Music Assesment: Crit D Evaluation

How has the content covered in class so far (theory and performance) helped your development as a musician?

I think the most relevant portion we covered was theory, so I’ll start with that. Previously, I had a low understanding of the topic and dismissed it entirely for it never really seemed to have a purpose to my flute playing. Once I started learning about why music is written how it is, and the history of it, did I become intrigued with it. I still have some questions like: ‘Why do different instruments make different notes even though they sound the same? Why not just rename the note to match a piano ? Why make it so complicated for the rest of us, when you can just rename the note what it sounds like and not what it is on the instrument?’ All this understanding and knowledge helps develop my confidence and fuels my inspiration to play more and explore further. For instance, I now want to experience playing the saxophone and clarinet for entertainment (I haven’t really been into brass). This makes me want to go further with music and bring it along with me forever. As for practicing and performing in class, I’m seeing the development as a ‘practice makes perfect’ view. In which the more I play, the better I become and the more I want to play. This drives my enthusiasm and skill at the flute in specific.

Discuss the ways in which you are furthering your development as a musician.

As 40m/2days isn’t exactly ideal for an aspiring musician, I practice at home. Varying on my schedule and mood, it ranges been 1-2 hours a week. I’m also taking flute lessons, 30m each session, once a week. In the lesson, I’m learning how to prepare for my upcoming Grade 2 flute exam. I completed Grade 1 last year. These are for goal setting purposes and achievement.

Discuss how other musicians have inspired you to be more successful (consider musician in your class and/or in the school and/or outside of school).

Many of my friend, like Kate, Natasha, Gitanjali… etc. are incredible at their instruments and they motivate me to be better. I guess they aren’t really as professional as Bach or whatnot, but they are quite extraordinary in music. They push me forwards with their development and support. I also have a natural competitive urge to be better than others, which makes me very competitive in both negative and positive aspects: that I take things too seriously (but this mainly goes for sports, because I don’t think I’m taking music too seriously at the moment) and that it propels me forward to make me want to improve. Basically, my friends help my strive to move forward and be better. I also aspire to be able to play multiple instruments (piano won’t be one of them sadly, I’m not passionate about instruments that were forced upon me) which is another large dream to catch.

Design iBook- Please Give Feedback!

Hi G5-6 students!

Could you please take a moment t go through my iBook and answer the following questions in the comments. Please have 50-75 words in your feedback!

1. What did you like in my iBook?

2. What do you think needs improvement in my iBook?

3. What is your perspective on the treatments page, oneworld implications page, review page and glossary?

Go to the link below to download the iBook (click the download button in the top corner from the link).

click here

Design Day- Reaching Out to G5-6

Dear G5-6 students,

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.04.29 am

When I was younger, I was obsessed with Horrible Science series. It taught me science in a fun way with pictures and diagrams. I spent my meagre allowance on a Horrible Science book about cool science recipes like glop. These books were so much more entertaining than the dull “Pride and Prejudice” or whatnot. It’s because they were graphic. They had so much color I thought my irises couldn’t handle it. There were fun little mascots that you searched for throughout the book. It had DIYs and interaction. Interaction is a major key to entertaining an audience. This helps you understand if you’re a visual learner, and also can keep the reader hooked and intrigued, making them want to learn more. Some features that I admire are the ones where you take a journey to get to the conclusion. What I mean is that the writer makes steps that you walk on to lead yourself to the top. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of intelligence, rather than a blob of facts the author crams into your head. I would want my book to lead the audience to a conclusion. Something that I think is unique in an iBook is the ability to place videos, which you can’t do on paper. The author of Horrible Histories was incredible at taking complex ideas and simplifying them. The writer had good summarizing skills- taking the main points and elaborating in easy to understand language.

So, Grade 5-6’s. You’re probably wondering why this started with you guys. This is because I’m inviting YOU to take a look at my finished iBook about SARS and give me some feedback! It’ll be done by the day before Winter Break (students of CDNIS should know when that is).

Thank You!

Math Reflections Percentage Unit

In the percentage unit this year, we were introduced to the wonderful world of investing and business. We worked on how to make money from gaining interest from a bank. Before the unit, I was aware of interest, but unaware of how it worked and the mathematical side of it. I = crn , Pv = (1+I)^n and all those formulas didn’t make sense to me until this unit, I didn’t even know them! The Managing Markups assessment taught me how to turn mathematical data into graphs and inputting data onto Excel spreadsheets (which I avoided using beforehand). This lesson has convinced me to put in some money into a bank and store it up. This taught me how to own a retail store and still earn a profit even if we’re going through a crisis, this can help me to understand dinner conversations rather than sit there fiddling with my fingers waiting for a topic that I can contribute in. Just yesterday I got into a heated debate about Jared Diamond’s theory on geographic luck (which we’re learning about in Humanities)! I’m sure investment will come up shortly, as my dad is an environmental investor. If I was to invest my money in something, I feel as though saving it in a bank would be the safest idea as a child, because I won’t need it until university (which means I have several years worth of interest piling up)! Whereas if I were to open up a cat toy companion for lonely cat store (which I did for my Managing markups assessment) I’ld have to spend lots of time managing the store for a meagre amount of money that I could make in a year of waiting for my bank to give me interest. This unit has helped me astronomically, because previous to this unit, I hardly knew ANYTHING about percents (I worked on it in the first unit where we improved out toolbox skills, but I’m quite terrible at it all). To be honest, fractions percents and decimals are still my biggest weakness, but not as great of a gap now that I’ve made a leap in my percents!  Before all this, I just converted percent to fraction or decimal and did the solving there, as I figured I didn’t really need percents in my life- but boy, was I wrong! You can’t be successful if you don’t use percents. It’s as simple as that.

One thing I’m supposed to answer is why a 20% discount and then a 20% markup don’t lead you back to the same number. The reason is because you’re marking up on a different number. To prove this, say you start at 100, 20% off is 80. Then you add 20% of 80, not 100, which leads you to 96. Companies make a profit by selling something for more than it cost them to produce. For instance, selling a cupcake that cost you $10 to make (spending it on the ingredients and equipment) and selling it for $15. Which means you get $5 profit for every cupcake. I don’t think it’s possible for EVERYONE to win in the marketplace. Sometimes people make stupid decisions- like spending $1000 on something that nobody wants or for a smaller price (resulting in no profit). The probability that people sell everything isn’t 100%, and if they do sell all of their products, then the people who buy the products are on the losing side. What I mean is, say someone is selling 1000 pocket watches which cost $10 to make at a factory and are being sold at $20. The buyer could just go to that same factory with a similar design and ask them to make it for $10. In the case that everyone wins, you’ld be saying that the vendor sells out and earns money, and that the people who pay don’t get ripped off. Then there’s the case of the people who manufacture the goods. If they sold what they manufacture, they could earn that extra $10 that the vendors take, in which case they’ld be losing money.


在這次口試報告,我學到了很多新的知識和一些口試報告的技巧。先我們要細心留意圖畫裏的內容,要了解他們的動作和連廂一些和課文有關的知識,再將圖片一起解說。我覺得考試考得不太好,因為我太緊張了,很多自己平常會說的話都變的說不好,所以我一下一定要好好準備,不要再緊張了。我的詞語的豐富不能表達我想說的事情。希望我以後可以取得更加好的成績,因為覺得中文口試很重要。 Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.58.00 AM

End of Year French

I think that did 6/7 or 5/7 on my French overall this year. Well, I hope so.

Je pense que faisaient 6/7 ou 5/7 sur mon général français cette année. Eh bien, je l’espère.

I think I did well in my understanding, and I learnt a lot of new phrases in french.

Je pense que j’ai bien fait dans ma compréhension, et j’ai appris beaucoup de nouvelles phrases en français.

One thing I could improve in would be my oral, because I have trouble memorising words and making perfect phrases.

Une chose que je pourrais améliorer dans serait mon oral, parce que j’ai du mal à mémoriser les mots et faire des phrases complètes.

Chinese Test 2

Well. The last Chinese test of the year. Actually, scratch that. I have a writing test later on. 13 more days of school *sigh*.

This test was better… I hope. The results haven’t come out. Maybe they’ll be out on Monday (it’s Friday). I don’t think I did good as well. There. I’ll tell you when my results come out.

Chinese Test 1

I had my first Chinese test a long time ago at the beginning of the year. It didn’t go so well… I worked hard to improve, but… My score was terrible.

I hope to improve my next test by taking more notes in class.  This is rather short. Oh well. There’s not much to say.

Music 3 Composition

What worked very well in your composition? Why?

I think that my three ideas were clear because when I showed it to a friend, they were able to point them out easily.

What didn’t work so well in your composition? Why?

At the end, I tried to do a remix. It… wasn’t so pleasing to the ear because I had a lot of technical problems, and the songs that I chose did not follow a similar beat or rhythm.

What was the hardest decision you made in your Three composition? Why?

The hardest decision was when I was deciding what ideas to do because there were so many different choices. I had difficulty choosing between 3/4 time and 3 songs in the remix.

What was the easiest decision you made in your Three composition? Why?

To use ABC as one of my songs, since it was very ‘3’ based.

Have you enjoyed the Three composition task? Why, or why not?

I loved making the composition, it’s great to be working wit GarageBand and Finale every once and a while, but if I could edit one thing, I would edit the main theme. Sure, 3 is an AWESOME number, but besides 3/4 time, how does it really relate to music? Next time we’re doing a composition, I hope to be doing more music-themed. However, I do love saying that I am proud of the amount of love and effort put into my composition (even though it sounds like cat scratch…), it’s all in the heart.

Drama Reflection:

We just completed a play of Macbeth for a summative. I’m not sure what my result was, but I felt good during the performance; confident.

One of the most important things in performances for me is staying in character. The reason is because you want your audience to feel like their in the scene, and it’s hard to make them believe that when they see a person they know. Because that’s what they’ll see. Their classmate. So, you really have to be in character.

The hardest thing for the performance was making sure that I wasn’t blocking anyone. I often would step in front of another actor and block them. I tried really hard to fix the problem, and I think I did.

P.E Swimming Reflection

I wrote this quite a long time ago… But. Here.

I think I’m at a high level of swimming; I swim 3 hours a week. I want to master my butterfly, and improve how I time my strokes. I’ll do it by doing a little more swimming after class, just to practice my fly. I think I did well on my IM, where I won the heat, which made me feel good. I’m hoping to get a 6/7 at least, or a 9/10. A possible improvement is snapping my head down in butterfly faster.

For my attitude, I was one of the people who looked forward to swimming class. I didn’t boast about my ‘skills’ at all, I just tried my best and focused. I’m quite proud of getting 3rd for the finals, since I only missed it by about 20 milliseconds. I’m quite proud of my 2nd place in free for the preliminaries. I felt I did well in my heat for the IMs, but overall, only got 5th… (sad face). I can prove that I was engaged because I volunteered to do the Medley relay, for the hardest stroke… fly. I was so enthusiastic, that I even tried to do the freestyle relay, but couldn’t because I can’t enter two relays.

If someone was watching me swim, they would probably guess that I swim often. I have cupped hands, so that when they enter the water, I can channel it easier, because if my hand is flat, the water will go around the outside easily. Another thing someone would notice would be my backstroke kick. I kick with straight legs, because with bent legs, I would be punching (with my feet) the water, which in inefficient. With straight leg kicking, you are creating a splash, pushing the water to make you move faster. I also tend to glide for too long. Sometimes, I make a mistake, and stay in breaststroke glide position for too long, losing speed. When you breaststroke kick, and pull into a glide, you are actually going faster than kicking and pulling only. The glide lets you drift with your kick, but if you glide for too long, you end up losing that power. A thing that is difficult to see, but important is that you should point your toes when your kicking in any stroke. The reason you should do this is because when you’re in front crawl, and kicking with flat feet (the type you normally have), your toes go into the water first, creating a tiny splash, not pushing you forward at all. The point of kicking is to move faster by using your feet, but if you have flat feet, the water cannot be hit by the flat surface of the foot (what you have with pointed toes). With pointed toes, the flat surface hits against the water repeatedly and fast, the faster and the harder you push it against the water, the faster you’ll move. I think someone would notice is my tumble-turns. Here’s how I turn: I swim into the wall, but don’t touch it. When I see the ‘T’ at the end of the pool, I take one last stroke, and a big breath. I do a flip underwater, placing my feet on the wall, and lock my elbows in a diving position. I push myself away from the wall using my feet, turning myself around onto my stomach (before you turn, you’re actually on you’re back). I’m quite proud of my tumble-turn. I’m quite good at it as well, I can do it for freestyle and backstroke. Someone could easily see my effort in class from how well I do, and how fast I am. If I’m going very slow, you would know I’m not trying hard, if I come out of the pool beet red and panting, it’s oblivious I’ve been trying hard (which is practically what I look like every time I leave a pool).

Additional Work

I’ve been doing writing prompts for a while now, and I’ve slowed down as the homework piles and tests happen weekly. I had a Photo of the Days tab, but I removed it when I got into 7th Grade. So I’ll put that back up and you can read through my various stories. All of them are fictional.


My favorite include teleporting into Minecraft (link here), my fan fiction of the Gollywhopper Games (link here) and Harry Potter V.S Luke Skywalker (link here). You can find my entire collection here.


The reason I do Photo of the Days, is so that I can get my creative juices flowing. Get my writing hat on. I want to write stories as a living when I grow up, or at least something to do on the side. Writing prompts are just excellent practice.


I joined Creative Writing Club this year, and actually got published in an anthology of short stories by the Young Writers Association. It was a competition based on the theme: The Gobi Desert. I wrote about being sold the desert for a cheap price.

Digital Work

My best digital work this year is probably my video of Inner Mongolia… Even though it’s not so good. I have the link here, if you want to watch it.


Let me just explain a few things… The music choice was a song that the entire grade watched in Music class. And during the bonfire (see Inner Mongolia post), we played that song. It’s called 4 Chords by Axis of Awesome.


The filming is terribly shaky because I filmed it. That explains everything. I used a Flip, which is a rectangular filming device, similar to the ones LTT has (anyone reading this from my school will understand this). But that has nothing to do with the shaky camera. There is a camel scene in the video, and it’s very shaky because it’s sped up. I just want to mention that I didn’t just see these people ride camels, but I rode one myself. It’s similar to riding a horse, so it isn’t THAT amazing, but it’s pretty cool to say that you rode a camel on a school trip.


One thing I would re-film would be the camel scene. Since I only got the camels coming up at the beginning, and didn’t have enough time to film them go to the top (I was hiking with a group of people at the time).

I would also love it if you added a comment  below on what you think of my video, any improvements or likes, just add them! Thanks.

Inner Mongolia CAS Week Reflection

So I went to Inner Mongolia for CAS Week. I did a little bit of filming, and made a video, which I attached here.


Day One: A traveling day-we took a plane to Beijing, and then a plane to Chifeng. A final bus to a hotel where we slept.


Day Two:  We went to a vocational school and learnt one of the subjects. My group did culinary. And… if I get diabetes when I’m older, blame the deep-fried caramelized animal fat. But it was delicious. In the afternoon, we went to a park and learnt about famous Mongols like Genghis Khan. Afterwards, we performed the life story of one of the famous Mongols in front of the entire group.


Day Three: We left the hotel to another city. There, we did a scavenger hunt, where we got free cake/cookie things and wore Mongolian clothing. Then we drove to the YuLong desert, where we rolled down sand dunes, rode camels and learnt how to test water. That night, we went to stay at the home’s of locals.


Day Four: Drove to the grasslands, where we learnt about wind turbines and had a photography contest. This was next to the Dalinor Lake, which is gigantic. After dinner, they started a bonfire, where we sung (more like screamed) and danced (jumping up and down and waving our hands). That night we stayed in yurts (freeeezing), and it got close to 0 degrees, as the next morning we saw frost on the ground.


Day Five: At the yurt site, we celebrated a Mongolian festival, similar to the olympics. We did archery and wrestling, which was a traditional in the Mongolian festival. Unlike the festival, we made whips (thick stringed bracelets…) and Mongolian dancing. After that, we got on the bus for a 4.5 hour bus ride back to the Chifeng airport. A plane ride to Beijing, where we spent the night in a fancy-ish hotel.


Day Six: Took a plane to Hong Kong. Got picked up by parents (and sister, yes I have a sister).


I would really love it if you added your opinion in the comments below. What are your trip experiences? Do you share any connections to my trip? Is there something wrong with this post? Thanks!

Algebra Assessment

I’m quite proud of this assessment. 7/8. And I’ve improved a lot over the unit. I’m looking back at my pre-assessment now, and boy, was it terrible. I got an entire section wrong. On the test, I got 2 questions wrong, 2 half points, and the rest correct. It’s a good feeling.

The hardest part of the unit was simplifying expressions. I’m not too good at them, since I got an incorrect answer there, and all of those in the pre-assessment… Yeah. A hard question in the test was the last question about a trapezoid, where we had to find the area using a algebraic formula. [o_o]

I did enjoy this unit, though. Algebra is really fun once you understand it. It’s a puzzle. And I love puzzles and riddles and jokes.


Inner Mongolia <3

Woopwoop! Just came back from Inner Mongolia. Got some footage, and made a short movie. 🙂

Darn. It’s too big of a file… Anyways. It was loads and loads and loads of fun. This is short. Well. It was the best school trip I’ve been on so far. Alright. Gotta go send the video to my friends.


Design Cycle: HK Heritage Documentary

Hi internet/teacher-people! We made a documentary for a huge project, and you can watch it here.

Write an overall evaluation of your movie (max 100 words) that answers, with evidence from viewer feedback:

  1. How well did your movie meet the project specifications?

  2. What improvements would you make to your movie?


Apparently, my documentary had an incredible storyline. Looking at the project specifications, I ticked each box. For the media… I only 6/8 we were able to complete. To make a good documentary, do the opposite of the following: add appropriate music. I got spammed with negative feedback with this, and I agree now. We rick roll’d. However, the storyline was flipped, most responses in the ‘highly effective’ zone. I think my movie shows how an environment reflects the culture of the museum because I received a response saying that they could see the influence the museum had on HK.

We got 14 responses.

Write an overall evaluation of your personal performance (max 100 words) that answers:

  1. I like…

  2. I wish…

  3. What if…


Based on my personal performance, I like how I was able to lead my group in a way that wasn’t controlling (I asked 🙂 ).

I wish that I had thought through the rick rolling, and not actually put it in the video. I also wish that we spoke slower, to make our words clearer and longer.

What if I only used subtitles for the responses to the interview, and not the question (that would mean less text necessary).

French Reflection: Réflexion français

C’est le temps de faire une réflexion sur nos apprentissages de français. Dans ton iFolio, réponds aux questions suivantes (en anglais ou en français).

It is time to reflect on our learning of French. In your iFolio, answer the following questions (in English or French).


1. Comment qualifies-tu tes efforts et ta participation dans le cours de français?

Si je me donnerais 1-10, je me donnerais un 7 ou 8. Je ne participe pas beaucoup, mais je fais de mon mieux.

1. How qualified are you in your efforts and your participation in the course of French?

If I rate myself from 1-10, I would give myself a 7 or 8. I do not participate much, but I try my best.
2. Qu’est-ce que tu aimes dans le cours de français? Pourquoi?

J’aime les différents moyens créatifs que nous apprenons des choses, comme avoir un pied de mode.

2. What do you like in French classes? Why?

I like the different creative ways we learn things, like having a fashion walk.
3. Qu’est-ce que tu n’aimes pas dans le cours de français? Pourquoi?

Je souhaite que nous avons joué plus de jeux, comme la lumière verte de la lumière rouge.

3. What you do not like in French? Why?

I wish that we played more games, like red light green light.
4. Quels sont les deux aspects que tu veux améliorer (2 objectifs)? Comment est-ce que tu vas faire?

Je pense que je pourrais améliorer mon bégaiement. Je bégaie parfois, quand je parle, parce que je ne suis pas toujours sûr que je l’ai dit les choses. Je pouvais résoudre ce problème en pratiquant mon plus français, pour que je devienne confiant.

Je dois aussi travailler sur ma grammaire, car je dis parfois des choses qui n’ont pas de sens, comme «je to aime la pizza», il n’a pas de sens. Je pourrais corriger cela en pratique plus, comme l’autre.

4. What are two aspects that you want to improve on(2 goals)? How will you do that?

 I think I could improve on my stuttering. I stutter sometimes when I speak, because I’m not always sure if I said it right. I could fix this by practicing my french more, so that I become confident.
I also should work on my grammar, since I sometimes say things that don’t make sense, like ‘I to like pizza’, it doesn’t make sense. I could correct this by practicing more, like the other one.

Drama Performance- Goldilocks

Here’s our performance:

Our performance went well overall. We worked very hard on it for a few weeks. At the start I was nervous, but during the performance, I didn’t feel jittery at all! It was quite unique for me, because I don’t do performances that often, and especially not GOOD ones.

1. What non-natural technique do you think is the most effective and why?

I think that slow motion is very effective because you can see very clear emotions on the actors faces. When you move in slow motion properly, you can see how exciting and dramatic the scene really is, because you’re on the edge of your chair.

2. How did your formative performance go? Do you like this type of assessment?

I think we did relatively well. A lot better than practice, I must say. I wasn’t expecting such a great performance. I wasn’t nervous AT ALL during the performance… In fact I enjoyed it, which I didn’t expect at all. I did like that assessment, and it is better than sitting and filling out a form.

3. What is the ‘big takeaway’ from Drama so far? Think big!

I’ve learnt different ways to make a performance better, such as the usage of: slow motion, freeze frames, conscious alley, narration, etc. All of these make the performance even more interesting and unique, but too much can make the unique item less powerful.

Design Day- Humanities

Well, I’m rather nervous. My group’s not working too well, but I think we can get over that, after we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Yes, it’s extremely difficult to do. We’re opposites, but once we accept that, everything should work out.

One thing we did well today was filming. We got some footage, but had some tech issues importing it into iMovie.

So, our main problem is group stuff, and our best moment was filming.

English Short Story: A General Problem

I’m quite excited about turning in my short story. I’ve poured all my heart into this, and I feel quite confident about my story.

The hardest part of writing the story was following the plot line. I have a huge imagination, and I hate making a plot line that I have to follow. It’s hard to keep your imagination contained, and especially hard to press it into four/five pages of words. I can see how a plot line helps, to make sure y0u stay on topic, but staying on topic is what I don’t like. I love making it up as it goes, connected beginning to end.

Another mistake I made was making the beginning really long, and rushing to the climax and conflict three quarters through my story. I’ve been able to touch it up, and edit it, so it looks normal now.

