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Hi, my name is Brett Warning and I am a student at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. This is my blog documenting both my personal and academic journey through school.


IB Learner Profile Trait #5: Caring

I have done many things to try and be as caring as possible to others. I find that if you do not treat others the way you want to be treated, you do not feel as satisfied with yourself. I once did a bake sale within the school to try and earn money and donate for kids in need. Not only that but I once joined a beach cleanup to try and help the environment as I believe to not only treat people well, but the environment well.


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IB Learner Profile Trait #2: Balanced

I live a life with many different activities. I am able to balance my intellectual, physical and emotional life in order to excel at all 3. I play at a high level of football while still achieving good marks at school. I also was part of the International Chess Academy.

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IB Learner Profile Trait #4: Inquirer

I am a very inquisitive person, not only do I try to find new experiences, but I try to learn new things every day. I have volunteered many times to present my knowledge in many different subjects by presenting the class and trying to gain some experience teaching. Not only this, but I have tried to increase my language skills by joining the Maple Chinese Reading Competition.


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IB Learner Profile Trait #3: Open Mindedness

Throughout my life in school, I have opened my mind to many different things. Whether these are new experiences, new cultures or traditions,  I have tried to experience them as much as possible. I have bonded with the children in India, and played in a football team who do not speak the same language as me.

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IB Learner Profile Trait #1: Risk Taker

I am a risk taker for many different reasons, I have tried to experience new things and to open myself up to new experiences as much as I can. I joined a football team of people who spoke a completely different language than me and over time bonded and connected with them. I have tried scuba diving, and even skydiving. I also competed in a powerlifting meet for the first time. Not only this, but I performed a drama performance in front of almost 100 other students.

Evidence #1:

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Kids4Kids CAS

  1. I became aware that I am able to interact with kids. I learned this by reading books to many young kids. This was very obvious by my interactions. Towards the beginning of the activities, I was not talking with the kids nor interacting with them. Although when one of my peers urged me to try and read a book to one of them, I realised that it was not as bad as I thought that it was. And although it was a bit difficult in the beginning, I was able to interact with the kids and have fun.
  2. Before the kids4kids activity, I had not been very comfortable with kids although, upon interacting with them I found that I was very good with them. I was able to make them laugh, joke and although there was a language barrier, we were able to communicate properly with one another. Even though it was difficult in the beginning of the day, I was able to learn how to communicate more properly with them.
  3. I took part in a plan to go to a small school and read books to children. Although I was not the one who planned the event, I was part of the people deciding the date to do it and to evaluate and reflect upon it. I thought that it was a large success because of how we were able to help out the children. We were able to make them happy and enjoy themselves for a while. I along with everybody who went thought it was a large success.
  4. Towards the beginning of the event, I did not know how to properly interact or communicate with the kids, although towards the end I was able to persevere and learn the skills necessary to do so. I was able to properly interact and communicate with the kids after previously failing.
  5. I did not go to this event by myself. I did so with my peers and together we were able to work and make the kids we were reading to enjoy themselves and our company. For example, we were reading the stories out loud to the children as different characters. We were not only reading, but we were acting the book out cooperatively to make it more enjoyable for the children. My peer played a different character to me and together we would interact and act out the story to make it more enjoyable for the children.
  6. I overcame a language barrier with these kids. We did not speak the same language and although I was able to understand many of the things they were saying, I was not able to talk or say anything to them I was able to develop more of an international-mindedness by using different methods such as hand signs to communicate.
  7. I was able to reflect upon my actions and see the positive outcome. I was able to come into these kids lives, although just for a small while but I was able to make a positive impact for them and make them happier.