TOK Reflection #11: Art: Art and Truth

Art vs Science

Like the other essay, this essay also talks about truth within art. It talks about how the art may not be truthful but can sometimes still produce knowledge. This knowledge is still useful when used in conjunction with sciences when analyzing¬†the brain and human psychology as it shows people’s emotions and experiences.

Art vs Truth

The essay discusses whether art is truthful. A great portion of the essay is about whether or not the author tells the truth. It discusses how many different things can affect the truth within art. Does a photograph really tell the truth? Even though it should, sometimes the angle or placement of the camera may affect the truth being told behind the photograph.

These essays both tell the audience that knowledge is produced from works of art. This is whether or not the art is truthful or accurate. All pieces of art show work of emotions and or experiences from humans and trigger emotional responses.