The easiest part was describing, but sometimes I would write too much imagery. I would get carried away with describing the foulness of the bathroom, or the look a person, it’s hard to get back to the actual story. I guess that’s the reason to have a plot line, to avoid someone from blabbering on and on about something, and not get to the events that make it interesting.

There’s a difference between well-written and interesting. Well-written is full of imagery and amazing vocabulary. Interesting is a great plot. My issue, is that I go for well-written and an interesting story. This makes it incredibly hard to put in five pages, or 2000 words, because I just want to write and write and write forever, until I can find a dramatic conclusion. It’s my biggest writing flaw.

Just to prove that I’ve improved in my digressing, I’m going to finish this now. I’ll have to put my edited story in here later. I do have a bunch of sh0rt stories on my blog, if you search around. It’s under ‘Photo of the Days’.


Credit to


A General Problem

I suppose his life is a lesson. He took it too far, and all of us knew it. However, I’m the only one out of ‘us’ who lives to tell his tale. My name is Sabrina Coleman, the last of the Canity army, alive only because of mercy from my enemies. I am here to tell the story of the man who led us into ultimate failure.

General McFlurry was a man in his thirties. He had dark buzz-cut hair, that was greying at his temples. The man had no beard or mustache, but bushy eyebrows that wriggled like serpents when he got angry.

The first day that I joined the Canity army, I was the age of twenty-two. I’m not sure why I joined, I felt obligated, since my father had died as a high-ranked officer on a suicide mission. At the time, I was one of the two females on the team.

General McFlurry was doing role. I remember squirming in my seat, in my baggy green uniform, sweat trickling down my face. Someone sitting beside me asked me if I was all right. I nodded, replying with a quick ‘yes’.

“Colonel Stanley Stapleton!” General McFlurry called out, his gruff, commanding voice echoing through the pavilion. The person who asked me if I was okay, raised his hand.

“Private Sabrina Coleman!” he hollered, and I raised my hand.

When I left the pavilion, I was handed a piece of paper. On it was printed my name, my room number, roommate, and a time table. Clipped on at the back was my room key.

I knocked on the door, unsure of what to expect. What would her personality be? The door opened after the fourth knock.

My roommate was a sergeant, with jet black hair that went down to her shoulders. She had blue eyes, like frost, that could freeze anybody with a glare. Her name was Veronica Royce.

The room wasn’t in prime condition. There were two separate beds, a desk, and a closet. This might sound alright, but wait until I get into the details.

Mold was growing on the walls, and the smell of the room reminded me of my high school locker, which is to say sweat and grease. There was a mirror on the wall, behind the main door, covered in layers of dust.

“Tidy place, huh,” I muttered sarcastically, walking in. Veronica gave a laugh, her voice high pitched.

“Ronnie,” she said with a smile, “call me Ronnie.”

Ronnie started telling me about herself. She was Jewish, and her previous roommate wouldn’t live in the same room with her because of her religion. Ronnie liked basketball, and her favorite cuisine was Italian.

I nodded, placing my duffel bag next to my bed, or what you would call a bed. The frame was made of wood, the dull white paint peeling off. The mattresses were riddled with holes, yellow foam spilling out of each gap. There was a pillow; it it wasn’t stuffed with feathers, but it was stuffed with used plastic bottles.

When I lifted the covers from the mattress, roaches spilled out, some jumping on me. Ronnie started laughing, and she grabbed a spray can, spraying my bed with smelly liquid. The bugs flew out the window, but my bed was soaked through. “Give it a day, and it’ll be fine,” she said, snuggling into her bed, “if you desperately need sleep, sleep on the floor.”

The floor had spider webs, ants, and whatever insect you could name. I decided to sleep in the bathroom. When I opened the door to the bathroom, I gagged on the stench. I grabbed a flashlight that was hung on the wall. There was a hole; a large oval hole, filled with human waste. I shone my flashlight down -what I had gotten used to calling- the toilet, and saw rats, scurrying to escape the bright light.

My stomach churned. If that was army life, I had to get used to it. At least the floor was clean. I grabbed a board, covered the hole, and opened a window. The foul smell evacuated quickly. I survived the night.

I woke up to a loud ringing. I put on my uniform and stepped outside. Ronnie was walking back and forth down the hallways, ringing a bell. “Time to get up!” she shouted, louder than I had ever heard her speak, “Up, up, up!”

I picked up my day-pack groggily, and went to training. The days went by, every day waking up at four in the morning, and sleeping at ten or eleven. Sometimes, General McFlurry would put me on night shift, and I wouldn’t get any sleep.

I think it’s time to explain what I look like. I’m sorry I didn’t earlier, I completely forgot about it. I have brown hair with highlights, cut short to reach to the top of my shoulders. Brown eyes, with an annoying twinkle in them, which look too nice for being in the army.

This is why I decided to be a soldier. I don’t want to be a girl, well, a snobby girl, who works as a fashion model, who smears herself in layers of lipstick and perfume to attract attention. I live for a living. That’s who I am.

Training was rough, the way I like it. Push-ups, sit-ups, strategic planning, anything to make us sweat. And sweat we did. Colonel Stapleton taught our group, the group was 500081. Sergeant Royce’s group was 000931. The lower the number the higher ranked the squad was.

I learnt how to shoot pistols with perfect aim. Colonel Stapleton said that I was the best he had ever seen. The week after I got my right hand down, I worked on my left. When I had both hands able, I started using two pistols, one in each hand.

Weeks, and weeks we followed the same schedule. Ronnie and I got along very well, and I suppose she became my best friend. I saw Colonel Stapleton everyday, and we got along well too. I guess I would consider us friends if we were allowed to be friends.

Finally, Canity was attacked. I wasn’t part of the battle, but I was in the Command Room. I spoke into people’s earpieces, controlling the battle, watching it from surveillance cameras.

It was an easy battle. The attackers had no chance of defeating Canity. We pushed against their forces, the battle taking place on Noman’s Island, an ironic location, since Noman, the person who found it, won the Nobel Peace Prize a few hundred years ago.

Our forces pressed farther, and into the oppositions country. They weren’t expecting such a loss. We won over all of their land within only a few days of bloodshed.

We brought back prisoners, hundreds of them. Sergeant Royce led a squad on Noman’s Island, a large majority of our team returned.

General McFlurry changed after that battle. The leader of Canity had passed away, and he became the new leader. He claimed that he would continue leading the army for another three years, and then move into leadership.

His personality became more official, and stronger. He forced people to work harder, and changing our time schedules, making them practically impossible to follow. We had only five hours of sleep every night. The rest of the time we were training. Meals were shorter, and tasted terrible; They were even worse than our usual mashed rice rations.

A few days after, Colonel Stapleton told me that we were expecting to be attacked by Orsingtown. He was right. I was put into battle this time, under the command of Colonel Stapleton.

A real battle is completely different from training. You shoot real people, and their blood is on your hands. I was excited before the battle, after hearing I was going in. When I got there all I could think about were the people I was killing. What if they had a family back home, praying that they would survive?

I couldn’t think about it. Such a thought shouldn’t go through my mind if I’m going to be slaughtering soldiers for the rest of my life. The General placed us up front. We tore through their defenses, hurtling cannonball after cannonball.

They had a brick wall defending their capital. We brought in our tanks, and blew it to bits. I remember hearing a deafening boom, and the sound of an earthquake followed. The wall was crumbling like a cookie.

Whenever I shot someone down, I would feel a prickle of guilt creep through my chest. I could only remind myself that it was for my country.

I watched as my teammates fled into the towering buildings, retrieving hostages. Colonel Stapleton was kicking down an elderly man, forcing him to his knees. The man was looking up, his hands in tightly together a ball, under his chin. Stapleton pushed his pleading arms away, replacing them with his gun, pointing straight up his chin.

No, no he couldn’t, I was screaming in my head, this man is innocent. This man is…Dead. I watched his wrinkled body crash into the blood stained floor. I don’t have many details about the man, because I didn’t observe

I swallowed, looking at Colonel Stapleton. His face was grim, looking at mine, “It was necessary.”

I turn away in disgust, the rest of the army is attacking innocents. No, I didn’t follow them, that’s not who I am. What is that saying…? If your friends jump off a cliff would you follow? If my friends killed innocent men, I would not follow.

I tried to find something else to occupy myself in doing. Reload my gun, speak into the radio, anything, but paying attention to the massacre around me. I heard a child’s scream, that is cut short with a bang.

Hours later, I can only hear footsteps, crunching on the debris of destroyed houses. Blood is the spoils of war. The flames were making the stink of everything smell burnt; Burning hair, burning flesh, burning bodies.

The, General McFlurry said he wanted to take over the world, but he was going to eliminate all Jews. Veronica was Jewish.

He gathered all the Jews and brought them into the pavilion. I saw her, a Sergeant, being pushed into a pile. Stanley Stapleton raises his gun, pointing at her stomach. She screamed at him, spitting with rage. I couldn’t hear the curses that escaped her mouth.

I stood, motionless, watching from far away. He squinted his eyes, I saw it clearly, clearer than I should have been able too. Then I ran towards her.

The small pistol in his hand was loaded. Everything happened in slow motion. I was ten meters from the pavilion when he pulled the trigger, painfully slowly. Veronica slumped forward, the blood draining from her face. I got to the pavilion, my hand on my face.

I couldn’t do anything. It was too late. I saw a breath escape her mouth, the same mouth blood was dribbling out of. “This is wrong,” I whispered to him. His eyes were fixated on the cold body in front of him.

“Everything is necessary,” he spoke as though he is reminding himself, “I do this for my country.” Colonel Stapleton shot another man in the head, unflinching.

“No, this isn’t right!” I screamed, “you’ve betrayed your country following this… madman of a general!”

He ignored me, his face ashen, shooting fellow soldiers. Each of them fell, the marble floor slick with their blood. I do not know why they didn’t run.

All of them have crumpled to the floor, dead. Colonel Stapleton looks at me. His bright blue eyes have darkened, to a dark ocean color. Then he walks away.

On that exact moment our army attacked Elagation, a large powerful country, the wealthiest one that I know of. Elagation soldiers counterattacked, after destructing our ‘oh-so-amazing’ army. I was standing in the pavilion when the attacks began.

They threw grenades at the main building. Their army was humongous. I saw a swarm of them, like bees charging at the base. The pavilion is near the base, but I felt paralyzed by all the corpses surrounding me.

I saw the building explode into fragments of brick and cement. I fell flat on my face, into a soldier’s stiff shoulder, as pieces of the base splattered onto the roof of the pavilion, I could hear the bangs of guns, and wails of the Canity army.

When the gunfire subsided, I was about to make a run for it, but then I heard a yell. “No! I am a high ranked officer of Canity!” It was a deep, booming voice, and I was unmistaken about who it belonged to. General McFlurry. I peered at the direction of where it came from. I could see Colonel Stapleton standing with him.

“Hey, you!” Someone shouted from behind me, I slowly turned my head, seeing an Elagation soldier, “Why are you here alone, and lost?”

What? I thought to myself, oh, he must think I’m an innocent of something. I’m only wearing casual clothes. “Yes, sir,” I said, wobbling my voice a little, for good measure, “I’m just a lost girl.”

For once, I’m using my beauty to get something. The soldier knits his eyebrows, and helps me up. He was kind, and took me to Elagation. Right before I got into the van, I took one last look at the base. I saw a figure fall to his knees and heard a loud wail.

Polygon Area Patterns

I’m quite disappointed with my score overall, and I feel a little stupid that I couldn’t figure out that I should keep one variable normal, and the other changing (instead of changing both variables).

If I could improve something, I would improve it by keeping one variable the same, while changing the other. It feels like common sense now, since we went through changing variables in Science class in our first unit. (._.)

One thing I’m  proud of is my graph for section one. The idea didn’t come to me until half-way done the first section. I also tried starting with a low number for section one, and then slowly raising the number to see the pattern.

I was expecting a 6/8, not a 5/8, so I’m a little disappointed. Alright, I’m done. ಠ_ರೃ

YOTH Performance Reflection

The Year of the Horse assembly was an absolute thrill, I was excited to be on stage, showing off my talents to the school community. Us Grade 7’ers don’t get that many opportunities to shine, but this was one where we could. We shone.

I’ve gotten better at playing the flute with fast tempos. On my first practice, I remember thinking: ‘How on Earth am I going to do this?’ In the end, I found my own solution. Practice. It is true, practice makes you improve; it isn’t just something your parents say so you have something productive to do (well, most of the time).

Performing to an audience isn’t very frightening to me. A part about being on stage, is that most of the time you don’t see the audience. Either the lights are too dim or your focusing on something else. I played my part, without any thought about the people watching. It was one of those times where you try to do your best, and hope they like it, there’s nothing more you can do. Panicking doesn’t help.

I had one problem during the performance. For the first two or three shows, the stage lights blacked out for the first few bars. There was a little bit of trouble memorizing the bars (since I couldn’t read the notes in pitch black), but I was able to pull it out in the end.

My favorite part of the entire unit was the performance. We had practiced and practiced for the moment, and everything we did led up to it. Our first show I was a little nervous, I wasn’t frightened, but nervous that I would make a mistake. At the end, I was ready to do the next one. Eager, even.

A close tie for my favorite part, would be drumming. I wanted to play the drums in Grade 6, but thought the better of it, and chose a more delicate instrument. I desperately wanted to drum in the performance, but sadly, didn’t get the chance. It was the first time I had ever used a normal chinese drum (one that you don’t carry around on your back, like in chinese dance classes). It was a true experience that I’ll remember for a loooong time (well, until I get dementia or whatnot).


In science, we had a summitive assessment to create a made-up bird. I created the Mockingjay, from Hunger Games. Click here to see it.

For Criteria B, I think I did well. I used a lot of scientific vocabulary, and communicated my ideas with scientific language. In the link above, you can see my drawing of the bird. Although, in the bird, you can see some of the adaptations, but not all of them.

For Criteria C, I think I did very well. I followed the entire rubric, doing more than what it asked for. I’m quite proud of this part in particular.

My plan didn’t change much. I knew I wanted to do the Mockingjay, and I changed the looks a few times, but nothing else.

Overall, I think I did well. I spent a lot of time of my report, and expect a decent grade.

Community Service: Christmas Carolling

I did some carol singing at school on December 17, Tuesday morning. We sung Christmas songs like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman in the lobby for the little kids. It felt quite good singing for the CDNIS community, spreading warm sprits, and all.

My sister and I walked up to the lobby, and I got in the crowd and started carolling. I remember she sat there the entire time watching us sing. I felt kind of proud, and I’m really happy I spent that time carolling.

Rational Numbers Test

We had a rational numbers test before the holiday. I thought I did average on my test: o_o

My results were 5/8 on Criteria A, and 6/6 on Criteria D. I’m quite happy with my D results, and o_o on my A results. I didn’t do 3-4 that well at all, but level 6-7 I was surprised with.

I think my best skill is multiplying and dividing fractions, since I didn’t get any of those wrong. I still need to work on my negative numbers. This actually surprised me a lot, since I thought my negatives were quite good, but negative fractions are my weakness.

I think I did well practicing, and paying close attention when we were learning is my best method. I think this worked quite well, and it also saves time, since I don’t have to D.R.I.L.L (Damage bRain to memorIze Learning Lectures). It’s a lot better than zoning out and needing to spend more time on learning what we learnt in class. So, instead of spending time on that, I can spend it going further into the topic.

I think I should take more notes in class, so I can remember what I learnt in class. As Mr. Kirchner says: Paper never forgets. And it’s true. This would improve my previous method a lot.

Science Test- Classification Quiz

I thought the easiest part was part 3, where you picked a kingdom, and filled in a table. A harder part was writing out the relationships of my diagram, I didn’t explain it very clearly, and didn’t point out a common genus name.

Next time, I’ll spend more time on moodle studying, and I’ll take more notes. I could also have my friends test me with fake tests so I know what I need to improve on.

Overall, I did better than I expected, and am happy with my result.

Pusheen Power!

In case you didn’t know, christmas is coming, and I still <3 Pusheen. The Pusheen book has been published, and you can buy it on Amazon. 😀 Make sure you click the Pusheen direct link to get to the GIF part! Some work, and some don’t.

Here are some christmas Pusheens:

Direct link here.

Direct link:

Direct link here.

Direct link here.

Direct link here.

Direct link here.

Direct link here.

All gotten from

Music Reflection

I’ve learnt the blues scale and the typical sound of blues. I can now tell whether a song is blues or not. Did you enjoy listening to the Blues Music?  What song(s) did you enjoy the most?  Have you started to listen to more Blues music since beginning this music. I enjoyed listening to Blues. I loved playing Blues Down Under, and continue to hum Wild Card when walking to the Art room. My favorite part of this unit was composing my own blues piece. I’ve never written a blues solo before and I thought it was fun.

My Design Mock-Ups

Hi everyone! Please comment on your opinion! I used pencil, and it’s a little hard to see, it’s a lot easier if you go to the direct link. Please comment using ‘I like… I wish… What if…’ format.

Direct link here.

Note: The ‘cat’ looking face (thanks mom for the kind comment on my drawing skills), is actually a loup, a.k.a as a wolf. It’s extremely hard to see, but there is ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ written faintly in the background.

Direct link here.

Note: the side there are flowers on the top, and dead branches at the bottom. They are connected. There are letters falling from the book. Each photo represents a character in the book. There is a loup/wolf tail in the corner, a little hard to see.

Art Evaluation

My sculpture shows a fast moving person skiing and the movement is very clear to see, with the poles, and skis. The dots were created by the back of a paintbrush, for better circles.The skis and poles were a little hard to make, but do-able, and they turned out okay. I finished it early, but decided to improve it, so I repainted it better. When I first added glue when paint was a little wet, it started to smudge. I repainted, doing a lot better than the first try. It’s quite shiny, since the base color is white. I would’ve waited a lot longer until I added glue, and add a less glue (I think that created the shiny affect as well, or maybe the white base).

The Lorax And The Man-made Beach

Link to man-made beach article. Link to Lorax.

Describe how the AOI’s “Environment” and “Human Ingenuity” can come into conflict using examples from the movie and article. Choose which one is more relevant for the man made beach and explain why.

I think that both ‘environment’ and ‘human ingenuity’ of them are quite similar, and are based on opinion. In the Lorax, I think Human Ingenuity took place during the invention of the Thneed, the starting of his factory, and invention of tree-chopping machines because it was based on human actions. I think that the animals migration was because of human ingenuity, since it was because of the Onceler’s actions. Summing up the Lorax, I think it was human ingenuity, not environment. In the man-made beach article, I think that it had a mix of human ingenuity and environmental issues. I think the idea of creating an artificial beach is human ingenuity because humans decided to take action on it, and it is not natural. The affect of the man-made beach is environment because it affects multiple animals and plants.


Fire Is Catching!

Catching Fire is coming out very soon, and I’m waiting with baited breath. I watched Hunger Games so many times, and I bet I’ll watch Catching Fire even more. My favorite one from the trio is the Hunger Games, the first book. Here’s a Pusheen GIF in honor of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence):

Here’s a little quote from Mockingjay, but I love it a lot:

“Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!”

Anyways, here’s the Catching Fire trailer here and here, that was just one of them I found, but there are plenty others. I’m sure it’s going to be super amazing!  I’ve been watching them constantly. Here is the website, if you want to check it out.

Parkour Reflection

We completed a parkour test a while ago. My video is here, if you want to check it out:


I think I did quite well, and my flow was okay. I had the same speed the entire course, moderately fast paced. In my mind during the assessment, I felt as though I was slowing down at some points, and speeding up at others, yet in the video (and probably to my peers) I was moving in the same speed.

The Scientific Process

We have just completed a unit in science, documenting everything on a lab report. Now, I write a reflection based on the entire unit.

Our first experiment was a Coke And Mentos experiment. Almost everyone knows that the two substances cause a huge explosion, but how? Our inquiry question was: How does the number of mentos affect the height of the fountain (the explosion height)? We watched videos in class and did the experiment! Lizzy and I were partners, and we placed 5 mentos inside a coke bottle.

Our second experiment was with whirligigs, spinning paper objects that are also known as ‘paper helicopters’. We were meant to launch them from the 7th floor, above the forum, to the 6th floor. My partner, was Pei Yu (she would love it if you checked out her blog, just click the hyperlink). Our scientific question was: How does the shape of the wing affect the time it takes to touch the ground?

My final assessment was a paper towel experiment. We could do anything we wanted with a paper towel, and use it as an experiment. My independent variable was the brand of paper, my dependent variable was the absorbency of the towels. Here a couple photos of the process.

I used to think that the Scientific Process was just taking notes and writing a short report. I thought we would do the experiment and write down observations. But now, I think the Scientific Process includes graphs, methodology, hypothesises, conclusions and summaries.

Happy Halloween!

I know, it isn’t halloween yet. I’m dressing up as a Dumb Ways To Die character along with my friends. We did a Hunger Games theme last year, and I was Rue from District 11. Here is the video of Dumb Ways To Die.


Okay, now here’s a fun photo from Pusheen, I really am in love with Pusheen right now. 😀 By the way, it’s a GIF, I hope it works…

My Auto-Biography Jacket

Hi, there. Below is my auto-biography cover for design day today.

  • How was your experience different from what you anticipated at the beginning of the day?

In the morning, I was quite calm about the entire thing, since my first interpretation was the paper airplane activity. You can see the post here. Now, I’m a little tight on time, so I’m a little more panicked. I anticipated more fun activities.

  • If you could do the day over again, what would you do differently?

If I could do the day over, I would probably try and work faster. I am quite rushed right now, and that has been my main problem. Otherwise, everything has been fun and smooth.

Please comment on this post underneath.  Please use this template: I like…, I wish…, What if… when commenting. Thank you!

Judge A Book By Its Cover

This is my first design cycle post. The question I’m supposed to answer is: What questions and feelings do you have as you begin this English & Design project? Well, I’m quite nervous, but have a somewhat calm feeling about it. I can’t really say I’m freaking out, but I can’t say I think I’m going to get full marks and all that, since it’s my first time. I have doubt, anxiety and confidence at the same time. It’s hard to describe, since I’m contradicting myself , but it’s true. I’m a little stressed out, since it feels like a bunch of information has been crashed down onto my head. I don’t really have any questions, since I feel like I understand it all.

New Changes

Okay. The Secret Stories is gone. This has all turned upside-down from Grade 6 to Grade 7, this blog isn’t fully meant for my fan fictions, but more for school purposes and reflections… I’ll admit I prefer my little stories, but my ‘Photo of the Days’ aren’t working anymore, and I’m going to cancel it all. From now on, my stories will just be titled and not labeled Photo Of The Days, since I don’t really use writing prompts anymore. That’s all gone now… Well, welcome to The Cave of Kinsey.

