Design Day Term 1

Today in design day, our task was to create a functioning heart valve out of the different materials we were given. Down below are the videos and images of our heart valve. Our first attempt failed as the ping pong ball was to big compared to the tube, we had to change the size of the tube to fit the ball size. We then put a balloon on the inside and tape on the outside so that the tube would be waterproof. Our final attempt was successful although we did not put pressure the opposite way.

Graphic Novel

I have learned a lot from this design cycle project. I have learned to improve my time management, how to use Ad0be Illustrator and have learned how to use a gantt chart. I feel as though all of these things will help me out later in life. I think that I could have definitely improved the use of gutter within my graphic novel although i think i did very well in displaying my theme within the graphic novel. I also think that I did well in conveying the mood within the graphic novel as everybody that replied to my survey told me that it was the strongest point of my graphic novel, people also said that I had a good use of speech bubbles. The hardest challenge that I had to overcome was not having access to a scanner at home. This limited me to only using the computer to create my illustrations and made it more difficult for me. Apart from these challenges, I think that this was a very important unit for me to learn new methods of creating graphic novels and using different graphic novel devices.

Waste Not, Want Not Pt. 2

I modified my original packet because I thought it would not be big enough. Show and behold, my new one is a lot bigger, ergonomic, and it has a lot more space. I have also added a handle to make it more visually appealing and to make it easier to hold. I added different parts to the new design to make it more symmetrical.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.05.51 pm Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.06.04 pm

Design Cycle iBook

In design Cycle, we wrote a chapter in an iBook explaining our pneumonia and everything you need to know about pneumonia. If you are in grade 5-6, please download my iBook and comment down below about the sections I wrote about whether you liked it or not. How I should improve it and what you like or don’t like about it. My sections were the: Treatments, gallery, and the quiz

Here is the link: Click here

Science Book Evaluation

My favourite science book that I read when I was younger was How Things Work.

This book had many things that adult books did not have such as lots of fun diagrams with lots of colours.

I found a lot of the diagrams very interesting because they used a lot of animals to power up lots of their inventions. Most of their machines were powered my mammoths.

The author was able to take complex ideas and turn them into simple understandable ones by using lots of visual graphics and used pretty simple explanations. They used a lot of diagrams and labelled most of the things in the diagrams so you knew what everything meant.

If there are any grade 5-6 kids reading this, please read the questions below and answer them in the comments section:

  • When you were younger, what series of Science books did you enjoy most and why?
  • What features do these books have compared to adult focused books? Give examples. In what way do they aid understanding?
  • What are some features that make the book interesting to you?
  • Was the author able to use text to take a complex ideas and explain in a simplified way? If so, what techniques did the author use?  If not, how would you improve it?