew the language that the people spoke in England but we most of us did not know Thai. That made it harder for us to adapt to their culture. People also had to walk very far to get to school and it was very hard for them. I think that it was a lot more different then Sade and Femi’s adventure.

Math Reflection

I think that in this math test, I did very well by using mathematical terms in the corrects spots. My writing is usually very hard to understand, but I think that I made it very understandable and I think I did very well. I think that I could have done better by adding more mathematical terms. I also think that I could have gotten a better mark.

Natural Selection Bird Adaptation Summative Assessment

I think that I have displayed good scientific grammar in my scientific report and I also think that I have displayed my behavioural and structural adaptions clearly and have clearly described my bird.

I think I could have improved the amount of detail I put in my drawing so it would be easier to distinguish their habitats.

My plans changed because I totally dumped my first idea that was a bird the ran around and I thought that it would not work.

Math Test Reflection

What rational numbers skills ar you best at?:

I think that the thing that I am best at is doing is multiplying decimals and fractions, adding fractions and decimals.

What do you still need to work on? Explain how you will get the practice you need to improve:

The things that I need to improve on are long division, story problems, drawing out problems and not making hasty mistakes. I will need to do more worksheets at home.

Exlain a strategy that worked for you when learning the content in this unit:

I think that a strategy that worked for me was looking back on my notes and looking on moodle and the questions.

Explain a behavior or study strategy that you’d like to improve on either in class or at home.:

A behavior that I think needs to be improved is focusing harder in class because my mind sometimes wanders off.

Art Refleciton

These are the two pieces of art that I did, I think these are the best ones that I did so far:

I like this piece of art because I think it is very creative and I also think that I have made the perspective and the shadows very well.

I think that my tape sculpture is good, I think that I displayed the persons movements really well. I also think that the coloring is good.

Science Reflection

I think that the science test was not hard but was not easy, it was somewhere in the middle. The easiest part was the tree diagram. The hardest part I think was the first question which was to explain all of the characteristics of your laptops. I think that I did not do as well as I could have but I think that I did well overall.

Math Summative Assessment Results on Criterion B and C

I got a 4 in criterion B, I got a 3 in criterion C.


Criterion B: I need to experiment more with the pattern that I have achieved so that I can know it is the right pattern. If I do not experiment enough with the pattern then I can find the wrong pattern because I have not tried it with enough numbers.

Criterion C: I need to improve my communication so that the teacher or the reader can understand what I am writing. I also think i need to use more mathematical terms and use more graphs and tables.

Blues Unit Reflection

1. Have you learnt more about Blues music? #Why? #How? #What?

Yes i have learnt more about blues music because i now know how to compose a blues piece.

2. Did you enjoy listening to the Blues Music?  What song(s) did you enjoy the most?  Have you started to listen to more Blues music since beginning this music?

Yes i have started enjoying listening to the Blues. The song that I like most is Blues Down Under. I have not really started listening to the blues music though.

3. Have you talked to your friends and parents more about Blues Music?

Yes I have, my dad often asks me what i play in music class and I say blues and then we have a conversation.

4. Did you enjoy playing Blues Music in class band?  Did you like the Blues Down Under song?  Why, or why not?

Yes, I liked playing blues music in class. I did like the Blues Down Under because the rhythm was very good and all the notes together in the band was very good.

5. Did you play as a Blues Soloist in band?  Describe how that felt?

I played the blues soloist in the band, I thought it was not too much pressure.

6. Have you ever written a Blues Solo before?  Did you enjoy writing a Blues Solo?

Not before this but I thought it was lots of fun.

7. What was the best part of this unit?  (Go back and look at the Moodle Blues Unit items to refresh your memory)

My favourite part of the unit was playing blues down under.