Swimming Problem Assessment

We did a math assessment the other day. I think I did okay on the assessment, not fantastic, or horrible. I did well creating tables and using operations. There was one question based mostly on logic, which was question #8, where I messed up, since I thought it was something to do with the formula, instead, it was about the amount of laps in the future, and common sense that nobody would be able to do of 8200 laps on the 14th day. I didn’t do well in re-reading the questions. I got one wrong since I didn’t read the question correctly, and the one after that since they were related.

I think I participate in class quite often. I collaborate with others quite well, and am always able to explain the answer I end up with. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being high, 1 being low), I think my participation level would be somewhere around 8. I enjoy both working independent and collaborating with others.

Mythical Creature

For a school project.

Species: Griffin

Name: Talon

Breed: Eagle-lion


5 Things About Griffins:

1. Griffins can be any type of cat mixed with any type of bird.

2. Griffins eat ANYTHING.

3. Griffins are very fast fliers and runners.

4. Griffins can fly into space, and breathe there too.

5. Griffins can be eaten. Tastes like lamb chops.

Minecraft Old Hong Kong Village

Hello, it’s Kinsey. My learning buddy and I have made an old Hong Kong village using Minecraft. This is what Selene has to say:

I had fun. We can make our own house. Hong Kong was very crowded.

There weren’t very nice houses in old time. There were small houses. But the rich people have big ones. Like th

is: I like the big houses more. My house is an apartment. It is very crowded.

My house is a bit like this. It is very nice.

Here are some more pictures:

Thank you.


Story Of The Days #33

Now, for the actual STORY part of it…

Chapter One- Aquapaw

Aquapaw raised her head, sniffing the air. Squirrel! She sniffed harder. The squirrel was a few meters away. She opened her eyes. It was scuttling up a tree.

Aquapaw leapt forward, clawing the tree, epically missing the squirrel. She hissed. “Having trouble?” a voice mewed from behind her, she turned around. Crowfoot was staring at her, scampering down the hill.

Crowfoot stood still for a second, sniffing the air. Then suddenly pounced to her right. The rabbit attempted to escape, but failed. Crowfoot bit hard into it’s neck, and the rabbit lay motionless. Blood dribbled down the rabbit’s face, looking quite ugly.

Aquapaw purred, “Nice catch there. I can’t seem to catch a thing!”

“It was a squirrel!” Crowfoot exclaimed, “Only ThunderClan could catch that! WindClan can’t. Maybe when you’re older.”

She nodded, secretly hoping to catch a squirrel. Crowfoot sensed her depression, “I know you want to catch woodland animals. But, maybe later. When you’re a warrior.”

Aquapaw sighed and walked away slowly, digging up her other kill, a plump white mouse. She held it in her jaws, placing it on the fresh-kill pile.

Rootbelly walked up to her. “Hi Aquapaw. We’re on dusk patrol with Kestrelfoot and Melonpaw.”

Aquapaw nodded then picked a juicy squirrel and walked to the nursery. Dawnwhisker smiled, “Hello there!” Aquapaw brushed her flank against her.

“How are the kits coming?” she asked, dropping the squirrel in front of her, “I hear Pebblekit will be an apprentice soon!”

Her mother nodded, “Yes, she’s going to become one today, actually. So as Aspenpaw.”

Aquapaw purred, ” Tealkit is taller, Maykit’s looking strong. I’m guessing she’s healed from whitecough.”

“Yes.” Dawnwhisker replied, “She’s very healthy, little Maykit. I think they have another moon until they’re apprenticed.”

Rootbelly strolled into the nursery. “Hi again, darling. Did you hear the news?”

Dawnwhisker shook her head, “I’m afraid not. I haven’t told her yet.”

Aquapaw leaned in in excitement. “I’m pregnant. Again, I think it’s 2 new kits. They’ll be born in three moons!”

Aquapaw squealed in excitement, accidentally waking Maykit. Dawnwhisker licked the kit back to sleep. “You should go on patrol now.” Dawnwhisker murmered quietly.

Rootbelly led Aquapaw outside. Kestrelfoot and Melonpaw were waiting. The squad marched out of camp. “I smell a strong taste of water. Rain.” Kestrelfoot muttered, “Lightning too. There is a storm coming. We better hurry our patrol.”

“In that case, we should get going.” Melonpaw smiled, “Or we’ll be in the rain.” The group agreed to Melonpaw’s idea.

Everything was normal until they got to the last scent marker. RiverClan warriors and their apprentices were chasing a bird on WindClan territory.

“Gorgestone! Mossarch! What do you think you’re doing; bringing your apprentices to chase WindClan prey?” Kestrelfoot snarled, “Get off our territory, you fleabrains!”

“The starling flew into your territory.” Gorgestone replied calmly, “It’s not actually your prey.”

“Anything over the border is ours!” hissed Aquapaw, claws extended, “Scatter!”

Rubypaw, an apprentice muttered, “Maybe we should just leave. It is our fault after-”

“No!” howled Gorgestone, “We shall never back down!”

Rootbelly’s fur bristled, “Oh yeah?” he leapt towards Gorgestone, landing behind him, quickly spinning, raking his back. Mossarch followed, and attacked Kestrelfoot. The two she-cats rolled around, hissing and spitting. Melonpaw took on Rubypaw. Aquapaw snarled and jumped on Waterpaw. Aquapaw slid her claws easily through Waterpaw’s fur, slicing a good tear down his belly. Waterpaw ducked under another swing, and flipped around, biting her neck fiercely.

Waterpaw growled, his claws flew down the side of her back, and she howled in agony. Then the weight was lifted off her back. Rootbelly crashed into Waterpaw, giving him a good bruise. The apprectice ran off, following his clanmates back to RiverClan.

The WindClan warriors rushed back to camp. Aquapaw lay in her den, and Gingerpaw appeared. “While you were gone, Pebblepaw and Aspenpaw became apprentices.” she mewed excitedly, “Cardinalwing is Pebblepaw’s mentor. Aspenpaw’s mentor is Guststar, the lucky brute.”

Aquapaw barely heard a thing, she fell asleep quickly…

Story Of The Days #32

This is yet another Warriors fan fiction. A glimpse of the future. I have a directory too, for all the warriors alive, and in this series. The series is called ‘The Forgotten Power’. The main characters are Aquapaw of WindClan, Cheetahpelt of ThunderClan, Streamstar of RiverClan and Thundergrowl of ShadowClan. A warning: This will continue for a long time!


Leader: Guststar

Deputy: Crowfoot    A:Aquapaw

Medicine Cat: Tortoisetail     A: Dirtpaw

Warriors: Sunwhisker  A: Melonpaw, Cardinalwing, Cactusear A: Gingerpaw, Kestrelfoot, Rootbelly.

Apprentices: Aquapaw, Dirtpaw, Melonpaw, Gingerpaw

Queens: Flowermoon, Dawnwhisker

Elders: Seedblossom, Rabbitear, Cementeye

Allies: Frostpool


Leader: Silverstar   A: Coalpaw

Deputy: Mudear

Medicine Cat: Coralfoot   A: Saffrontail

Warriors: Ivypelt, Rushripple  A: Seapaw, Mossarch  A: Waterpaw, Mintleaf, Gorgestone  A: Rubypaw

Apprentices: Coalpaw, Seapaw, Waterpaw, Rubypaw.

Queens: Thistletail

Elders: Shallowpelt, Damshadow, Lakeshore

Allies: Whiteflood


Leader: Leavenderstar   A: Daisypaw

Deputy: Winterspeck

Medicine Cat: Cheetahpelt   A: Amberpaw

Warriors: Ivoryclaw, Jawcloud  A: Branchpaw, Stemfur, Hawkfeather, Foxtalon  A: Badgerpaw

Apprentices: Daisypaw, Amberpaw, Branchpaw, Badgerpaw

Queens: Redwing, Galetail

Elders: Rosebud, Shroomtail

Allies: Baileyleaf (Bailey) , Stormcloud (Storm)


Leader: Midnightstar

Deputy: Pridefur  A: Blackpaw

Medicine Cat: Badgerstep  A: Poisonleaf

Warriors: Lonetrail, Caninetooth  A:Wreathpaw, Snapjaw, Heronfoot, Thundergrowl  A: Moltpaw, Fierceclaw

Apprentices:  Blackpaw, Wreathpaw, Poisonleaf, Moltpaw

Queens: Shadestar (lost leadership due to pregnancy), Nightfire

Allies: Darkstorm (Dark), Crowtalon (Crow)

Cats Outside of Clans: Rain (Rainstorm), Heather (Heatherfield), Cherry (Cherryflank)

Other Animals: Snowflake (Horse), Juniper (Fox), Summer (squirrel), Bluewing (Bluejay)

Story Of The Days #31

Thirty! Wow, that impresses me. Anyway, this one is going to finish off the actual Gollywopper Games, and the next post will be the ‘aftershock’. Continued from the Gollywopper Games.

Chapter Eight

Jenna picked up a couple words. Mattio held out his hands, the words dropping onto his bare palms. Phoebe stared in amazement, as Abby made a ‘word angel’. Hudson just laughed, jumping around the words, which were up to his knees.

“Okay gang. Let’s start.” Abby grinned as the words stopped falling. Find all the rhyming couplets you can.”

Jenna picked up ‘bed’ and ‘head’ as well as ‘red’, ‘said’, ‘fed’, ‘led’ and ‘wed’. She stacked them all in a big heap next to Phoebe’s pile. After a minute, she started a new pile, for the ‘ean’ rhymes. ‘Mean’, ‘lean’, ‘green’, ‘seen’, ‘queen’… she found them all. After that pile, only a couple words remained, like ‘to’, ‘me’, ‘I’ and ‘it’. Those types. Those were sorted fast, and eventually, the piles were completed. The sorting took an entire five minutes. Mattio grinned ear-to-ear. “My Dad’s a poet, you know. I follow him, I’m his apprentice in poetry.”

Mattio picked up a bunch of words, and muttered to himself. Then, started to place the words on the floor. ‘The serpent’s breath, a single flier, sail the skies, Madame lier.’ were written neatly by his feet. “Hey, isn’t that from the puzzle? Is that even allowed? ” Jenna realizes in confusion.

“Yes. It is. The stunt didn’t say we had to make our own original poem!” Hudson giggled, watching Mattio straighten up the poem, ” We’re done!”

Mattio stood up, and another envelope flew from the ceiling. ‘The serpent’s breath, a single flier, sail the skies, Madame lier. Find your next puzzle on the table in front of you.’ “Oh no!” Jenna gasped, “We got it wrong!”

“C’mon!” Phoebe burst into a sprint towards the table, “That stunt took us seven minutes. Entire seven minutes lost!”

Abby got there first. Jenna was second. “Dreamer.” she said automatically. “But, we can’t be sure.”

“It’s dreamer. I got it.” Abby grinned, “44, 6, 14, 31, 42, 50, 8. Start with T. The 44th letter is D. 6th is R. 14th is E. So on and so forth.”

Phoebe ripped open ‘Dreamer’. ‘Catching dreams. The dreams are loose! Grab the nets and catch every dream. Place them back in their correct bottle.’

A sudden hiss, and colorful blobs started to fly around. “Well, it looks like we’re catching them all.” sighed Hudson, “I’m estimating thirty overall.”

He grabbed a net and caught a green blob. Phoebe handed him a bottle. The label was for red dreams. Jenna was able to reach the nearest bottle for green blobs. Hudson slowly tipped the dream into the vial.

“Caught one.” he announced, “It’s quite easy, really.” then he noticed all the others, having much difficulty over catching, and felt bad.

Jenna laughed, missing multiple times. After twenty shots, she stopped laughing.


Mattio was exhausted. His arm was getting tired. He watched Hudson do it, and it seemed easy. Then, once he tried, he would fail miserably. After another two minutes, Hudson gave up. “Look everyone. I’ll teach you.” he picked up his net, and swiped at a yellowy gray dream. He missed, but caught a different one. It was purple.

Mattio noticed he threw the net over very slowly. Hudson was able to swiftly catch it and pushed it into a bottle for purple dreams. Mattio then picked up his net, and slowly swished at a green dream. It was caught in his web. He smiled and tipped it slowly into the bottle.

Mattio helped Abby with dream-catching, as Hudson taught Jenna. Phoebe picked up easily, and caught a few. In time, all dreams were caught. All but one. It was rainbow, and had no real jar. Hudson caught it, but didn’t know where to put it. “We should put it in the green jar.” Phoebe muttered.

“No, it fits in any jar. It’s rainbow.” Abby smiled, stuffing the dream into a jar of yellow dreams, “See?”

An explosion sounded, and an envelope appeared. It was purple. Bear appeared, “You are fifty second behind the last group.” Mattio read it quickly aloud. “Go to the table in the far corner. It is yellow and orange.”

The first one who got to the table was Jenna, and she was a few second in front of everyone. “Huh.” she muttered, obviously confused. Mattio got there last. The table had a phone on it. “Call 1626-7568-7639.” Jenna read aloud.

Mattio scratched his head, utterly confused. His mind started drifting, Beck, his best friend, and then to Abby. She was beautiful. Her brown curly locks jut covered her eyes, and swept across her back in a delicate manner. Abby’s shining brown eyes were cute, and her laugh was adorable, a quiet giggle, but loud enough for him to hear. Mattio started to stare at her, seeing her scribble furiously on paper, writing things about her thoughts on the puzzle. Then she looked up, her eyes twinkling, and hair glossy. “What?” she asked blushing, seeing Mattio’s stare, “Are you done the puzzle yet? I figured it out.”

As she would, Mattio thought. The entire group focused their eyes on Abby. “Well, here are my guesses. The games laid out are Busy Busy Busy, One Man’s Journey, and Call Me!” she explained, “We call the number, using the phone. That’s out first step.”

Phoebe dialed the number, there was a quick “Hello?” and then the line ended. She called again, but the line was busy. “Busy Busy Busy? The line was busy.” Phoebe guessed.

“No. I don’t think so.” Jenna pitched in, “The line was open the first time.”

“Jenna’s right.” Abby nodded, “It’s either Call Me! or One Man’s Journey.”

Mattio thought again, “Just if numbers could be transformed into letters-”

“Yes!” Abby smiled excitedly, “That’s it! When you are texting, numbers become words!”

She wrote a couple numbers on the paper. “Huh. It doesn’t make sense. 1 doesn’t have a letter on  a phone.” she continued anyways.

“I got it!” exclaimed Hudson suddenly, “One! One Man’s Journey! Do the calculations again, Abby!”

Abby did as she was told. One Man’s Journey it was. Mattio opened it. “This is the last stunt.” he read blandly, ” Each of you must enter a door. There is one on each side of the room. Each one has your name on it. Enter that door. You will be led on a journey, on your own. Once you complete the task, you will be completed. When you complete your task, you must wait at on the rainbow patch, and await further instructions.”

Mattio jogged to an orange side. It was Phoebe’s. He yelled, “Phoebe, yours is over here!” He heard a patter of footsteps coming towards him, “I’m coming, Mattio!” she called back.

“Abby’s is here!” Jenna called, with Abby responding. Hudson found his own, and Mattio found Jenna’s. Mattio went to the last side. There was a magenta door with his name on the top. He stepped into a small room. There was a rainbow platform, as promised, and an empty room, painted magenta. There was a gong sound, and a hockey stick appeared, along with a goal and a puck. Mini robo-people popped out, with full field-hockey gear.

Chapter Nine

Mattio laughed. This was going to be easy! Instructions fell down from the ceiling, along with full body gear. He slipped it on, and read the instructions. ‘You’re playing field hockey. Score ten goals.’

Grass grew around him, and the room expanded, transforming itself into a big field. The magenta walls turned blue, and the ceiling was scattered with fluffy white clouds. “Wow.” he said aloud, “This is awesome.” Suddenly a whistle rang, and the game started.

Story Of The Days #30

Well, I’m sorry everyone. I changed photo of the days to story of the days. Well, it’s true. My creations aren’t photos anymore. They’re stories. This one is really for my Dad. He created the series, and I write them up. Hopefully, I can turn it into something real someday. I won’t really be using prompts, but I’ll make them anyways. The series is called’ Prince Aboo’, made-up stories my Dad told me before bed when I was younger, so I give credit to my Dad too. It’s about a Prince named Aboo, who lived in a town named ‘Hottintot’, in a valley. A lot of things happen to Prince Aboo during his life. He is a very noble and kind boy, who’s stories have been told to all kids in my family. Every single one is imaginary. All I’m doing is repeating my father’s words right here. This is the story I was told to last. The one about Isabelle’s sickness.

Prince Aboo lay down to rest. His thoughts travelled to his friends. Isabelle, Babboo, Shambi. He thought about them for a moment. Babboo was a short lighter skinned boy, with a bit of a ‘fro. Babboo had brown hair, and was known for his empathy. Shambi was tall, he had black hair, and was known for his honesty. Isabelle was the only real foreigner, she was treated equally, but wasn’t from Hottintot.

Isabelle was an English girl, who moved to Hottintot only two years ago. She had curly blonde hair and light skin. She was shy, quiet, funny, but known for her kindness. Isabelle helped old people across the street, she gives her pocket-money  to the less-fortunate. She was Prince Aboo’s best friend.

The next day, at school, Prince Aboo and Babboo walked to school together. They arrived early, as always. Shambi was waiting. He was playing with someone else as they arrived. “Hi Prince Aboo. Hello Babboo.” he smiled, paused and continued, “Have you seen Isabelle? Yesterday she said she was going to come early, and help babysit the toddlers with me.”

“No. I’m sorry.” The Prince said apologetically, “Last I saw of her was on the farm, hoeing the fields for Farmer Palu.”

“She must be sick.” Babboo declared, “Poor Isabelle. She should be better by tomorrow if it’s a fever. It is really hot out.”

The other two nodded, agreeing with Babboo’s statement, but the day after, Isabelle didn’t come to school.

“Where is Isabelle?” Babboo asked Aboo that day, “The fever should be better.”

“Maybe she was tired.” Shambi wondered, “And decided not to come today, in case the fever returned.”

“We’ll see tomorrow. If she doesn’t come tomorrow,” Prince Aboo decided, “I’m going to go to her house and check on her.”

The other two agreed again. On Wednesday, no Isabelle. “After school we will go check on her.” Babboo insisted. “She must be very sick.”

Prince Aboo nodded. He agreed. After school that day, the three friends went to Isabelle’s house. Shambi knocked on the door quietly. “Is anyone home?” he asked, knocking again.

After a minute, the door creaked open. Isabelle’s mother opened it, tears in her eyes. “Oh. It is you three.” she whispered, tears forming in her eyes, “Come in. Sit. I have some tea and cookies from England. The doctor will be out soon. Then you can see Izzy.”

Prince Aboo sat on a wooden stool. Isabelle’s mother laid out cookies and tea. She had heated them up. Prince Aboo thought they were the best cookies in the world. They were soft, without any type of crunchiness  the cookies tasted extravagant, buttery, sweet, and chewy. The tea awakened Aboo, it tasted of honey, and some type of spice. When he finished, a man walked downstairs, the wooden boards creaking under his feet.

He whispered a couple things to Isabelle’s mother. Tears ran down her face. Shambi handed her a tissue.

“Isabelle had a disease called Olymylia. It is very contagious and will kill her in two weeks time if she can’t get the medication.” The doctor explained, “The medication is a flower. A flower that no longer grew extinct in Hottintot after over-usage. It has a blue stem, with exactly five pink leaves shooting out. The pollen on the top is orange, and the petals are made of gold. They can only be found on the shadowed side of a rock, hidden from the sun.”

“I’m so sorry.” Aboo muttered, “We’ll try and help. Can I see Izzy?”

The crying mother nodded, and Aboo walked up to her room alone. She was asleep. He walked back down, silently, a tear trickling down his cheek.

He walked home quietly, speaking not a word. Thursday. He left home with his mentor, Maylue. She was a kind, knowledgeable woman, who knew the latest gossip of Hottintot. She knew about Isabelle too.

They went off together, in search of the medicine. Many days and nights passed. A week went by fast, and their supplies were running low. “Let us return home, Prince Aboo.” Maylue whispered, “Our journey was for nothing. The flower is gone. Forever.”

Aboo shook his head. “One more day, Maylue. I feel tomorrow will bring good.”

Maylue shook her head silently, but returned to her tent. The next day, they searched long and far for the flower. Nothing was found. Prince Aboo would get tired, think of the dying Isabelle, and carry on. At the end of the day, it rained. He started to cry, tears and rain dripping from his face. Then he saw it. A gold blink. He ran to the flower. There was an entire patch of them, growing under a cliff.

Aboo plucked twenty from the ground, took some of it’s seeds, and sprinkled them along the path home. He saved Isabelle. Prince Aboo was proud, and happy for his friend. She lived in cinsistent debt of Prince Aboo.

Creation Time

In class, we have been working on something called ‘Creation Time’. We are supposed to create anything, models, music videos, movies, games, puzzles, books, anything. I made music. I’ve been working on an album of tunes courtesy of GarageBand. So far, I’ve made 4 songs. My album is called ‘miX aND maTcH’, and the Artist name is

Acoustic Alchemy Acoustic Alchemy is a guitar mash, using many different types of guitars to tell a story. The story or a traveller coming to another persons house after a long journey. The owner of the house welcomes the traveller in. The traveller steals some of the owners items, and runs off. Moral: Not all kindness is repaid.

Synthetics Synthetics is one of my favorites, using synths and drum. There isn’t a real chorus, but I find the beat quite catchy, slowly you can start you hear the synths play in. The song is quite short, but I find that it sticks in my head.

These are only two of the four. The other two have too big of media files to be put in. One is a piano song, named ‘Sunset’, mashing different genred pianos together, and if you think about it, is about a setting sun. When the sun is in the sky, the piano is louder, showing the heat, then as it sets, the tune gets calmer, showing the change in temperature, then the sun rises again slowly, and eventually the piano is harsher .

The other is called ‘Techno’, using a catchy chorus of 16 beats. I like it quite a lot. Techno is made with synths. It starts out with the chorus plain, then the bass kicks in, adding a good effect. The chorus is played continuously through the song. Then all at once, the beat stops, and the chorus is played. Then the beat comes back, until the song ends.

I’m still working on the next one. I haven’t decided the theme yet, but it’s probably going to be rock, pop or country. I’m not sure what instruments will be used for it.

Photo Of The Days #29


Chapter Six

Jenna read the envelope, it was full of random scratches. She flipped the note over. ‘Box.’ it read. Jennifer looked around. There was a cardboard box with scratches on the outside. “There.” she pointed to the box, and everyone ran after it. There was a bat, and a set of blunt knives, and of course, another envelope.

‘DESTROY! Creative destruction paths gain more points. Each point takes away half a second to your team’s overall time.’ it read, immediately, Jenna picked up the bat, and started to batter the box. Everyone followed her example, picking up the claws, swiping at the box effortlessly. In a minute, the box wasn’t a box anymore. Just shredded cardboard. Suddenly, another box fell downwards. “One point.” a voice boomed over the speakers. Inside that box was a stick of dynamite, a match, and claw extensions. Hudson decided to go creative. Phoebe decided to go creative. She took the dynamite, and started to cut it into wax pieces using the knives.

Phoebe pulled the unlit dynamite string out, and with it came a big chunk of gunpowder. “What are you doing?” Mattio shrieked, “Careful, careful! That could blow!”

“You’ll see. My step-mother is an expert in engineering and creation. Trust me, I’ve been taught well.” Phobe smiled wickedly, holding the cut candle in her palm. “We’re supposed to go creative.”

She used the match, and started to melt the wax onto the bat, strengthening it. Phoebe did the same to the blunt knives. For the gunpowder, she sprinkled some onto the box, and dipped the fire underneath the box. “The fire will get to the gunpowder, and make it blow.” Phoebe smiled, “The gunpowder will burn it. We didn’t need to use the wax, so I just made our weapons stronger.”

Once the entire thing blew up, another box fell from the ceiling. “Three points.” boomed the voice. “Nice job, Pheebs.” Hudson smiled, patting her on the back. Phoebe blushed, and Hudson showed a bigger blush after she did.

Jenna could tell they liked each other. It was obvious. The blushing, the nervous giggles. She glanced at Abby,and they shared a look. Yes, she could tell too. Jenna knew Abby liked Mattio, just a bit. Jenna thought both of the boys were a bit cute, but definitely not as a crush. I guess they were funny, and laughed at her jokes, but they weren’t attractive… to Jenna, at least. Jenna liked a different guy. A guy named Carlos Redwing. He was a year older than her, but still, he was a good guy. Then, after they found out the other person liked them, they got together. Jenna was hoping Carlos would be there when she won the Games.

The box held a bunch of bottlecaps, a chunk of metal and a flame torch. “Ho!” laughed Phoebe, “Flame gun! This’ll be interesting!”

She picked up the chunk of metal and used it to sharpen the knives, then started to mold the metal using the flame gun to soften the metal. She handed Jenna a chunk of the metal, acting as if it were clay. “Huh. This is quite cool, Phoebe. We’re molding our own weapons out of clay- I mean, metal!” Jenna smiled, “I never knew you knew so much about metals! But I do know your good at destructing… like you did to my basketball the other day…”

The group laughed. Phoebe had made herself a quite professional looking crossbow, connected with wires, and two arrows. “They can light on fire. The metal is surrounded in bottlecaps, so the arrows don’t felt under flame. If you shoot one, the fire will ignite the box, not only but I was able to stick some gunpowder inside the tube. The entire box will blow!” Phoebe laughed, “I’m a real maniac for this type of stuff, you know.”

‘Yeah. I can tell.” Hudson laughed. It was too obvious that they liked each other. Abby knew too. One glance at Abby, and she could tell she knew as well. It was too easy. Mattio probably guessed the same.

Hudson had made another set of knives with his metal. Jenna had made a hatchet, and Abby a long saw. Mattio had made some sort of claw like thing, it fitted perfectly onto his knuckles.

“Hey, I’m Wolverine!” Mattio joked, which was quite rare, “Woo! A bit blunt, but professional! What do you think, Abby?”

The way he addressed Abby like that… Jenna could really read people’s emotions. Mattio liked Abby. “Uh, it’s great… Wolverine.” Abby smiled, “Fits well.”

“Stop wasting time, people.” Phoebe popped in.

The two blushed, and Mattio took out his long glistening metal claws. He balled up his fists and swiped at the box. In four swipes, the cardboard box wasn’t existent. He stuck his hand in the air, “Who’s the boss!” he grinned, like he had won the Olympics, “I am!”

Abby blushed, and Mattio seemed to have noticed, making him blush too. “Guys. New box.” Jenna informed the lovebirds. “Inside is some duct-tape and what? A sharp rod?”

Right then, the voice boomed “Four points!”

Phoebe grinned. She took out the spear and tape. She wrapped the tape around the blunt side of the spear. Then took the tape and created a make-shift bow and arrow holder for her crossbow, also making a few more arrows.

Using the gunpowder from before, she placed some through the slit of the arrows once more. Taking aim, she took a deep breath, closing her eyes, this was her first time using a weapon she made herself. Phoebe breathed in deeply once more, then let go of the trigger. An explosive arrow sailed through the air, making a whizzing noise as it flew. The second it hit the box, the entire thing exploded.  “Eight points!” Shards of cardboard drifted down from the sky.Including another envelope.

Chapter Seven

Jenna grabbed it first. “The serpent’s breath, a single flier, sail the skies, Madame lier. Find your next puzzle on the table in front of you.” she announced.

Mattio got there first. The games were: Serpent Flier, Dreamer, Poem Pals. The puzzle was reprinted on a different sheet of paper: “The serpent’s breath, a single flier, sail the skies, Madame lier. 44, 6, 14, 31, 42, 50, 8. Start with T.”

Jenna giggled quietly, it seemed obvious to her. Poem Pals. Duh. The sentence was a poem. She pointed this out to her group. “Yeah, I guess. But the sentence also refers to flying serpents.” Hudson noted, “It seems to be the most important part of the poem. Then again, what are those numbers?”

“A code?” wondered Phoebe, blushing the second Hudson looked at her, ” I mean, the last puzzle spelled out the answer, maybe this one does too. There are seven numbers. Seven letters in ‘Dreamer’.”

“You have a point.” Abby pitched in, “But I think Jenna is right. It’s a poem.”

“I guess.” Mattio nodded, “But I kind of agree with Phoebe. There is some sort of code. Probably. But I dunno.”

“Well, there are certainties, and there are doubts.” Jenna rushed, “C’mon now. We’re out of time.  I’m picking Poem Pals in twenty second when time runs out.”

“Oh. Well, I vote for Poem Pals.” Phoebe agreed eventually. The rest of the group eventually agreed. Everyone except Mattio who was still puzzling over it, when Jenna opened Poem Pals.

“The poem here is muddled up. Words words everywhere, write a poem with the following words… Don’t worry. Only use the ones you need to use.”

When Jenna finished reading the note, words started to fall from the ceiling. They were made of foam, and were bubble-lettered. Each word a different color, so it looked like a shower of rainbow chunks, every time one hit Jenna, it felt like little pellets of rain, or cream.

There were a lot of words falling. Jenna gazed at each one. ‘Garden’, ‘Saphire’, a couple punctuation marks, yes, Jenna was in awe.


Exhibition Reflection

The exhibition has been a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Working with new friends, learning, creating, comprehending, all this involved my exhibition travels. I felt panic, stress, commitment, understanding, change, relief, fear, joy, and nerve.

I think overall, I learnt that the central idea can actually connect to me as a person. The central idea is: Circumstances, experiences and actions can lead to change. Let’s say it’s my birthday (circumstance, experience), and I asked for a new watch (action), but then I receive an iPad. I would be really happy, and this would cause a change in me as a person. Could be negative or positive. Negative: I only use the iPad, and become anti-social, and will always have high expectations. Positive: I’m a happier person.

I think even the exhibition itself relates to the central idea through me. Circumstances, experiences and actions would be the actual exhibition, and the change would be through me. I’ve become more independent, a smarter person, a more creative person, and a reflective learner. The exhibition impacted me as a human, not just something I do for school. The exhibition is something I’ve done in my life. Something, with value, with meaning. Something that’s changed me. A person.

A couple things I wish I could do better. Well, there are a lot of mini things I wish I could improve. Mostly being our presentation; little bits of messy paper, a crumpled timeline, basically organization. Another thing I wish I could improve is our time management. Anyways, on the second-to-last day, we were told to re-do all the printed things. A sudden rush of madness was flown at us, straight in the face. We freaked out, and reprinted everything… within an hour. I guess that was the thing that made everything floppy, rush.

I learnt a couple essential elements to the exhibition, like a guidebook. 1. Don’t rush. You have time, so don’t make everything messy and unorganized. 2. Be perfect.This is your ultimate assessment for everything you’ve learnt. Always be sure of your actions. 3. Expect. You should know what the future holds… during the exhibition. If you have no clue what you’re talking about, then you need to work harder. Try and practice presenting. 4. Look good. Don’t make everything look like a mess. Try and attract people to your booth, not repel them. 5. Be positive. Nobody likes a negative nelly, so stay positive. Always be encouraging during these pressured times. 6. Be cooperative. If your group members and you aren’t cooperating, then there’s a problem. The entire project is meant to be team-work, and remember there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’.

Another thing I must mention, are the challenges and the easy parts of the exhibition. I found the hardest part being the ‘perfectionism’ bit. The pressure I was under was grueling, and being perfect at the same time… it was impossible. I was supposed to know everything, and be tested on it, knowing it was going to be very important for my grade as the ‘best I can do’. The simplest thing was actually the last bit, the actual exhibition itself. I found it simple. The supposedly ‘painful’, ‘grilling’ questions were actually quite easy, I guess I practiced well. The worst part is waiting. I’m waiting for my overall grade, the nervous excitement, for a letter (A, M or E) for me to know where I am from the perspectives of others. To know if I’m average, below, or above. Hope is held inside Pandora’s Box, and is in me as well. The hope of getting a good grade. Then again, I don’t think grades are the most important part of the exhibition. I thought I did well, and that’s what matters. My own thoughts, I don’t really need someone to tell me if I’m great or horrible. I know I’m good. I’m not bad, not spectacular, but good. It’s just the dangerous electric feeling in the air, waiting for that grade to come…

In conclusion, the exhibition was a challenge for everyone. The students, the teachers, the parents, all of us were under pressure. Whether it was for ourselves or for someone else, it was still part of the exhibition. The exhibition is meant for pressuring students. It’s the biggest challenge of all. The toughest project. The most difficult challenge.

Photo Of The Days #28

Two away from 30! Well, this one’s a continuation of the Gollywopper Games. Enjoy!



Chapter Three

Hudson walked into the arena, with Bear behind us. “Wave to the cameraman, good. Now forget about him. Wave to the viewing box. Good. Now forget about it.” Bear instructed. They walked on to a table painted gold.

On it was an envelope. Everyone except Bear sat down. “I’ll be in the shadows.” Bear explained, “I’ll come out when necessary.”

There was a loud blare of a siren, and Mattio ripped open the envelope. “Puzzle One.” Mattio read aloud. “The quick fox jumped over the lazy brown horse named ‘Grave’. The three toys out are:”

“Animal Farm, Grave Buster and Word Scramble.” Hudson finished.

“Huh.” exclaimed Abby, starring at the strange sentence, “I should think it would be Animal Farm, because the sentence relates to animals. Still, there’s always a logical answer.”

“Right,” agreed Jenna, “I think it’s Grave Buster. The game is played with plastic characters, on being a fox and the other one a horse. In one of the cards, there’s a card that reads something like ‘Jump over Grave’. If Grave was a horse, then you’ld be jumping over a horse. True?”

“‘Ey.” Hudson noticed suddenly, “The sentence has every letter of the alphabet in it. Let me check. Yeah. I think that would be Word Scramble.”

Mattio nodded in agreement, and everyone else followed. “I guess we’re opening Word Scramble, then.” he muttered, ripping open Word Scramble. In it was a light blue envelope. He read aloud the letter, “Go to the basin of words in the corner. Instructions there.”

The group ran to a purple basin to the corner to their right. In it were a bunch of letters, and an envelope. Jenna read it aloud, ” The letters are magnetic. There is a magnet board to your left. You will be timed to place the sentence: ‘An elephant’s game is a trickery game’ on the board using magnet letters. You have three minutes, starting when you pick up the first letter.’

Phoebe immediately picked up the letter ‘A’ and placed it on the board. Quickly, everyone pasted the letters on easily. “What about blank tiles?” Hudson asked, picking up a magnet without any letter on it.

“Just don’t use ’em.” Mattio responded. “Maybe you write on them. I don’t know.”

Two minutes later, the sentence ‘An elephants game is a trickery game’ was on the magnet board. Nothing happened, and the clock still ran. “What about the apostrophe?” Abby exclaimed suddenly.

She picked up a nearby pen, and drew an apostrophe on a blank tile, placing it on in between the ‘t’ and the ‘s’ in ‘elephant’s’. An envelope fell from the ceiling, and floated towards them. The tallest of them all, Mattio, grabbed the envelope first. After he ripped it open, he read it aloud. “Go to the table across the room. There await your next instructions.”

The team ran to a pink table. Immediately, Bear appeared, “Guys, you’re thirty seconds ahead of the other team. Good going. Maybe we stand a chance. Bye.”

He disappeared as fast as he appeared. Hudson picked up the next envelope. The toys laid out in front of them were ‘Candy Crunch’, ‘Crazy Corn’, and ‘Maniac’. Hudson read the puzzle: ‘My Apples Need Incredible Arthur’s Cream’.

Once he read it aloud, the entire gang burst out laughing, “Apples need cream?” Jenna laughed, “That’s what the doctor said!”

The rest of the group burst into a fit of giggles. All except Phoebe and Abby who didn’t get the joke. After another minute of laughing Phoebe interrupted, “We’re wasting time. C’mon, let’s get going on this puzzle.”

The group nodded in agreement. Hudson thought that Phoebe was right, naturally. He started to like the red-head more and more. She was kind, funny, and shy, the personality of Hudson himself. He had a hunch that she felt the same, but he was too shy and nervous to ask Phoebe.

Hudson started to think. How do any of these relate to the strange sentence? “Well, the only thing I can think of is that it makes the first-person seem like a maniac. That’s what I think. You?” Hudson laughed.

“Enough joking, dude.” Mattio said, “This one’s really hard. How does anything connect?”

“Well, all I can say is that the grammar is very incorrect.” Jenna nodded slowly, “All the words are capitalized.”

“Aha!” Phoebe exclaimed loudly, “It literally spells out the answer! Take the capitalized letters, and put them together. See?”She said, circling the first letter of each word. “Maniac!”

“You’re right. Again.” Hudson smiled, chuckling a bit. Abby opened up ‘Maniac’ and in it was another envelope.

It read: Maniac is played with five players on a board. Notice that to your left, is a life-size board on the floor. You are too become a piece of the game. The winner will get an advantage if your team wins, in the solo competition. See instructions there.

The team rushed to the colorful board to their left attached to the ground. Hudson stared in awe, Golly was amazing, the miracles they make wow him. He glanced at Phoebe, she was looking at him again, Hudson blushed, the thought of them being together was a little nerve-wracking. If they did get together, she would be Hudson’s 3rd girlfriend, and Hudson did not have a great reputation.

His first girlfriend wasn’t even really real. It was in 2nd grade, and he liked a girl named McKenna Stout, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, a very pretty girl. Hudson and her got together and called themselves ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’, and they just did it for fun, it was really just a game. They ‘broke up’ within a week.

Hudson’s second girlfriend was a girl named Georgia Powell, in 7th grade. They hadn’t kissed or anything, but they went out once. Within around three weeks, they broke up. Hudson didn’t really like her that much though, she was just smart, funny, and pretty.

Hudson really liked Phoebe though. She was better than Georgia, better than McKenna. Way better. Hudson liked her style, her laugh. He didn’t know why he was so attracted to this stranger, but they were getting closer together. Hudson thought she was pretty the moment she stepped onto the podium, he saw her with her friends, giggling, and gossiping. Yes, Hudson was in love.

Chapter Four

Abby and Mattio read the instructions for the game Maniac. It was like Monopoly, but you didn’t own anything. You roll, move that amount of spaces. On that space, you get or lose a certain amount of money. Then, if where you land is star-shaped, you get to either roll again or do something called ‘Maniac It’. If you Maniac It, each person around you picks a number, then you average out the number. You, the player get to pick if you go forward or backward, with that amount of spaces. Some squares would read ‘Go back __ spaces’ or ‘Roll again’ or ‘Maniac It’. Each one has a different negative or plus sign. Whoever crosses the finish line first gets an extra $100. The second player gets $50 and the third gets $25. Whoever end up with the most amount of money in the end wins.

After Abby read it aloud, Hudson ran to the start line. On it were two huge foam die. Mattio went first. He rolled, and got a seven. Mattio walked seven spaces, and received $10. Then Jenna went. She rolled a two. Jennifer walked two spaces, the square she landed on read ‘Maniac It!’. Abby picked 3. Hudson picked 9. Phoebe picked 8. Mattio picked 4. Jenna ended up walking forward six spaces forward, landing on ‘Go back 1 space’. She went back, and gained $5.

It was Hudson’s turn. He rolled the die, and got an eleven. He ran forward 11, and received $5, with a ‘Go forward 12 spaces’. He sprinted forward, making a quick turn of the corner. He was first. Hudson landed on a star. He gained $10, and chose to Maniac It. The average number was 3, and he went three spaces forward, landing on ‘Gain $15’. Total, Hudson had $30, $20 ahead of Mattio.

The game continued on for about twenty minutes. In the end, Mattio got to the finish line first, with Phoebe in second, Abby third, Hudson fourth and Jenna last. Jenna ended up with $92, Mattio with $135, Phoebe with $164, Hudson with $108 and Abby with $185. Abby was first, Phoebe second, Mattio third, Hudson fourth, and Jenna last.

When they finished, Bear popped out, “Hey, guys. Good job on that last one. Congrats, Abby. You’re all a few seconds behind though.” Bear muttered, “Keep up the good work, here’s you’re next envelope. Open it when you get to that table.”

He pointed ahead of him, and Hudson was the first to get there. When he read the puzzle, he was lost. This time, he knew it was unsolvable for their group.


Chapter Five

Abby had learnt that being Gil’s twin wasn’t going to be easy. But it became even harder after last year. When her parents turned against her. They were too busy with Gil, and how precious HE was. What about little Abby? No, she deserved no respect. Except from Grandfather. He was nice to her, he knew she was talented,  but not just because she was Gil’s younger sister. Because she was her. Grandfather liked Abigail for herself, not for who she was related to.

Abby had learnt the hard way, and she was determined to make her parents proud. Gil astonished, and Gramps happy. Abigail Goodson was ready for the Games. Was it really her fault her parents had her in Russia during the Games? Abby had always been a little jealous of Gil, but she had been taught well. Grandfather told her stories, made her laugh, made her know that she was just as special as little Gil, that her parents loved them the same. But still, Abby knew in her heart, that her parent did love Gil more than she.

In the Games, one look at the next puzzle and she knew they were dead. The games were ‘Careful!’, ‘Making Magic’ and ‘Wonder Wills’. Puzzle: ‘Henry wants to go to day-care.’ If this sentence equals ‘today’, then what does this sentence equal to? ‘Ma, King Harold has come to see you. Ma! Jyck (name) is annoying me.’

Abby couldn’t think straight. She read it aloud over and over, trying to make connections with the sentences to the words. Anagram? Oxymoron? What? Abigail watched as the others scribbled furiously on a piece of paper, writing down their ideas.

Abigail watched Jenna, as her eyes kept drifting. They stopped at Mattio. She looked at him for some time. Wow. Abby thought he was quite nice, and polite. Shy, and cute. She kept thinking about him, until he lifted his head up. “What is it?” he asked, confused, noticing her stares.

“Nothing.” she muttered, looking back to the puzzle. After a while, she noticed that the first sentence contained every letter of ‘today’. She pointed this out to the group.

“I figured it out.” Mattio murmered shyly, “Open Making Magic. The word ‘today’ is between ‘to’ and ‘day-care’. Today. Got it? Now, for the next one, you can see the word ‘Making’ between ‘Ma’ and ‘ King’. Then ‘Magic’ is ‘Ma’ and the name ‘Jyck’. Making Magic.”

Before he finished his sentence, Jenna had opened ‘Making Magic’. Inside was another envelope… and another story…


The Gollywopper Games Guide

As I work hard on my next prompt, I give you a little hint for the future, think of it as a Guidebook. This might help you understand a bit more. The actual book is AMAZING, so I recommend you read about Gil’s story. Hope you like it, many people (3-4) have been constantly bugging me to ‘hurry up and finish the games’! I hope this will satisfy you for now.

Main Characters:

Jennifer “Jenna” Tess Webber- A sporty girl with long black hair to her armpits. She has blue eyes, and one younger brother named Oscar Henry Webber. Jennifer is Canadian. Jenna likes to read, play basketball and swim. She is usually at school, in the library or at home. She spent two years studying things about Golly with her friend, Abigail Goodson. Her best friend is a boy named Derek Smith, who is in her class. She mostly hangs out with boys, because she feels she understands them more, but she;s not interested in any relationships. Jenna is known as a very funny person. She is thirteen years old.

Abigail “Abby” Goodson- A wise girl with long brown curly locks, and has shiny brown eyes. Abigail is fully American. Abby has a twin brother named Gil Goodson, who won the Gollywopper Games the previous year. Abigail is a serious girl, but laughs easily. She always looks up to her brother, Gil, and everyone expects her to be like him. She finds that unfair and unjust. Abby likes sailing, relaxing and studying. She spent two years learning about Golly with her friend Jennifer Webber. Abigail’s best friend is Phoebe L’mark, a red-headed girl. She is twelve years old.

Phoebe L’mark- Phoebe is a positive and caring girl with long curly red hair and blue eyes. She is American, specifically from New York. Phoebe likes horse-riding, drawing and watching T.V. She has a step-mother, named Angela Rose, but no father. He passed away a few months after marrying her step-mother. Phoebe has a harsh history, but is always positive and helpful. She is usually in the jockey arena, or at home. She studied Golly for four years, using a textbook from her deceased father, Phoebe uses it as her main guide, and keeps it close to her. Her best friend is Phoebe, also very close to Jennifer Webber and Trevor Kennedy West. She is twelve years old.

Hudson Stanley- Hudson is a courageous American kid, with short bright brown hair, cocoa skin and brown eyes. He has an older sister named Jacqueline Stanley and a younger sister named Stella Stanley. Hudson lives his life averagely, and spent a few months studying the Gollywopper Games. He lives on a houseboat and enjoys fishing and hanging out with his friends, Jay and Kay Rodriguez,  and Arnold Patricks. His best friend is Lily Lohan Star. He is thirteen and three-quarters.

Mattio Jones Redwing- A shy and cheeky boy. Mattio is short for his age and is lightly tanned, with rough shaggy black hair. He is French-American.He has an older half-brother named Carlos Baker Redwing, and a younger sister named Harriet Lilac Redwing. Mattio likes music, playing with his hamsters, Iso and Finnick. He really likes pranks and field hockey. Mattio has been studying Golly for almost a year, and has a copy of almost every toy and game sold. His best friend is a girl named Stella Stanley, Hudson’s younger sister. Mattio also hangs out with Jason Cooper and Beck Hile Newcastle. Mattio is twelve and a half.

Bear Hills- A loyal employee of Golly, who is the five’s mentor. Bear has a father, two younger brothers, and an older sister. Gazelle Hills, his sister, won the Gollywopper Games many years ago. Viper Hills, his youngest brother, made top 10, against Gazelle, so did Wolf Hills, who made top 5. Bear however, was in the finals against Gazelle, in which Gazelle was able to use trickery and manipulation in the final round of the puzzles. Bear lives with his wife, Bunny Hills, and their daughter, Cub Hills in North Carolina.

Sneak Peak:


Chapter Three

Hudson walked into the arena, with Bear behind him. “Wave to the cameraman, good. Now forget about him. Wave to the viewing box. Good. Now forget about it.” Bear instructed. They walked on to a table painted gold.

On it was an envelope. Everyone except Bear sat down. “I’ll be in the shadows.” Bear explained, “I’ll come out when necessary.”

There was a loud blare of a siren, and Mattio ripped open the envelope. “Puzzle One.” Mattio read aloud. “The quick fox jumped over the lazy brown horse named ‘Grave’. The three toys out are:”

“Animal Farm, Grave Buster and Word Scramble.” Hudson finished. “Which one should we open?”

Can YOU figure out the answer? Try and do so before I publish the next post. It will include the answer, and the rest of the Games. Not all of it, though, there will be a part three, for sure. Please comment your answer.

Photo Of The Days #27

In case you don’t know, the Gollywopper Games is a book that I absolutely LOVE. It’s a little complicated, so I’ll just start writing. It’ll be a fan fiction of the ENTIRE book, so be prepared for a mega-long post. With ACTUAL ‘to be continued’, using chapters and cliff hangers…


Chapter One

The Gollywopper Games

The woman looked at her once again, then back at the yellowy ticket with the numbers: ‘13876’ printed on it with the terms and condition in fine print. A green light shined on the plaque above the security lady. “You’re safe, you can go.” the lady responded.

“Yes!” Jenna shouted, pumping her fists in the air, “Mom, I can go! It’s a green light!” to both her mother and friend.

Her friend Abby got a green light as well. “Me too, Jen!” Abigail exclaimed squealing, “Green light!”

The two started to yammer on about their excitement, this was Jenna’s first time participating in the Gollywopper Games. The year before a boy named Gil Goodson won it, this year, Jenna thought, I’ll win it. My name everywhere, Jenna Webber, the money! Oh, it’ll be awesome.

Jenna was a twelve year old girl who lived in the countryside. She had no relation to Golly, the toy company who hosted the Gollywopper Games, but Abigail, Gil’s sister, the guy who won it the previous year, was definitely going to make top ten. She was his twin actually, but during the Games the year before, Abby was in Russia as an exchange student.

Abby Goodson was excited, she dreamed of being as popular as her brother. He had practiced for a year to win the Games. Abby decided to practice the same way he had, but for two years, she Phoebe and Jenna had copied Gil’s footprints.

Jenna couldn’t wait. A couple minutes later, Phoebe, her best friend ran up to her, “Green light!” she shouted enthusiastically over the crowd, “My number’s 69813. You?”

“49738.” Abby replied hastily, “C’mon, the doors are opening. We better enter the theatre.”

They walked in together, nervous, excited and just plain anxious. The theatre was humungous, full of kids and adults. “Don’t get lost girls.” Abby’s grandfather warned, “There are a lot of people. Stick to each other.”

“I agree with you,” Jen’s mother said nodding her head, “Stay together. But enjoy the Games!”

The stadium was a football stadium, with a large screen on each end-zone. There were large other screens, separating the four different corners of the stadium. At the moment they read: ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’.

The girls and their parent sat down under the ‘C’ screen because of the shade. After a while of waiting they heard a loud voice speak through the speakers, “The entry is now closing, please sit down. Volunteers will give you a introduction book and a list of rules. Please read them carefully.” the voice said.

After a couple moments of silence, the voice spoke again, “Hello, and welcome to the thirteenth annual Gollywopper Games! My name is Randy Courtright, your master of ceremonies for today!” Randy spoke over the microphone.

Stop the happy talk, and get on with the games. Jenna though. Her wish was granted, and Randy continued, “ Now, as you can see, the stadium is labeled in four different sections, A, B, C and D. The following three questions will be multiple choice. When you found the answer, walk counterclockwise to the answer you choose.” he explained, “For example, if the question was: ‘ Who is sponsoring the Games today?  A) Rush, B)Golly, C) Premium  and D) Gosh.’ You would all answer B, Golly. You would take to the stands, and walk counterclockwise towards the letter ‘B’. Parents are not allowed to help, that would be cheating. Adult supervisors must only be there to keep you safe, not help you cheat. Let the Gollywopper Games begin!”

“The first question: In the first year of production, Golly sold one toy each month. When was the eighteenth toy created?” Randy asked, “A) February, 2001 B) June, 2001 C) March, 2001, or D) July, 2001”

Jenna thought for a moment. It was their thirteenth anniversary of the Gollywopper Games. 2000. Add eighteen months. That would be June, 2001! “I think it’s B.” Jenna told her friends, “I’m not sure though.”

The trio and their adults made their way to B. Suddenly Phoebe shrieked, “It’s not B! Golly started their company on August 1999, and the Gollywopper Games was held the next year on that same day!”

“I see!” Abby muttered, “Therefor, the eighteenth toy was created in March, 2001. The answer is C.”

“Guys!” Jenna exclaimed, “I figured it out! In the second year of production, they sold two games a month! So, let me think… It’s A, February, 2001.”

The other girls nodded their heads in agreement, and they speed-walked to section A. The trio stood there for a long time, waiting for the answers.

“If we lose in the first round,” Abby claimed, “I would literally have a heart attack.”


“No joke.”

Phoebe laughed a bit, then suddenly Randy’s voice came over the speakers. “The answers are all on the board. The board will blank out, and when the screen reappears, the wrong answer will disappear until the right answer remains.”

The board started to flash. D, gone. Cheers from the other crowds. Then B gone. The remaining C and A crowd cheered loudly. Was Jenna right? Was she wrong about Golly producing two a month in the second year?

The board flashed once more, and only A remained. Everyone around them cheered, they were hi-fiving, screaming, laughing.

“All those who didn’t win, please exit on the left side. You will receive a $10 Golly gift certificate.” Randy spoke, “Congratulations all you winners, there are approximately seven thousand of you left.”

Phoebe squealed once again and Randy asked the next question. “ Question two. What Golly product has four dice, two boards, four to seven players and was made within 2003-2007? A) Never Ending Roller B) Secret Pocket Pal C) Pirate People and lastly D) Red Romans. Please walk to your answer.”

This was easy for Jenna. She knew it wasn’t Secret Pocket Pals, because that was a card game. Never Ending Roller had die, but was Golly’s eighth game. It was either Pirate People or Red Romans. She had heard of Red Romans before, but never the actual game.

“I think it’s Pirate People.” Phoebe answered, “I’ve played it. I think it had two boards, made in 2005, but I think it only has like, five die.”

“It’s definitely Red Romans. My brother played it a lot with his friend, Parker. It has two boards and four die, but it was made last year, 2012.” Abby claimed, “It’s a fun game.”

“Let me think.” Jen said aloud, “Either Red Romans or Pirate People. Let’s think here. Pirate People has two boards, made in ’05, but might only have 5 die. Red Romans has two boards and four die, but wasn’t made within 2003 and 2007.”

“Hey!” Phoebe cried out, “I got it! It’s not Red Romans! Abby said that Red Romans was played by her brother and his friend. That would only be two players! I remember now, it’s definitely Pirate People.”

“You got something.” Abby muttered, “I think… wait, yes, you’re right. It’s not Red Romans. Red Romans is played with only two. Let’s head to Pirate People.”

The girls walked on to section C. On the way, Phoebe’s grandfather bought them all a small stick of cotton candy.

After they all finished their cotton candy, Randy’s voice shot through the arena, “The incorrect answers are now to be eliminated. Any cheaters will be disqualified immediately.”

A gone, B gone. Only D and C. D remained. The crowd next to them cheered. “No!” Phoebe cried, “You were right Abby, it was Red Romans.”

“No, It was definitely Pirate People,” Abby muttered very confused, “ I think they probably got the answer wr-”

“Ladies and gentlemen! Please stay seated!” Randy’s voice boomed, “We put up the wrong answer, the wrong answer! The correct answer is C. All those in other sections, please leave the stadium. You will receive a souvenir and a hundred dollar Golly gift certificate. Thank you for your participation.”

Once all the losers left the ground, Randy spoke up again, “Well well well, you lucky people! There are approximately five hundred people left. This is the final elimination round, and ten of you lucky people will be back here tomorrow for the final showdown! Please make your way to the desks on the field. No desk will give you an advantage over another, no desk is better than another. They are all the same. No standing on your chair. Parent supervisors must leave their children at their desk, and then return to the stands. If any cheating is seen, the player will be disqualified.”

Abby, Phoebe and Jenna walked down to the field alone, and found three seats in the middle around the twenty yard line. They sat next to each other.

There was a laptop on each desk. Abby’s had a green laptop lid, Phoebe’s had a purple laptop lid and Jenna had an orange laptop lid. Jenna looked around and noticed that every macbook had a different colored lid, magenta, silver, gold, red, five hundred different colors.

Then Randy’s voice boomed up once more, “This is the final test! When I say, you will open your computer, one question will be on the screen. The final question. Once you record your answer, the screen will permanently blackout. You cannot change your answer, you cannot stand up, you cannot laugh, you cannot make a noise, and you may not eat!”

The lid of Jenna’s computer opened up. There was a spare sheet of paper on the side. ‘Go to Answer the questions. Then come back to this screen.’

Jenna typed in the given website and suddenly a rainbow screen popped up. It had one question and a box to write in, with the ‘next’ button at the bottom. ‘How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?’ the screen read.

‘What?’ Jenna thought. She re-read the question multiple times. For a couple seconds, Jenna thought she went to the wrong website. On the sheet of paper she wrote, ‘Poem?’.

She felt light-headed. She repeated the sentence in her head. It was quite catchy, like a nursery rhyme, or a joke. The familiarity of it… Aha! Jenna immediately knew the answer. “A wood chuck would chuck as much as it could chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood.” she typed into the box.

Jenna knew it was right. She remembered in pre-school laughing about the rhyme with her friends. Jenna clicked ‘next’. The number ’97’ appeared for a second, the disappeared, as the next question came up.

‘What is twenty-five to the power of it’s greatest factor, plus the remainder of 47÷9?’ Easy. Jenna was great at math. Twenty-five’s factors… She thought hard, so she skipped it. 47÷9. That would be… 5… remainder 2! On the paper she wrote: ‘?+2=Answer’

Twenty-five’s greatest factor… 5? Yes, it was five. Five and two made seven. She typed ‘seven’ in the box. Then clicked ‘next’.

‘Carly and her friend, Davie are fighting over Davie’s video game. Carrie borrowed Davie’s pencil, only because Davie borrowed Carrie’s coins. That was only because Davie owed Carrie a milkshake, and that was only because Carrie owed Davie a new glove. Then again, Davie took Carrie’s water bottle, and Carrie took Davie’s mittens. Name as many ways as you can to solve it.”

On the paper, Jenna wrote: Carrie: pencil, glove, mittens, video game Davie: coins, milkshake, water bottle. Easy. Jenna thought. She was going to type: ‘Repay each other with the things they borrowed, took and owed each other.’

Then she re-read the question. ‘Carly and Davie-’ Wait! It was Carly and Davie who were fighting, not Carrie and Davie!

They were fighting over a video game… Jenna typed, ‘Play the video game together. Carly and Davie swap video games, if Carly has one. Carly gives up. Davie gives Carly his, and buys a new one for himself. Davie gives Carly his. Carly buys herself a video game. Carly and Davie both give the video game away to someone else.’ She wrote down her answer and typed it.

She clicked next. A new screen popped up, the one she closed earlier. ‘The last question.’ it read. She clicked ‘next’.

‘Multiply: the number that appeared after you answered question 1; the amount of numbers in question 2; the amount of things the people in question 3 are fighting over.’ it read. She breathed in and out slowly. ‘Think!’ she thought, ‘This is just math! Simple, easy, calm, math.’

The number that appeared after question one… 96? Yes. She wrote ’96’ on the paper. The amount of numbers in question 2. The question was ‘What is twenty-five to the power of it’s greatest factor, plus the remainder of 47÷9?’. She listed the numbers on the back of the paper. 25, 47, 9. Then she remembered the remainder. 25, 47, 9,2. A sudden jolt shook her. The greatest factor of twenty-five! Her numbers were now: 25, 47, 9, 2 and 5. Good.

Her numbers now on the other side read: 96x5x?=? The amount of things they were fighting over… 6, she remembered, reading what she wrote earlier. That same jolt hit her. The video game Carly and Davie was fighting over! 7. 96x5x6.

Quickly, she did the math. 2880 was her lucky number. She entered ‘2880’ onto her computer. The second she clicked the button, her computer shut down. She closed her lid and waited.

After some time, all the computer lids were down. Randy’s voice popped up again, “Hello lucky contestants! The top ten closest to the final answer will come up to the stage. The answer was 2910.”

Off by only thirty! She must’ve won! “Could the following contestants come to the stage. 41522!” A boy with black hair and olive skin stepped up, his hair was spiky, and he chewed gum.

“69813!” Phoebe raised her arms in excitement, and ran up to the stage. She sqealed as excited as ever. Jenna knew she was amazing at math, science and logic puzzles.

“75293!” A girl wearing a long rainbow striped dress came up. She wore glasses and sprinted really fast down to the stage.

“96736!” Another boy. “10003!” A young boy, and short. He sprinted up to the stage freakishly fast. “00007!” A rich girl named Pepper, she got an auto-winner. “49738!” I couldn’t believe it, was that Abby? She dashed up to the stage and hugged the life out of Phoebe. “85360!” An older boy in green walked up to the stage. “13008!” A girl wearing a mini-skirt and high heels walked up fashionably. Last number. “13876!” Jenna! She slowly stood, shaking from anxiety.

She immediately was relieved from her shock, and joined her friends on stage. All three of them giggling and squealing. Jenna had made it! Out of around hundreds of millions of people, Jenna was chosen! She was to surprised. Nine more people to beat.

Her heart was filled with both glee and depression. She was happy to be in the Games, but against her friends! Jenna knew that only one was going to leave with all the fame and fortune, and the thought of only one of them getting it all was horrifying. They talked and talked, eventually they solved the problem.

After some photo shoots, they headed home. Jenna’s father couldn’t believe it, “The Gollywopper Games, Jenna!” he shouted enthusiastically, “You made top ten! Ay carumba! Good luck, you’ll need it girl!”

In Abby’s house, it was a different story…

“You? The Gollywopper Games?” Her parents yelled/laughed, “You actually stood a chance. Go get us some money. You won’t win though. Not like Gil, you’ll never be as good as him unless you win. If you don’t give us the money, you’ll never be as good as Gil!”

Gil rushed to her side, “Mom. Dad. This is Abby you’re talking about. You’re daughter.” he exclaimed, “I won the Gollywopper Games. She’s related to ME. She’ll win.”

“You’re right, Gil. You always are.” Her mother nodded, “She will win. Only because she’s related to you. If she weren’t-”

“She’ld have not even a tiny chance!” Abby’s father laughed.

“Give the gal a chance, Charles.” Abigail’s grandfather murmured, “She’s a smart girl. Why criticize things she did right?”

“She’s my daughter. Not yours, papa.” He grumbled, “I do what I want with ‘er.”

Abigail Goodman just slowly walked to her bedroom in despair. In Phoebe’s house…

“Nice job, sweetie.” Phoebe’s step-mother smiled, “You’ll do great tomorrow.”

“I hope, Angela. I hope.” she whispered.

“You will. Your dad would be so proud of you.” Angela laughed, combing her hair.

“If he was here.” Phoebe choked, half-crying, “If he was here.”

“He’s watching you.” she muttered, as they walked up to Phoebe’s bedroom, “Good luck tomorrow, you’ll need rest. Have fun.”


Chapter Three- Elimination Round

The next morning was rainy, with thunder and lightning. Phoebe woke to the loud crash of thunder. She sat up, and quickly got dressed.

She combed her hair casually, and wore jeans, a blue t-shirt and some sneakers, bringing along a colored hoodie.

Phoebe walked into the kitchen and fixed herself a bowl of ‘Cheery O’s’, and started to munch them happily. Right then, she made herself a glass of O.J, drinking it in a few gulps. Phoebe left a note on the table, ‘At the Games. Be back at 5:30pm for dinner. -Pheebs.’

She rode her bike to where the Stadium was. Instead of a stadium, there was a large factory, like from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Another trick of Golly, they were able to remove and place buildings within seconds. Then again, Golly could really get anything done within seconds….

Phoebe rode closer to the building. She saw mobs of people standing outside the great gate, ready with cameras and microphones. “Oh no.” she said aloud, “The press.”

She put her hood over her head, and rode as fast as she could, hiding her curly red hair from sight.

The press ignored her… until she set away her bike. As she undid her hood, the noise stopped. They all stared at her for a second, then suddenly all the cameras flashed at once. She screamed and ran to the gate. The gate opened immediately, and she ran in.

She got to the door of the building, seeing more than one. There were no doors. Only door ways. Each had a letter, surrounded in ribbon, dangling down from a doorway, with a name on it. Under the letter was a huge chest with the names engraved in gold writing.

Phoebe walked across the doors, looking for her envelope. She found it, it had a lovely orange ribbon holding it. Phoebe slowly unwrapped the ribbon. The only other unwrapped ribbon was Abby’s. She excitedly opened her envelope. Inside was a letter:

Dear Phoebe, Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was…STOP! Wait. Cease. Desist. Fast forward. Here. Now.

No more past. No more future. Concentrate. Here. Now.

Plug in your brain. Rev up your mind. Stretch out your legs.

This may be the most amazing day you’ll experience. Ever.

A whirlwind of sights. An explosion of sounds. A feast for your senses. All wrapped in a tangle of games.

You’ve already won everything in this trunk, including some items dating back to once upon a time. Exactly what? You’ll have to wait.

DO NOT OPEN THE TRUNK NOW. There will be a time and a purpose for everything. Remember that.

Best of luck,

Golly Toy and Game Company

P.S Leave the letter and envelope here, and follow the blinking blue arrows.

Phoebe looked down, seeing blue arrows at her feet. She did as she was told, and kept walking. Toys whirred at her feet, toy planes flew through the air. Phoebe was amazed.

She was led to a room, a conference room? There were five colored chairs surrounding a coffee table. One chair, which Abby sat on. Phoebe sat next to her.

“Hey. Any words of wisdom from your parents? Not much for me.” Abby muttered.

“No. Not really. Angela just told me to have fun. Nothing else. Not really.” Phoebe replied.

They started up a conversation as other people entered the room. Three others. In came two boys and then Jenna. The three had come in together and were laughing. “Then the guy said, ‘It’s not worth it!'” one laughed, as the others chortled in response.

The first boy was tall, with olive skin and long black hair that fell over his eyes. Rather emo, Phoebe thought. He had a deep voice and was probably around fifteen. “I’m Mattio Redwing. You are?” he introduced politely.

“I’m Phoebe L’mark, and this is Abby Goodson.” she muttered shaking his head. Abby curtsied, obviously blushing.

The other boy who made the joke came up to Phoebe and bowed. “I’m Hudson. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Phoebe.”

“If this is like last year, I’m guessing we’re on the blue team, since all of us followed the blue arrows.” Jenna guessed, “Doctor said so!”

The boys burst out laughing. Phoebe and Abby stood awkwardly in front of the three giggling kids. After a while, another person came in. He wore a big leather trench coat and in his hand was a cigar. The man wore a gold chain necklace and oversized sunglasses. He wore huge black shoes and baggy jeans. “‘Ello, friends.” he said as he dipped his head, “Congrats. I’m your mentor, father, worst enemy, blah, blah blah. The name’s Bear.”

“Suits him.” Hudson whispered.

“I heard that.” Bear muttered, ” The Games are gonna start soon.” he puffed his cigar.

A loud wailing was heard. “That’s the signal!” Bear announced, “Welcome to the Gollywopper Games. Walk into that door and find table one.”

“First you answer a puzzle, and pick a toy. In the toy it’ll read where to go to perform a task.” Abby murmured, “I know this stuff. We have to find a logical answer to the puzzle before continuing. If we try and guess, we have to wait five minutes. Bear will inform us about the other team after we complete one puzzle and stunt.”

“My, my, my. You know a lot.” Bear guessed, “You must be Gil’s sister.”

“Refer to me as Abby, please.” she grumped, “And I believe we’re the blue team. What’s the other team?”

“Yellow team.” Bear answered, “Now, it’s time to go to the stadium.”

The kids all freaked out, they brushed their hair, and perfected their looks. Phoebe wasn’t too nervous. She just brushed some dust off herself, and followed Bear into the arena.

The next five hours of her life was going to be awesome, and she knew that by heart. Phoebe L’mark was ready to enter the Gollywopper Games.

Photo Of The Days #26

26. I’m still quite proud! Great news! My school team got third in a chess tournament, with kids from all around Hong Kong! I won four, and lost two. Anyways…


We are the Myanads. We are the hidden. We are the unknown. We are small. We are the Myanads. I am the daughter of the Myanad leader, Murken. My name is Zila, a simple name for a complicated Myanad. I have a brother and one sister. Kipultik, the eldest in our family, is always dead serious, and is to become the next leader. She’s polite and strong, noble and cunning. In case you didn’t know, us Myanads have our own languish, Myandish. In Myanish, ‘Kipultik’ means ‘the feared’. Names are really important to Myanads, they symbolize the person. My dad chooses the names for all, and each name grants powers, but some hellish names such as ‘Opacha’ (that means devil), will grant you no ability whatsoever. Kipultik is able to control people through her ability to scare them. Everyone except Dad of course.

My twin brother however is younger than me by a couple minutes. His name is Sethal, a name which means ‘the hunter’ gives him the ability of a hunter. The skills of one, the weapons of one, the tricks of one, everything a hunter could have, Sethal has it too.

My Dad. His name is Murken, a strong name. It means ‘the all-powerful’. I agree, I guess, my grandfather named him that as a joke. Mother’s name is Parsic, a name of wisdom, ‘the cunning’. She’s definitely cunning, she’s able to get any secret out of a person using her little ‘tricks’.

Me. My name is Zila. A terrible name, I think. It means ‘the explorer’. Now, this means, I’m a really curious person, and that I don’t mind, but my personality brought me to the problem.

My brother and I often go exploring in the Human’s houses. Especially this really old one with many little tunnels we can fit through. It’s painted white with a blue door and blue windows. The ideal place to live as a human. In case you didn’t know, us Myanads live underground, like rats, scourging for what we can find, in the water pipes. Lucky for us, the water pipes we live in lead to a vacant house, so the pipes are always empty.

About the cottage my brother and I explore… it’s forbidden. That’s why we go. We’ve found many many little trinkets there. Including a couple steel knives, nails, i think they would be in Human talk, but yes, knives. We brought one back to the camp, where it was used a lot, for Myanads don’t have anything to break with but their teeth, so this knife was used for many purposes. To cut our food, wield something, attack our prey, hold our findings… a lot!

In that cottage lived an old woman. Her name I think was Polly or Holly or something, I saw her name on a Human-sized certificate hanging on the wall. The letters were huge, so I was only able to see the ‘Olly’ bit. For now, I’ll call her Holly. One time, my brother and I went to her house through a tiny crack in the door.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sethal asked nervously.

“Yes, of course, Seth (that’s my nickname for him). We won’t get in trouble.” I answered, walking under the door.

“Zila, I have a bad feeling about this.” he whined.

“Sethal, you said that last time and we didn’t get caught.” I said, “Now, follow me. Are you a Myanad or not?”

“Fine, fine.” Sethal groaned, “Let’s go.”

“It’ll be fun.” I smiled, patting him on the back as he got into the house, “It always is. Now, there’s a lot to find in this place. Bring as much as you can. Put it in the sack.”

I pointed to the brown sack I had sewn together secretly and placed it in a corner. Sethal nodded and started to hunt. I found a handful of grain (dust, I believe Humans call it), and a big see-through block, the size of my toso. It was quite heavy, so I had Seth help me.

I also found a long black string, cat hair was it? I gathered a bunch of it, and stuffed it in the sack. It was almost full. Suddenly, I heard Seth shouting from across the room. “Zila! Zila! Come quick!”

I ran to his voice, and had to go under another door. He was standing on a green mat, looking up at a gigantic white mountain thing. Quicker than lightning, I started to climb. One of my abilities as an explorer, I can climb up anything.

Seth got smaller and smaller as I climbed up. Once I reached the top, I saw a shining silver object, with water inside. “Seth!” I yelled, “Get the bag!”

As he ran to get the sack of goods, I started to lift the portable and suspiciously light swimming pool. Suddenly Holly appeared. She was humming a tune. “Come out, come out, my Myanad friends!” she whispered.

I was in a mess. Should I try and secretly escape? No, she already knew I was there, a Myanad. Hide? “Myanads, come out! I am alone, there is no one else here!” she smiled and then looked straight at the porta-pool, which I was under. The silver shined above me.

“Please, your pool is all ready! Come and poolparty!” Holly said. Her voice was supersonic in my ears, old and loud. Ouch.

I heard a couple footsteps. Myanads? Was Dad bringing the entire clan to my aid? I turned around. A bunch of Myanads were rushing from cracks in the wall, wearing their bathing suits, bringing rubber duckies and folding chairs. They ran up to me, and stopped.

“Polly! Polly!” they screamed, “There is a foreign Myanad by our pool!”

I stood up. There was a crowd of five or six Myanads. They were not pleased. “What is your name, Myanad?” Polly asked me kindly, “Mine is Polly. This is Hoogle, Itsfor, Lindyop, Ernine and Wieler.”

Those names were interesting names. ‘Hoogle’ meant ‘the flier’, ‘Itsfor’ meant ‘the brainiac’, ‘Lindyop’ meant ‘the cold’, ‘Ernine’ meant ‘the gizmo’ and ‘Wieler’ meant ‘the strong’. “My name. It is Zila.” I answered honestly.

“Zila. That’s the explorer, is it not?” Polly asked, ” Don’t be afraid young one. I used to be a Myanad, but I transformed Human. I can speak Myandish fluently. I lost my abilities when I transformed. Now, I live alone as an old lady, caring for the Myanads. My Myandish name is ‘Polloogle’. The desirable.”

“My father. He’s the leader of the Myanads. His name is Murken.” I said slowly. The other Myanads gasped while I spoke. “My brother is Sethal, the hunter, and my sister is Kipultik, the feared.”

“Please. Do not speak of the Myanads here. This is where the Myanad clan is not exactly welcome.” The one named Itsfor exclaimed silently, “But, you are here already. You are welcome. There is no point in opposing you. We are peaceful Myanads.”

I stared at them. “How did you get this way? Exiles?”

“We all have our own stories.” Ernine said solemnly, “I ran away after my mother, Eponine was murdered.”

“Your mother was Eponine!” I nearly shouted, “She didn’t die! Eponine was kidnapped! They found her in Appartic’s den!”

“My mother is alive!” he screamed, “My dear mother, Eponine the loving, is alive! Oh, my!”

“Wow, Zila!” Polly laughed, “You just cured a member of us exiled.”

I looked at them all, then saw Sethal entering the room. “Seth! There are the exiled Myanads! Do you get it? That’s why this place is forbidden!” I told him, “Sethal, we’ll keep this secret forever, just you and I. We’ll come every day to see our new friends.”

Sethal stared at one, the one named Lindyop. “Of course.” he smiled. Then he came over to me and whispered, “What’s her name? The one with the long red hair to her waist, and a pink beret in her hair.”

“Her? That’s Lindyop. She’s quite nice.” I answered.

“She’s pretty. And, I’ll take your word for it, nice too.” Sethal muttered.

He rushed over to her, “Hey, um, I know I just barel even met you, but… will you go out with me sometime? You’re real cute and all.”

“I guess. Why not?” Lindyop laughed, “Nice guy and handsome! Tomorrow, when you come over, I’ll reserve the pool. That okay?”

“Sounds great!” Sethal answered, head over heels, “See you then. C’mon Zila. We gotta get back.”

We walked in silence back to camp, where all the clan members were waiting for us.


Photo Of The Days #25

Impressive, is it not? This prompt’ll be extra long, so, BEWARE and all that. I like the look of this one, and I hope you will too! SQUEAL!

It all started on the day of my birth, a bitter September eve, when I was cursed. Cursed because of my future, and power. This curse was something that would change my entire life, make me ‘special’ and ‘different’. The curse of knowledge. Knowing too much. Knowing about the Portals.

My name is Justice Mellow. A very feminine name, I agree. My name does not mark my character though. I am a killer beast, a female sorceress, one who can warp the world and everything one knows. My personality? I am a tom-boy, I like weapons and powers.

I have wavy black hair to my biceps, and long bangs that can cover my eyes. The dirty sneakers I wear are really comfortable but are brightly colored light blue, yellow, orange, light green, red with a bit of pink. I usually wear a casual bright colored t-shirt and jeans, sometimes ripped at the knees. My style was quite fashionable, I think.

I was strong, my muscles were freakishly large, from being a sorceress and all. I’m quite small and agile, talented at fighting and using weapons. Especially a crossbow, and I’m quite talented at my knives. Knives meaning daggers, throwing knives, longswords, scimitars… I think you get it. My favorites are double-sided axes, but I’m not too great with them.

Now an introduction to my life. My family and my home was destroyed by a plasma bomb. This plasma bomb destroyed the entire world of Sorcerers. Well, everyone except me. I’ve been hunting the Master of Dimensions for years, concealed from his sight. In my life, I’ve killed about ninety of his minions, torture won’t get them to tell me anything about their master. The mystery is mine to solve. I’m to avenge my family name, by destroying their murderer.

Me, as the last of the Sorcerers, I have received the amazing elemental abilities of those dead.

Enough introduction, and to the story…

The man swiped his palm from his left shoulder to the center of his body, two fingers facing to the floor, the rest of his hand in a fist. When his hand reached his chest, he opened his palm. Blue fire danced in his open hand. He took his other hand and wrapped it around he ball of blue. The man pushed the fire away from him with his right arm, and the heat sailed towards me.

The blue flame got closer and closer to me. I thrust my hand outwards, catching the flames in my hand. The flames pushed my hands back, and pushed the flame back towards my enemy. He smiled cruelly as the blue flew back at him. “Gerome. Give it up.” I snarled, “You will not be victorious.”

“Oh?” he laughed, “I have trained sorcery longer than you, you think you will win this duel? You have no… what’s it called? Ah, yes. You got no… sparkle.”

“I believe I do.” I hissed, launching a blast of shimmering biege mist at him. It surrounded him. “Your wrong. I really did get the sparkle.”

He started to shout, but the beige mist filled his mouth, and he started to disintegrate. The man’s skin peeled away, leaving only a skeleton. The bones clattered to the floor, but started to fizz, like soda, and the bones too dissolved into the mist. The biege steam hovered back towards me, and it entered my hand, and disappeared. “Like I said.” I laughed, kicking the pile of ash, “You got no sparkle.”

My legs floated off the ground willingly, and I flew to my cave-home. “Welcome back, Justice.” a mechanical voice said.

“Hello there, Jean.” I responded to my Home Security. Jean’s holographic face appeared in front of me. “Did you defeat the Master of Dimension, yet?”

“No, but I’m close. I’ve destroyed one of his many minions today. I might go out again today, I feel really close to cracking that case.” I replied, quite frustrated, “I should’ve questioned him. Urgh. I’m so stupid.”

“How could you say that, Justice? You are the last sorcerer. The representative of your world.” Jean smiled, his black hair pushed back in a short ponytail. “Justice, you are the world of magic. You have the powers of every sorcerer in history. You think your stupid?”

“I just said that didn’t I?” I grumbled, “I know. I know. You’re about to say ‘You have Wisdom itself in you. Your smart. It was just a small mistake.'”

“You have a bit of Wisdom itself in you. Your smart. It was just a small mistake.” Jean protested, “Ugh. I hate programming. Why would you programme me to do all this, huh? Curse me…”

“Jean. You’re my Home Security holo-bot.” I reminded him, “You’re meant to follow orders. Now where is Felicity?”

“The maid… one second. I’ll tell Felicity to come here.” Jean answered, closing his eyes, “Okies. She’ll be here any second. She was busy holo-cleaning your room.”

A female holo-bot hovered into the room. She had long straight blonde hair that grew to her waist. Felicity wore a pink beret in her hair and a puffy satin dress that ended at her knees. There were white frills around the waist, and around her neck. There was a sky blue apron around her front, tied in a bow on the back.

“Welcome back, Justice. Did you solve the crimes of the Dimension Master?” she asked politely, curtsying ever so slightly.

“Ah. I’m sorry. I only defeated one of his lousy minions.” I responded, “He was an easy kill.”

Felicity nodded, and directed me to my room, where I lay on a bed of moss, the room lit by torches. I ordered Felicity to give me a book. The Book of Knowledge, they call it. I re-read my facts on the Master of Dimension.

‘The Master of Dimensions. He is a creature of pure mystery. This man has the ability to create portals of different dimensions, and hypnotise anyone who either dislikes him/admires him. He is able to hypnotise using his mouth, and create portals with his hands. The Master of Dimensions is called ‘Master of Dimensions’ because he has taken over more than 3/4ths of every possible dimension. The only dimensions with people/creatures still living on it are: Sagittarius, Omnaru, Katova, Meghano, Disaster Island, Omgland, and Cyberville. These places have survived for two reasons; 1. They have allied with the Master of Dimensions, 2. There are still a few people/creatures living in the shadows, where the Dimension Master cannot find them.’ the book read, ‘The Dimension Master lives somewhere in Hero’s Town, a place which used to protect the entire Dimensia Galaxy. After Hero Town’s last surviving hero was defeated, the Master of Dimensions, starting destroying the rest of the galaxy. His last battle was in Cyberville, where only one survivor stands. She is kept hidden, the only enemy of the Master. He longs to destroy her, and then finally move on to another Galaxy.’

Justice, read those words once more. She brought Felicity and Jean into her cave-room. “My dear robot friends. I am preventing the Dimension Master from continuing his journey. He will not leave the Galaxy in peace unless I am gone. I am ready to face him. One on one.”

“Justice, are you sure?” Jean asked, “You’ll have to take a portal to Hero’s Town, and if you’ve forgotten, all portal’s are controlled my him.”

She nodded her head. “Justice. Don’t go. You’re not ready.” Felicity complained, “You may have defeated his minions, but the real thing? Are you ready for this?”

“Yes. I am. The only problem is the portal.” I replied strongly, “I think I have an idea though.”

“Oh no.” Felicity groaned, “You are our only possible master! You are the only one left in this galaxy! If you perish, then-then-” she stammered.

“I understand. If I die, you will both go haywire, and malfunction. Therefor, destroying each other, or the remaining holo-bot, will commit suicide. I’ve read that both options are very very painful.” I remembered, “But, you are part of my plan. I need a portal. You guys. Holographic things that do real things. Not there but there. Can’t you make a holo-portal?”

“Justice.” Jean muttered, dipping his holo-head down a bit, “We can do that. At a cost. The portal’s power source must be used through a holo-bot’s life source.”

Eventually we came to an agreement. The next day, I spent it entirely creating a portal, without the power source. I made a generator, or more of a wire, which could convey a holo-bot’s life source into the portal. They would create the portal, and I would use it. Go to Hero’s Town, defeat the Master of Dimensions, and then come back using the same portal. In a time limit, so that the holo-bot wouldn’t die. If I can’t defeat the Master of Dimensions within a time limit, then I will be stuck in Hero’s Town, and have to find my own way home.

It was fair. At noon, maybe five o’clock or so, the portal was ready. Felicity packed my best arsenal of knives, axes, shields,gadgets, and bows and arrows. Around, what, maybe fifteen weapons all together? Two weapons from each of those following categories. Except for knives, where I packed two daggers, a couple throwing knives, and a longsword. In the bows and arrows section, Felicity packed me a crossbow and a wing bow, for shields, I got a pointed shield and a round shield. Axes: double-sided axe, and a hatchet Gadgets: a ultra-strong magnet, and a hammer.

Yes, my supply was quite amazing. I was very proud. I connected the plug to Felicity, for she was younger than Jean, and had a longer life force. The portal started to appear, a green outline that zig-zagged in an oval. The void inside was pitch black. I looked at my friends once more, “Goodbye. See you, when I defeat this guy.” I smiled.

Felicity smiled back, but strained. Jean nodded, his eyes full of worry. “Good luck, Justice.” Jean muttered. Felicity repeated his words, just adding an, “We’ll miss you.”

I jumped into the portal. I felt like I was being pulled apart. My body seemed to convulse, growing then shrinking, then squished and then fattened. Darkness surrounded me. I couldn’t see thing, I was so nervous, that I closed my eyes. When they opened, a bright light shone down on me.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Justice. The last of my worries.” a deep voice boomed.

“Master of Dimensions? How would you know I was coming?” I inquired, “I didn’t use one of your portals.”

“Ah, well.” he said, but I could sense his smile, “I have my ways. You thought I would be as easy as my minions. You are wrong. I am worse than that. I am their master. And now I’m yours as well!” he laughed.

I felt like I wanted to be his best friend. Maybe he was a nice guy… No! a voice in my heard screamed. He is the enemy. He has the ability to manipulate you. Voice-hypnosis.

I mustered all my courage, “You may have controlled them. But your powers have no effect on me.” I shouted to the shadowy end of the room. “You are nothing that has any value to me. Your powers are useless.”

“I have no value, eh?” he laughed even harder now, “You do not know who I am!”

“Oh, yes I do.” I screamed, “You’re a horrible thing!”

“Correct.” he answered slowly, “I’m a thing. Not a human, or a sorcerer, but a thing.”

He stepped out of the shadows, his face un-shown. He looked like a human, but, as I looked closer, he was wearing a suit. The Master of Dimensions’ body flickered, and he stepped out of the shade. It was Jean, the holo-bot.

My shock lasted a second. I immediately threw a throwing knife at him. Jean dodged it easily. “Why, Jean? Why?” I yelled, tears stinging. “Now, I’ll have to kill you.”

“No. I’ll just kill you.” Jean growled menacingly, “You should’ve known. Even if I killed you, I wouldn’t die. You see, you are not my master. I am yours!”

He picked up the knife I threw earlier. He tossed it back at me. “Oh, and Justice, dear? Your portal is running out.” he grinned, “Time’s ticking.”

I grabbed a double-sided axe. He laughed harder than ever. I swung at him, but he just took something out of his black leather tuxedo. A beautiful black sword, around sixteen inches. One side was silver, the other iron. “Like my sword?” he said, noting my interest. “I forged it from your ‘missing’ ones!”

“My old swords. The ones that went missing!” I exclaimed, as my axe hit against his shimmering sword.

“Oh, I’m excellent at swordplay.” he warned as he unsheathed a glistening black dagger, throwing it perfectly at my face.

I quickly took out my longsword. Golden, eighteen inches, with a reinforced blade. Sharpened and extra-durable. I raised my sword to deflect. The dagger clanged against my longsword, and dropped to the floor in a clatter. A single scratch was made in the gold.

With my free hand I swiftly threw the dagger back at Jean, charging him with my sword at the same time. I thrust my sword at his belly, as the dagger aimed for his forehead. What Jean did was practically impossible, he slid under me, both weapons missing him. Jean used his longsword and threw it upwards as I jumped over him.

The sword was badly thrown, and it missed by a few centimeters. I quickly turned around, and did my best trick. I swiped my palm from his left shoulder to the center of my body, two fingers facing to the floor, the rest of my hand in a fist. Jean stood up and started to charge at me. The world around me started to slow down. My hand reached my chest, and I opened my palm. Gold fire danced in my open hand. I took my other hand and wrapped it around he ball of gold. I pushed the fire away from me with his right arm, as Jean was nearing. My movements were so fast, Jean didn’t realize I was summoning the Fire of Death. Too late.

The gold flame flew at him, too fast for even me to block. This was a trick his very own minion taught me. Jean screamed as the golden fire lit up his holographic body. I looked back at the portals. The portals! They were starting to go away. The green edges were fading fast. I dived forwards, into the fading portal. I landed on hard ground. I missed it. At least Felicity would still be alive. I had to find my own way back. Walking? Across dimensions? Yeah, right. I was dead.

The Master of Dimensions was no more. I had successfully avenged my family. But I still had another problem. Returning in victory, and bringing back the entire Dementia Galaxy…


Photo Of The Days #24

A create-your-own. This’ll get really weird and crazy, so BEWARE!

I was walking down the street, when I spied a piece of paper. The paper turned into a crazy alien. “Eat the veggie schoolmate! Eat the veggie schoolmate! It’s vegetarian!” The monster had fifteen legs and seven arms. The eyes were made of gold, and his arms were glowing in the dark.

“And… where exactly is this veggie schoolmate?” I asked politely. The aliens face was light blue, and it’s torso was invisible, so it looked like a spaghetti screaming, “Eat the veggie schoolmate! EAT!” The arms were two different colors. One side was peach, the other red. It’s legs were white.

Then it stuck out it’s tongue, “N! Ny! Nya! Nyan!” One of it’s seven arms pointed to the sky. “Yes, it’s Nyan Cat flying in the sky surrounded by rainbow lights and stuff.” The beast suddenly turned into a jack-o-lantern. Oh, great. A creepy spagetti alien just turned into a carved pumpkin. I thought. I left the pumpkin alone and kept walking, and reminded myself to never pick a piece of paper again.

A man in a yellow hat appeared next to me, “Have you seen my monkey?” he asked seriously. “Umm…” I answered cleverly. “Oh. He is so curious! Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!” he howled. I kept walking.

A gypsy lady came up to me. “Read your fortune for a buck.” she cackled. “Whatever.” I said as I handed her a dollar bill. She herded me into her little tent. “You have been ripped off.” she laughed. Then she ran off laughing her head off screaming, “Fortune cookie! Fortune cookie! Yummy! Cut my pork chop!”

All I did was walk outside for a breath of fresh air… to meet an alien who wants me to eat a veggie schoolmate, the guy in the yellow hat, and a rip-off gypsy lady. Oh, what a couple minutes outside can do to you.

I decided to continue walking, an old man like me. It was night, you know. I decided to sit down and rest at a café for a second. The second I sat down, I saw a monkey hooting animal noises, “Hoo. Hoo. Duhhhhh. Ou ,ou! Ah, ah! I’m a monkey named George!” ignored the monkey.

A waiter came up to me, he had fifty heads. “Would you like a drink, sir.” they all said in unison. “No?” I replied, shaken and a bit squirmy. “Then how ’bout the blood of your enemies?” they growled. “Okay?” I muttered. The waiter handed me a glass of beer and sat beside me, “So, how’s your dream goin’?” Then I woke up.



Photo Of The Days #23

Ahem. This one is a fan fiction of, not one, not three, but two stories. Combining ‘Tiger, Tiger’ and the ‘Warriors’ series together. I call it: Kitty, Kitty. By the way: If you are my teacher, know that this is my literacy circles thingy. The main point about the unit is down at the very end, sorry about that. Peace. Hope you all like this one. It’s 2,776 words long, and one of my best. A bit gory, but just wait to the next one, you might need to read it with an adult (I’m quite good at righting gory stories) ENJOY!


a fan fiction of ‘Tiger, Tiger’ and ‘Warriors’

A tom sank his pearly teeth into the flesh of his prey. His younger twin sister, Breezefur, pawed at the starling as innocently as possible, trying not to show her hunger, and instead show strength.

The small ginger she-cat pressed her belly against the ground smelling food. Her brother, Thunderstorm, did a sudden leap, landing on the top of her, sending them both tumbling into the grass.

“Ha! Beat that!” Thunderstorm chuckled, “Your face was so serious it was just-Ha!”

Breezefur snarled a her brother, “Funny for you! I almost caught that stupid weevil.” she hissed menacingly, “Thanks to you, I have nothing to eat!”

Thunderstorm glared at her sister, “Just having a little fun. Isn’t that allowed?”

“Ugh. Toms.” she grumped, “Who wants ‘em. Especially as a brother.”

“Says you!” Thunderstorm complained, “You don’t know what it’s like to have someone so serious all the time. StarClan!”

Breezefur silently chewed some berries of a bush. The taste was horrible, crunchy and bitter. Ew. She spat it out immediately. Thunderstorm pawed at the dried berries and then flicked his tail towards the bush. “It’s a dead bush, sis. Berries are no good.”

Breezefur ignored her brother, and Thunderstorm immediately felt guilty, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault your even eating Bitter Berries.” he whimpered, “Try some weevil. It’s mighty good, you know. We’ll share, okay?”

Breezefur, still saying nothing padded over to her brothers side, giving his fur quick licks. “Thanks. I suppose.” she muttered, then took a large bite of the remaining weevil.

When Thunderstorm and Breezefur finished the weevil, they walked on. Thunderstorm licked some drying blood off his coat. Breezefur and he continued walking together, Thunderstorm’s silver coat glistening in the sun.

They walked in silence when finally Thunderstorm spoke, “We should get back to camp. And maybe bring some prey.”

Breezefur nodded, and quickly started hunting. Thunderstorm kept his ears, eyes and nose open, sniffing and listening for creatures. Suddenly, he heard a scampering of claws. Ah! Vole. he thought.

He silently followed the noise, which led him to Sunning Rocks. That’s when he saw the plump creature, it was scurrying across the rocks making a lot of noise. With one swipe of his paw the vole was dangling in his mouth, blood dripping down his muzzle.

Thunderstorm returned to camp, placing the vole down on the fresh-kill pile. Nobody was there. He looked up at the sun, thinking of time. It was a little past noon. His sister appeared out of nowhere.

“Run! Run!” She cried, “They are coming! Run!”

Thunderstorm grabbed the vole for good luck as he scattered, “Follow me! Breezefur!” he yowled, “Come on!”

Breezefur darted towards him, the wind blowing in her face, Thunderstorm ran towards her and once she caught up, they ran together.

The wind battered against them, pushing them away. Thunderstorm could hear and smell humans. They were shouting loudly. He glanced back, seeing two humans chasing after them.

“I can’t do it!” Breezefur panted, halting, “Go!”

“No! Not without you!” he screamed desperately, “We are loyal cats of WindClan, and we will survive! Please! Run!”

Breezefur shook her head stubbornly, “No. Go. You are better off without me.”

“Fine.” Thunderstorm said, walking towards her, “Then I will stay with you.”

Breezefur smiled gratefully, “Thank you brother. Thank you. If we are killed today, we will die proudly.”

The beings laughed carelessly and threw a large net around the net. Breezefur didn’t even struggle, neither did Thunderstorm. He was with Breezefur to the end.

One human herded them into a metal cage. Other clan cats were inside too. Mewing helplessly. “Get us out!” one cat whined.

Only Breezefur and Thunderstorm didn’t mewl, they sat quietly licking each others fur, speaking words of encouragement.

“I’ll protect you.” Thunderstorm reassured her, “They won’t kill you. Not until they pass me.”

Breezefur tried to knead the floor unsuccessfully. “I love you, Thunderstorm. Your always optimistic.” She smiled half-heartedly, “But your too optimistic. Tomorrow we may be de-”

“Don’t even mew it!” he hissed, “You will not fall. It is the Roman age. They will stick us in that stupid arena. Times like this… they are difficult. Not only for cats. Humans entertain each other through this arena. The Romans have us animals fight each other, or other humans. Called gladiators.”

“Never. I won’t fight an animal. Or a measly human.” Breezefur growled, “I would rather die then be put in this arena.”

“It’s called the Colosseum, because it’s colossus. You know, gigantic.” Thunderstorm mewed a-matter-of-factly, “Caesar, Julius Caesar, a Roman emperor created it.”

“Jeez. What a dweeb.” Breezefur grinned, happy to be teasing her brother again, “How do you know so much?”

“Well,” he blushed, “Father taught me.”

“Oh. How would he know?”

“Dunno. But I think that’s where we are headed to. The Colosseum.” he muttered shyly.

“I suppose I can’t change that, then.” Breezefur whispered, obviously depressed, “Life is over. Thanks for making it pleasant, bro.”

“Who said life was over?” he replied, “In the Colosseum we have a chance you know.”

“Yeah, like a 1% chance.” she groaned.

“If you are weak.” Thunderstorm said, starting to get louder, “But we are Clan cats! We are not weak! The humans will train us, you know. They want entertainment, not kittens getting killed everywhere!”

“Hey! You may be on to something!” she squealed, “If we win every battle, then we might be let free.”

She sounded so excited, but Thunderstorm didn’t want to rain on her parade. He thought the better of it, “Breezefur. You never leave the Colosseum.”

Breezefur sat silently, without a word to say. Eventually, Thunderstorm got tired, and let his eyes rest. “If you need anything, Breezefur. Just wake me.”

He closed his eyes, and even as the carriage bumped around, Thunderstorm eventually fell asleep.

When the tom woke, he could sense it was night. Breezefur was sleeping beside him in a small cage. Thunderstorm examined his surroundings. Around him were thick metal bars. He was in a cage.

“Breezefur!” he hissed, “Breezefur! Wake up!”

His sister’s eyes fluttered open instantly. “Th-th-thunderstorm? Is that you?”

“Yes.” he replied, “It’s me.”

“We arrived at the Colosseum. Then the humans, they placed each cat in a separate cage. Luckily, I was beside you, so they put us next to each other.” she explained, “They gave me a tiny chunk of rotten mouse. You too. See?”

pointing her tail to a cube of meat, “It tastes okay, but not amazing. I believe this’ll be our new diet.”

“Thanks. From my learnings, they will let us rest tonight in peace, but the next few days we will be in training to fight.” Thunderstorm remembered, “I think Dad told me that they train you for a week or so, and then take you into the arena.”

“Oh. Well, we better make the most of it.” Breezefur sighed, “I’m guessing we may not see each other again after training. I hope the humans treat us well.”

Thunderstorm nodded, curled up and fell asleep again.

In the morning, he woke up to a poking on his side. Thunderstorm opened his eyes, seeing a human saying stuff in a strange language. The woman held a metal pole, and was jabbing it into his side from outside the cage.

Thunderstorm snarled angrily, and started to claw at the  pole. The woman pulled the pole out of the cage. She stuck some fresh mouse meat of the end.

Thunderstorm hissed at both the woman and the pole. This was training? Wow, human technology is amazing. When the lady put the pole back into the cage, Thunderstorm leaped at it, his claws extended.

He missed the pole, banging himself into the cage. His head hurt like crazy, pain like fire started to make him woozy. But Thunderstorm wouldn’t back down.

He charged at the pole once more, swiping at the hunk of meat desperately. The mouse piece slipped off the pole and into Thunderstorm’s waiting claws.

He pierced the meat with his claw over and over, then finally eating it hungrily. The trainer left right after he caught the meat. Okay, he thought, I can do this.

Thunderstorm turned to his sister’s cage. Breezefur sat there licking her paw in a fast pace. “Hey there. How was training?” she teased, “Romans. They’re so advanced!”

“Tell me about it!” he smiled, “These times are so… amazing!”

They kept discussing, the only barrier being the bars that split them apart. The two were more close than they had ever been.

Once it reached noon, they got bored from their conversations, and started to get hungry. Nobody came to feed them. Thunderstorm mewed as loud as he could whenever a human was near, but nobody came to feed him.

Eventually, he noticed the cage to his other side. Another cat, like him was starving and meowing like crazy. Thunderstorm was getting bored so he tried to strike up a conversation.

“Hey there!” Thunderstorm said, “I’m Thunderstorm. From WindClan.”

The other she-cat turned to him. “Oh? WindClan? Never heard such a thing.”

“You’ve never heard of WindClan?” Thunderstorm mewed flabbergasted, “Wow. Anyways, it’s one Clan out of four. We’re part of the forest near the humans.”

“Hm.” The bright orange cat muttered, “Well, I’m Aleya, a cat from the Tribe of Burning Fire. You know, from the hundred Tribes, the Tribes of Element. The Tribe of Floating Clouds, the Tribe of Falling Rain, the Tribe of Dancing Meadows, the Tribe of Rushing Water, the Tribe of Churning Mud, the Tribe of Growing Trees, the Tribe of Heated Coal, the Tribe of Blooming Flowers the Tri-”

“Never heard of it.” Thunderstorm interrupted, not wanting to hear the other ninety-one different Tribes.

“Well, we live all over. The Tribes of Element are surely recognized everywhere. I should think you may know the Tribe of Swaying Forests? Or the Tribe of Rushing Water lives quite near you. Maybe the Tribe of Dusted Roots, their base is in the brambles.” she questioned.

“Oh. No. Never heard of any.” Thunderstorm exclaimed. “Anyways, how long have you been here?”

“A year.” she replied simply.

“A year!” Thunderstorm nearly shouted, “How did you survive? The fights, the battles? Oh!”

“Well. I have an ability. Something only us Tribe of Element cats have.” she whispered, “In the Tribe of Burning Fire, we are very athletic, and quick. My strategy to survive, is by running around, and tiring my enemies out. Then, when they are too tires to fight, I claw off their faces.”

He stared at her, “Seriously? Claw off their faces?”

“Yeah. Why? Is there something wrong about that? I’m fighting to survive, how else would you kill someone a million times bigger than you, alone?”

“Well. I suppose.” he muttered, “Any other strategies?”

“No. Not really.” she said, “Never tried. Don’t want to try a horrible plan, and die to repay that mistake.”

“Agreed.” he nodded, “Any other tips?”

“Have long claws. It’s helpful for the face ripping bit.” she smiled.

“Um. Thanks.” Thunderstorm padded away and slept.

The next days were dull, and he started to get thinner and thinner, almost just bones.

Then finally, the day came. The day to go into the arena…

He was hungry, a completely different cat. Thunderstorm was stronger and meaner. He was thin, and starved. This cat needed a meal. Anything.

When they brought him into the arena, he was ravenous, and ready to bite the walls. This cat had changed in a week. He was bigger, and stronger, bulky and powerful. This cat had no heart. He was a brute.

His cage was reeled up like an elevator. The cat checked his surroundings. The arena was huge. Crowds of people were around him 360 degrees. There was one box, the Imperial Box, he remembered, that stood out the most. It was in the front row.

He growled menacingly and the crowd howled. A gladiator without armor appeared, he had a sword made of glistening metal. The crowd hooted loudly.

This gladiator was well-liked with Rome. The emperor wanted him to defeat the cat, but put on a good show, to put the crowd on edge.

The crowd knew this amazing gladiator was going to defeat the cat. The gladiator snarled evilly, knowing the plan.

Thunderstorm had no idea who he was, but he knew he was going down.

The cat stretched out his claws, and started to run towards the gladiator. This man would give him meat, food, he thought.

The gladiator held out his sword, hoping the cat would jump onto the sword. Instead, before Thunderstorm jumped up, he did a fake jump, then slid under the man, crawling up his legs using his claws as a climbing tool.

The gladiator howled in pain, as Thunderstorm howled in delight. The cat, a savage beast now, sunk his teeth into the man’s flesh, ripping our his thigh, blood spewing all over.

The gladiator fell to the floor screaming in agony. Thunderstorm was cruel. He sat and chewed the man’s flesh while he lived. The crowd cheered in excitement.

The gladiator was being eaten alive, Thunderstorm started to hollow out the gladiator’s body. Chomping slowly, so the man suffered longer. When the gladiator saw his own guts, he fainted, and died quickly. Thunderstorm was herded back to his cage, and reeled down to the lower floor once more.

His maw was dripping with blood. Breezefur looked at him astonished, “You won? My brother! You won! Tell me the story.”

“Why should I?” he growled grumpily, “I ate the man’s innards. I ate him alive!”

“How horrid! How could you?” Breezefur screamed, “You tortured a man. A man only doing his duty! Trying to be bold, only for the sake of living! And you tortured him! I thought you were a fair cat!”

“You want me dead, then?” Thunderstorm roared, “You dare!”

“I dare! If I die today, I am noble. I have been starved, but it has not driven me insane!” she said obviously disappointed, “You are a maniac. A killer beast. Can’t you see! This is what the crowd wants. This is no great feat of a WindClan warrior.”

“I am no WindClan warrior!” he shouted, “I am now a legend! I am a winner!”

“If you are not a WindClan warrior,” Breezefur whispered, “Then, you are no longer my brother.”

The words hit him hard. He immediately remembered his old self. It was like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Two sides, both fighting for control.

“Breezefur.” he mewed.

“No!” she hissed angrily, “You are not my brother! I do not know you!”

“Breezefur. Please.” he paused, “Listen. I’m not me. It’s just. I can’t control myself.”

“Yeah. I know.” she agreed.

“This will soon be history, in Rome, here, in the Colosseum, this will be gone, eventually. We will go too.” He said meaningfully. “But, for now. At this time, and at this place. We are together.”

“I know. Time cannot be stopped.” she nodded her head, “Your words are touching, but be loyal to your Clan.”

“I am a WindClan cat. I only said that, because I knew-”

“It’s one way to get me mad? Agreed.” she laughed.

“Whatever. Listen. I’m sorry.” he admitted.

“I know you are. Now hear me out. We live in the Roman period. It changes what happens and how we connect to each other. Because of the Colosseum, you acted, well, evil. You spoke to me meanly.” she explained, “If, let’s say we lived in the caveman ages, then this wouldn’t have happened.”

“What’s your point?” Thunderstorm asked, absolutely confused.

“Wait a sec. Also, another thing. If we weren’t Clan cats, we mightn’t have ended up here too. If the discovery of the Colosseum for us cats hadn’t been made, what would we be like now? What change would there be? See? This leads to one point.”

“Well? What is that one point? Say it already!” Thunderstorm mewed impatiently.

“Wait! We’ve migrated, and that has tainted us forever. Here’s my point. Our actions and happenings of the past have changed the way we live today. True?”

“I suppose. How is that important?” Thunderstorm asked innocently.

“Well. I just want you to know that. It’s something I’ve been thinking about.”

Then suddenly both of their cages started to levitate upwards, towards the Colosseum above them.

“No. No. No!” Thunderstorm yelled.

“Oh no. Oh, please no!” Breezefur screamed.

When they arrived on the stadium, they stood face-to-face. That’s when they knew, that only one of them was going back down to their cages…



Photo Of The Days #22

22! Yeah! I love 22, for one reason, Taylor Alison Swift. She made a song called 22, which I absolutely love! So cheers to her! This is quite special for it has some characters based on real people, and some people would know immediately. The story is my life, with a big twist. Dedicated to my awesome friends, Megan, Pei Yu, Ariane, Lizzy, Alex, Sara, Eloise, Nic Man and my other D-game friends!

I was new to Crested Butte International School Of America when I was six. I lived in Crested Butte six years before I went to the international school. t was quite nice, in Crested Butte, Colorado, and I liked it a lot. It was on my first day of school in first grade, I met a new buddy (and only amazing buddy for the next year or so), Meghan Ing, a quiet girl with a hidden personality. Only I knew the real Meghan.  She was funny, trustworthy and loyal, everything I needed in a BFF. There was also Izabel Older, a supportive, caring friend. We shared the same teacher, Ms. Hudswell. In second grade, I met Naomi, a hilarious, kind and lovely friend. Izzy left, sadly, but with Meghan and Naomi and I, it was perfect. We had Ms. Chueng as our teacher, that year. Third grade, I met a whole new gang, Tiffany, Monica, Rebeka, Suzanna, Meghan, and I. That year was… strange. I had Ms. Ko, a teacher I remember well. Then Rebeka left in 4th Grade, breaking the entire group apart. Fourth grade was taught by Mrs. Blair, a kind and strict teacher. In that year, it was really only Meghan, Naomi and I. Fifth grade is a year I’ll remember, taught by Ms. Cahusac, I had Meghan, Pey U, Ariane, Alex, Lizzy, Kestrel (oh, Kestrel, she was awesome), Ariane, Alex, Sara and Carolyn. The D-gang. ‘D’ stands for something über-secret   so I can’t tell you. That yar was full of fun and goofing around, but this year. Ah, this year. In sixth grade without Kestrel but with one new addition, Nick. He’s a funny, nice and quiet guy who I really met in chess class (a bit like Megan, he has an outside and inside).The year with Mr. MacPhereson as my teacher, and this was the year, I met the basement.

“Hey, Kinz! Hurry up!” Meghan called, speed-walking. “You’ll be late for performing arts.”

“Yeah, coming.” I replied, rushing out of the classroom with my flute over my shoulder, “And I won’t be late.”

Pey U rolled her eyes, her hand on Meghan’s shoulder, “Kinzie, you said that last class.”

“The one where you missed half the class.” Megan finished.

I stumbled towards them, and quickly jogged down the hallway, across the pitch, towards performing arts. Mr. Shau was tapping his little conductor’s stick. I sat down quickly and unpacked my instrument. Meghan and Pey U sat beside me. “The Snake Charmer, Eve, your conducting.” Mr. Shau announced, as Eve stepped towards Mr. Shau, taking his baton.

We started to play The Snake Charmer at Eve’s command, slowing down when she did and speeding up when she did. After performing arts, it was recess. I walked across the field again, with my friends beside me. “Hey, Kinzie.” Meghan said, tapping my shoulder, “Have you heard about the school basement?”

Pey U got all excited, “Oh! The basement! It’s so mysterious. Too mysterious.” she grinned, getting quieter and quieter. “When asked why they caged off the basement, the only answer given was ‘student safety’. I know there’s something more to it. Way more.”

I stopped as we reached the cafeteria. “I never even heard of it. The basement. Woo.” I anticipated stalking around there, my palms sweating, “It’s gotta be super secret if I haven’t even heard about it before, in my student career here at CBIS.”

Ariane ran up to us from a table, “The basement! Your speaking to loud, guys. The basement is forbidden, and well, you know.”

“No, I don’t know!” I exclaimed, “I didn’t even know the school has one!”

Alex stared at me, sitting half a table away, “You don’t know about the basement?” Alex said flabbergasted.

“Can you guys just tell me?” I sighed, tired of the trying to get knowledge they wouldn’t give.

“Oh, fine.” Ariane whispered. We all circled in for a group huddel. “The basement holds magic. It is the home of an enchanter, one who is not evil nor bad. One of trickery and cunningness. Who has the ability to perusade-”

“You are telling me there’s a sorcerer living in the school basement, that can persuade people to do whatever he wants.” I muttered, “Seriously, what is your problem?”

“No, I’m honest.” Ariane protested, “There is a warlock in the basement. Whoever goes down there could be transformed, persuaded to becoming a monster. This wizard, he can control people, animals, anything really. He can coax objects, for heavens sake!”

I starred in disbelief, “Yeah. Right. I’m just going to act like this is totally normal.” I murmured, a bit freaked out. “Apparently there’s a guy in our basement who can persuade anything to do anything. Wow. A bit of a strentch there.”

“No, Kinz. She’s right.” Meghan nodded, “I’ve heard the guy, cackling and being weird. This guy is all powerful, and all he persuaded the principle for was a basement.”

“Yeah!” Pey U agreed, “He’s not evil. The guy could do anything with his power, gain money, power, world domination, even! See how he’s not good or evil, it’s weird.”

“The guy’s a bit of a lunatic.” Alex piped in, “He hasn’t chosen a way in life yet, he’s just there. Like a legend, to spook kids out.”

“I don’t believe a word of it.” I sneered. Those words became the worst mistake in my life.

After a second, Alex grinned,”Fine then, if you don’t believe us, go down there yourself.”


I <3 this one! It’s me, with a bit of fantasy.

Your awesome blogger, Kinz (short for Kinsey)

The Ice Cream Shop Game

This post is for a Math Menu for school. You can try it if you like, it’s based on fractions, decimals and percent. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to play The Ice Cream Shop Game!


My highscore: $42

Tips for achieving a higher score:

1. Make sure you get the flavors and amounts correct by PAYING ATTENTION and READING the order CAREFULLY. If you get the order wrong, you lose money.

2.UNDERSTAND! You must understand improper fractions!

3.PRACTICE. You must be able to play this game fast, there is a time limit.

A Really Short Reflection:

This game is really good at improving your improper fraction skills. It has you on a time limit of 5 minutes to gather as much money as possible. The main reason it is entertaining, is because you are battling yourself to achieve high scores. I would recommend this game for people who are practicing on their improper fractions.

Photo Of The Days #21

I’m already at 21! Yay! I really do love writing prompts.

Now, I’ve decided not to continue the Harry Potter V.S Luke Skywalker, because I want you guys to find your own ending…

This prompt I quite like, and it will be continued, with a more thrilling sequel. 🙂

This prompt:

I climbed through the cracks of the two mountains, one leg on each side, slowly making my way up. When I reached the top, I felt the sun start to bake me, the heat lapping my skin. Around me was the sea, waves splashing against the rocks. I felt myself craving for water, and I zipped open my Camelback, taking a quick sip of water. Some of it splashed on the burning rocks, dissipating after a couple seconds. I breathed in the salty scent of the sea, using it as energy, and continued on, latching my hands and feet onto any segment of rock I could find,  moving slowly to the side. Ocean mist sprayed my face gently, caressing my tired body. When I reached a resting point, I took out a granola bar, gobbling it down. It was probably noon, and I hadn’t eaten breakfast. I was still hungry after the bar, so I pulled out a sandwich, chewing it slowly. I munched on happily, BLTs were my second favorite type of sandwich. Then, I had the urge to swim, so I stripped into my swim trunks, and jumped into the water, my body loving the coolness the sea provided me. When I arose from the water, I was feeling really energetic, but I knew to save my energy for later. The ocean beckoned me, but I was disciplined, and I hopped out of the water, changing back into my climbing gear. I continued to climb across the glistening rocks, following no path. Then I reached my destination. A beautiful small forest, surrounded my a huge uncrossable river. I was entering it through the only way possible. My forest. It isn’t on any map I know of, so I named it, secretly, not telling anyone. I named it Waterstone Forest. I stepped into the luscious greenery, the forest entrancing me. I heard birds calling, and trees swaying in the wind, sunlight just peering through the canopy. I walked blindly, randomly, wherever I felt like. Eventually I reached a clearing. Strange enough, wherever I would walk, every time I came to the forest, I would stumble upon the exact same location. My tent was already unpacked, a circle of stones beside it, for a campfire. I grabbed my bow and arrow, my weapon of choice. It was getting dark, and I knew many animals would be out. I started to walk around silently, my arrow positioned to wherever I was looking. I heard a rustle. Immediately, I jumped forwards, shooting an arrow straight at the head. The arrow made a squelching noise at I saw it implanted into the neck of a moose. It snuffed angrily, and trying to charge at me, but it was too slow, with an arrow in my hand, I stabbed the creature in the forehead. It wailed pitifully, and fell to the floor. I dragged it to my campsite, and started a fire. Using a knife, I started to slice the moose into pieces, only keeping the edible bits. The moose, once roasted finely, tasted great, and after the feast, I curled up in my tent and fell asleep.


To Be Continued…

Photo Of The Days #20

Twenty already! Wow! The mystery continues in this prompt… (from the previous prompt)



Luke sat in a mossy cave, and slept, unaware of his watchers. Yoda smiled cruelly above the sleeping warrior, “Yes, young pattawan, defeat will be mine.”

The jedi slept on through the cold night, and when he woke, Yoda stood before him. “Morning, good!” he said in his Yoda-y-voice.

“I want to battle Harry Potter again. It was quite fun, really. Cast that voodoo thingy on me again. The mirage.” Luke asked.

“Erm. Ah… umm.” Yoda struggled, hemming and hawing.

“I see, all mighty one.” Luke muttered, his face looking angry.

“See you do what?” Yoda questioned nervously.

“You are weak. The battle with Vadar has weakened you. You are running low on magic. Darth Vadar. Ugh. Even his name is repulsive.” Luke groaned.

Yoda sighed, barely audible. “Whew.”

“I’m sorry to have brought it up at all, master.” Luke bowed.

Yoda straightened at the word ‘master’. “May the force be with you, my frien-pattawan.”

Luke walked to his den, only to see Harry Potter standing at the entrance.”We meet again, jedi.”

Luke stopped, and turned around, Yoda had disappeared. “You. Harry Potter, I warn you, this time I will not be so nice.”

Harry laughed half-heatedly, “Mmm. Yoda will be disappointed, eh?”

Skywalker paused, “Yoda? The great master of the jedis?”

“Is there any other?” Potter hissed. “Let’s get on with this stupid duel, then, weakling.”

Luke quickly threw his saber without warning, but Potter just muttered something and the lightsaber flew through him. Harmless. The boy grinned, “I’m a wizard with the powers of the universe, and you. You have only a lightsaber! Ha!”

The saber returned to Luke’s hand. He shook his head, “I have more than a saber, Potter. I have the FORCE!” Luke raised his hand, and thrust it forward, knocking Harry into a wall. Harry struggled under the power.

“You may have the force,” he panted, “but you don’t speak parseltongue.”

Harry started to chant, a strange whisper with these weird guttural noises. Once he finished, he looked up at Luke, his face pale. ” I am Harry Potter. The hero of the wizard world. And the one who will end your life!”

At the end of his short speech, a hissing noise spurred from the walls. Around Harry Potter a lot of snakes spewed out of every crack, all slithering towards Luke. He released his force grip on Harry and started to smash the snakes with his lightsaber, stabbing every snake, leaping and dancing, beautiful really.

After a short amount of time, every snake had evaporated. Luke blew a strand of hair from his face, “Any other tricks up your robe, Potter?”

Harry smirked, and made one final move, “Yes. I think you’ll like it quite much. Polyjuice Omninom Derangeturus Serdanrkin!”

A bubble of black appeared from the wall. Out walked Yoda, his eyes gleaming. “It ‘s time.”

Luke looked at his former master, then back at Harry, “Yoda.”

“Oh, bravo. You finally learnt something.” Yoda hissed, spiting black salva into Luke’s face. “Harry came to me immediately after his creation, and as the heir of my master-”

“Your master!?” Luke sputtered, flabergasted.

“Why, Darth Vadar, of course.” Yoda grinned slyly. “It must be a shock for you to realize reality in a split second, eh?”

Luke grimaced, looking at both people. “Yoda, you have taught me something important. That anything can happen.”

The millisecond he finished his words, he shouted into the sky using the force as a power of communication. Almost instantly, a group of aliens appeared next to him, weapons out.

Harry Potter laughed, “Oh Skywalker. Your movie will be gone once you are. Why bother? These jedis are also Yoda’s apprentices too.”

One with two double-sided wicked purple lightsabers looked at the problem. “I see.” he spoke in a masculine voice, strong and firm, “ATTACK!”

He sliced at Yoda, who dodged the saber easily. Harry Potter muttered enchantments. The purple-sabered one was a second from slicing Potter’s head off, when suddenly a boom sounded, “My friends!”

The entire gang looked up, starring at Darth Vadar. The dark lord scanned the crowd, and his eyes rested on Skywalker. “My son. I am forced to fight the opposite team, but I will aid you.”

A bunch of black stars floated down from the sky, and they transformed into people, turning real before his eyes. In front of him stood many people, Anakin, Obiwan, and so many others. “To battle!” Anakin shouted, and he started to charge at the trio. Darth Vadar, Yoda, and Harry Potter stood together. Yoda blasted a force field around his mates, and the others started to destroy. Harry mutterred incantations as he used a double-edged celestial bronze/imperial gold sword, slashing and cursing all those in his way. Darth Vadar used his lightsaber and slashed at anyone, demolishing anything in the lord’s path.

Skywalker looked at Harry. Their eyes met. This was their duel, not anyone else’s. Harry muttered something really quietly. Luke and Harry dissipated, and appeared in a large metal container. “The winner takes all.” Harry said, gripping his sword hilt. No spells for me. This is magic free. No using the force either.”

Luke nodded and took out his saber. “May the best man win.”




Reducing Fractions



What is a reduced fraction?

Also known as a simplified fraction, a reduced fraction are two fractions that equal the same, but have different numerators and denominators. So you take a fraction (that is not simplified), and do the process below.

How do you simplify a fraction?

You take one fraction that is not yet simplified. Now, you find the factors of both the numerator and the denominator. Then, find the greatest common factor. Divide the numerator and denominator with that factor. Now you have a reduced fraction.


Fraction: 15/20  Factors: 15; 1,3,5,15 20;1,2,4,5,10,20  Greatest common denominator: 5.  15÷5=3  20÷5=4    Simplified fraction: 3/4

Photo Of The Days #19

Whoo! I’m at 19 already! I was super thrilled when I looked at this prompt, and I think lot of people will agree…



They appeared, they didn’t know how they got there, but they did. Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker stood face-to-face, man-to-man. The two’s memory of the last few minutes had been erased, knowing practically nothing of each other.

“Do I know you?” Harry asked after an awkward silence, “You look really familiar.”

Luke nodded his head, “Yeah, you look like someone I might’ve met before. Huh. Not a droid, not Yoda, not Princess Leia, I wonder.”

“Who are you?”

“Skywalker. I’m Luke Skywalker. I’m the totally awesome dude in my movie. You?”

“Harry Potter. The amount of my books sold can circle the world thrice. I’m the main character, by the way. The Harry Potter series. I have various of my own video games as well, not to forget Pottermore. It’s so awesome, that it’s not even completed.”

Luke rolled his eyes, ” Puh-lease. I’m Luke Skywalker, you’re nothing compared to me. I have books, games, video games, top trumps, merchandise, and parodies on my movie. You’re nothing.”

Harry Potter squinted his eyes, “Oh yeah? We’ll see who’s talking after a DUEL. Are you up to the challenge, or will you wimp out?”

Luke stared at Harry Potter in a strange way, strong but merciful, bittersweet, almost, “I am no wimp, Potter. I would back out now, for your own sake. If you attack, I must defend.”

Harry Potter looked at Luke up and down, “You are not better than me. I am a hero to the world. Without me, you would be dead. As well as everyone else you know.”

“No, that is where you are incorrect, Potter. I am not from your book. Haven’t you realized? I am a movie character, and you are a book character. But if we must, we will duel.”

Harry drew his wand, muttering some type of incantation. A burst of green light blasted out of his wand, the light transforming into a venomous snake. Luke raised his lightsaber just as the snake appeared. The cobra bit into his saber, but dissolved at touch.

“It’s a duel then?” Luke said steely, “So be it.”

He threw his blue lightsaber like a boomerang, skimming Harry’s black collar as he dodged. Luke’s saber returned to it’s owner. “Give up. I do not want to harm or destroy one from a different book. You and your book will not exist. If I win, you, the main character of a book will be gone. You will exist no longer. Niether will your book. Everyone in it…will be destroyed.”

Harry squinted his eyes, and gripped his wand tighter. “Your only wrong.”he whispered, barely audible, “I am not the one who will be demolished!”

He blasted a beam of flaming hot sparks from his wand towards Luke. Luke sidestepped the flames easily, and the fire hit the metal/stone walls. It lit on fire immediately, burning into ash instantly.

“I must thank you, Potter. For the escape route.” Luke sneered.

Harry thrust his wand towards Luke, screaming, “Icendio flamerios pogglewock!”

A huge fire bubble started to spout ouf of the top. Harry’s eyes filled with madness, insanity maybe. The bubble floated towards Luke. He tried to jump away from the bubble, but it followed him. He ran out of the cave, until Luke reached a ledge. The bubble got nearer and nearer to him.

Luke raised his saber. The fire bubble passed through the saber and hit him, it consumed Luke Skywalker. Inside the bubble Luke was flailing around wildly, poking the ball with his blue saber.

Harry shook his head, “Nice try, Luke. But I won this time. Your movie will be non-existent.”

Luke smiled cruelly. “That’s where your wrong, Potter. To play poker, you must have the better cards.”

Luke lifted his hand, the bubble rising with him. Harry stared in awe, “The force.” he muttered.

Harry’s face turned from amazement to evil. “You may have escaped me. Tricked me, even, but, in this game of poker, I’m the one with the better cards.”

Harry lifted his wand, and a broomstick appeared. He hopped on and lifted off following Skywalker into the sky. “You see, Skywalker I am obviously more powerful and smart.”

Luke sighed, “If you were so smart, why are you following my decoy?” the decoy flickered and disappeared.

Harry turned and saw the real Luke behind him, saber across his neck. “Any last words?”

Harry nodded panting, “Pattawon good very. Training completed you.”

“What the? Yoda?” Luke gasped.

“Sorry, yes.” Yoda said, his disguise fading away. Yoda’s wrinkly green skin returning, he started to shorten. “Training completed you.”

“Yes, master.” Luke bowed and walked away, realizing the battle had been only a mirage…


In the shadows, Harry Potter walked out. “You did well. You will be payed my friend.”

Yoda nodded with an evil glint in his eyes, “Yes, I will. Your last little spell worked well. But know, my friend, you will fight him again, but I will not be there to save your sorry butt.”

Harry bowed, “Hmm… I was good to have allied with you Yoda. Your reward.”

Yoda nodded, “Yes. I want the honor to kill the boy.”

Potter thought for a moment, “That will be a fine surprise. But for now, stay as his mentor. When the time comes he will see you are enemy. But that time will be too late. He will fall. Like the others…”



Grade 6 Physical Education

Question 1: What does sportsmanship mean to you/look like to you?

Answer: To me, sportsmanship is all about the respect one player gives to another. This could be encouragement, like if the goalie misses a shot, the players say things such as, “Don’t worry about it, you’re doing great!”. Another examples could be when a player from a different team falls over. Another player would help them up. The last example I have, is at the end of every game, you must shake hands with your opponent and teammates, to show respect.

Question 2: Why is it important to follow the rules of a game?

Answer: I think it is extremely important to follow the rules of a game for the following reasons: 1. If you do not follow the rules of a game, you are showing a lack of sportsmanship  2. Without rules, there is no game  3. If rules are broken, and there is cheating, there isn’t a real winner to the game, only cheaters.

Question 3. Why are good team strategies important to success in team games? Give examples of strategies for team handball. How would you create and or deny space in team handball? What is a strategy your team used in “Capture the Flag” to be more successful?

Answer: Good strategies are important in a team game because without a strategy, your team has no plan, they are just running around doing whatever. It would be like a team without any practice, just running amuck, making a fool of themselves. With a poor strategy, you will not have a great hope of winning (even though that’s not always the main point of a game), but a higher chance of losing. With better strategies comes better outcomes. In handball, I am often goalie, so I am denying the space of others trying to shoot. When I am creating space, I am no giving myself space, but giving my teammates space, passing to the open people. If I wasn’t goalie, I would be making sure every man is marked (even though that is fairly difficult), trying to communicate with fellow players. When creating, and am marked, I will jog to one side, bringing an opponent with me, than doing a sudden sprint to the open space I was at before, the person who marked me where I left them. A strategy I would use for ‘Capture The Flag’ is often a distraction. Running to the Safe Zone the same time as another, but while there aren’t many people at the other team’s base. It’s a sacrifice, one gets there, and one doesn’t. That’s something important I learnt in capture the flag, there’s many risks and sacrifices. When you are retrieving a person from jail, you are risking yourself as well, when you run to the Safe Zone, you risk being caught on the way there and back. Many dangers. Sometimes, I keep an eye out for a certain player, making sure they don’t cross the line ( I would stalk them), until they get caught by your truly. That is denying space. For creating space, I must try to run to the open areas away from the other team while on their boundary.

Question 4. Describe why having strong skills helps your team be more successful? Give some examples of skills with a specific team sport in mind.

Having players with strong skills helps my team because they know more strategies, techniques. With this ability, they can direct the team to success, teaching us about how to become more successful. Strong skills don’t just mean having the knowledge of the sport, but they have a special talent in the sport, like being able to pitch well, or the ability to catch a ball easily. Let’s say we’re playing dodgeball, and one person is really good at dodging the ball, as well as knowing a strong strategy to the game. This person could teach the others his strategy, and if there is time, try and teach them his/her’s tactics. With this, you will have a great shot at winning, if one shares their knowledge.

Question 5. Why does a team that is very physically fit have an advantage over a team that is not fit?

Answer: As I said, a team without practice or knowledge or the sport is unsuccessful. If you’re playing baseball and can’t actually hit a ball, run or pitch, then you’re destined to lose, especially if the entire team is like that. If you were the team who was going against this type of team… well, let’s just say that the battle will be too easy, and you may want to play a different team.

Photo Of The Day #18


Continued from the previous prompt:

The road was damp from the amount of mist in the air. My fur was sticky with both sweat and rain. Biegepaw trotted beside me, speaking words of encouragement every so often. After we saw the destruction of the base camp, we immediately fled to the city, as strays. Images of the dead cats stayed in my mind, haunting me.

“Julie, you haven’t even had your ceremony yet, no name, no job, no nothing. You deserve better. I haven’t yet been demoted, and Sting will be furious.” Biegepaw mewed sadly, “We must go. We must go back to camp. Look for survivors, but not flee. We are strong and powerful. You being the cousin of the great deputy, me being his strongest admirer, we are best.”

I shook my head, and spoke in a commanding tone, “I am tired, you too. There’s plenty of rain to drink, and no two-legs to capture us. We need rest, Biegepaw. At least I do, I’m sleeping till the sunrise, and then I’ll go back to camp. Hopefully, whoever’s in charge is still alive.”

He nodded half-heartedly, and had me lead. I found a quiet little alley with big green trashcans for shelter. Biegepaw yawned and lay down underneath the larger trashcan, falling asleep almost immediately. I curled myself into a ball below the other can, and slept like rock.

When I woke up, Sting by my side, licking my fur furiously. He stopped, seeing my eyes open. “You’re awake! Biegepaw, come, Julie is awake!”

Biegepaw appeared by my side, sweating from fear. “What happened? Why am I here?” I groaned. They glanced at each other and Biegepaw answered, ” You nearly died last night. I didn’t realize you were that tired.” His whiskers twitched and I knew he was lying, ” No, you’re telling a fib. Give me the truth. You’re a terrible lier, Biegepaw.”

He sighed, ” We were attacked. I ran, and left you alone, I’m sorry. As I said though, you were strong, you have a power of some sort. Once the mutt was about to chew you to pieces, your body glowed golden, his teeth melted away, leaving raw gums, and he whimpered, running away. After I saw that, I ran to you, but you were still asleep, when I tried to wake you up, you wouldn’t wake. That’s why I brought you to your cousin.”

I stared at them both in horror, everything I had learnt since yesterday, it was overwhelming. Gasping, I turned to my cousin, who sat next to me, purring as if this was all great news. “Julie my dear cousin, I understand that base camp has been destroyed, but, there is always a new one. All those that fled successfully from the beast, will be waiting at the new one, the empty apartment building next door. That means it’ll be easier to sneak away from the two-legs.” he murmured, “That means more hunting, more time in the forest.”

“What forest? It’s an apartment building.” I hissed, making him sound stupid. Instead a sly grin appeared on his face, ” Ah. You have never seen the forest! It is beyond this house, beyond this apartment, and beyond the gates. No long journey. The forest is what hides behing the strong wall. We cats have a special way of leaving that wall.” He smiled cunningly, ” And you’ll get your ceremony. She is still alive. Let’s see if you survive the test. Follow Biegepaw and I to the new base camp, before known as our last resort, The Two-Leg Fortress. Come.”

I decided not to ask any more questions, for I knew how impatient my cousin was. Biegepaw dipped his head slightly as Sting strutted passed him majestically. Then again, I was led to the balcony. Sting jumped first, gracefully and strong, I was surprised to see my overweight cousin jump so heroically. Then Biegepaw, landing perfectly next to Sting, his paws together, and back straight. Lastly, I jumped, still a bit nervous. All I did was think about the bird nearby, wanting to feel it’s blood in my paws, finally tasting real meat, not brown icky cat food.

When I found myself beside Sting, he walked casually to a worn down apartment building. Inside, it was surrounded with cats. Some with beautiful smooth fur, and some with battered and scratched pelts, each looking unique through color, shape, size, and beauty. Everyone except one lay down in respect as Sting walked through a hole in the door. Once Biegepaw and I stepped in, the cats stood up again, noisy as ever. Sting raised his paw as much as a cat could, and the entire crowd of cats shut up.

“Greetings, fellow cats of the clan. I walk beside you all, feeling the misery of our base camp destroyed. Now, we have a new one, with a new member. First, we will discuss.” Sting mewed fiercely, ” The clan is low on food suplies, and I was unable to provide the healthy pellets we have every once and a while.” My mind clicked, that must’ve been why he ‘ate’ my pellets, so he could save his clan. ” The hunters must work double-time during this winter season, due to lack of animals.” A groan came from a group of cats in the corner.

” You’re a terrible deputy!” a sleek black and white one shouts, ” You give us extra work while you lie down and eat pellets! I want you no longer deputy!”

Sting jumped from his stop, rolling onto the floor. The next second, his claws were holding the other cats scruff. I stared, he had moved from one end of the room to another, within a few seconds. ” Don’t ever question my authority, Shadowpatch, ever!” my cousin growled, ” I may be a kittypet, but I am not weak!”

The cat who must’ve been Shadowpatch looked scared at first, but put on a smirk, ” Once a kittypet, always a kittypet. A quote from my father, Darkstripe.” Shadowpatch hissed a matter-of-factly, ” Oh, and your new companion over, there,” flickeing his tail in my direction, ” she’s a goner. Already a weakling, 100% kittypet, I hear!”

Sting knocked him over sending him tumbling into the wall. ” Ever harm her, or even threaten to harm her, you will die. I swear it to StarClan.” he hissed more fiercely than ever, ” I mean it. You are the son of a traitor, Shadowpatch. You will go down the same he did, at the clan’s mercy, no honor at all, just betrayal. You know the story.”

“I avenge him! But I will never fall with him!” he roared, ” My father left me to die! He was stupid, a traitor! I will never follow his footsteps, but I will avenge him, for his pathetic sake. Your death will please me, kittypet. Your uncle, Firestar, will see you shortly, but not with StarClan!”

Sting winced, and stepped away, but showed no weakness. He stepped back towards me, and he continued his speech, freakishly calmly. ” Cats of the clan! I call this meeting to announce a new member of the clan. She may be my cousin, but she has great talent! My cousin is the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, raised by her foster parents Lionstar and Jadetail, and yes, cared for by twolegs. Now, she will join the clan of the cats, her name in the stars forever. Her WildName shall be Blazepelt, for her courage, strength and wisdom! Let her bring honor to our clan!”

The clan cheered half-heartedly, and I thought I heard someone muter,” Another mouth to feed, oh joy.” I walked down from the platform, as Sting started a new speech.

“Cats of the clan. I must speak to you about punishments. There are a few cats who have broken the rules of the clan. Bringing shame and near discovery.” Sting mewed, ” These cats are Badgertail, Winterwhisker and Biegepaw. Could these cats come to the podium?” The two other cats (one black and white, one white), crawled up to the stage, whimpering in fear. Sting looked at each one grimly, “Each one of you have committed crime unworthy of this clan. I understand that sometimes you have a good reason for your actions. Please, could Badgerpaw please explain himself.

The black and white cat stepped up, he was shaking all over. “I couldn’t help myself. The fish, it was so, so fresh. It was my first time hunting, you see. I had spent hours hunting, and found that one fish, I was so hungry, so hungry! Oh, when Ashpaw found me in mid-bite. I was ashamed. Please, forgive me.”

Sting looked at him wistfully, “I let you go, young one. Your explanation is fair enough. StarClan see that Badgertail is innocent, his youth and pride stronger than the clan. It is okay for the first time, but intolerable for the next.” Sting meowed, ” Now, I’ld like Winterwhisker to speak out.”

The older white cat jumped up immediately, ” I may not be the most loyal to this clan, I know, but I am the strongest and wisest. The only reason I tried to kill you, is because you have brought our clan to misery, and pain. Lionstar was noble, strong, fearless and wise. She brought this clan to honor, the opposite of what you have done! I tried to murder you for the good of the clan. You have brought us to shame, to defeat. Our base camp was destroyed yesterday because of you! If you weren’t a stubborn kittypet, maybe you would’ve been better. Kill me if you wish, but I did what I did for my clan.”

My cousin stared at me and then Whitewhisker. The old cat had saggy shoulders and bent up claws. Even though he was speaking toughly, I could smell is fear. Apparently, so did Sting. The crowd was silent, waiting for Sting’s response. “He shall leave the clan. Not for dis-loyalty, but for attempted murder. If you do this again to another cat, I will have you hunted down and killed. A light penalty, I would think for such a crisis. You are an old cat. I understand your feelings between your ex-wife and I, still you are banished from the clan. Sorry. StarClan, Whitewhisker is unworthy of his name, remove his name from the heavens, to be replaced as Attempt Murderer Criminal #5.”

Some members of the crowd muttered in approval, but some disapproved, snarling and growling nasty comments. Then Biegepaw stepped up. Sting nodded at his courage, and I could smell not a drop of fear.

“I am Biegepaw, a secret spy for our deputy. He asked me, a young apprentice, to take care of his cousin, a powerful cat. He kept me hidden from the two-leg owners, and hid me well, masking my scent with his own. Then, I slipped. I was proud of the person I spied, so I congratulated her. My mistake. I have nothing to defend myself, but I still want to be part of the clan. Please.” Some cats growled in approval, but others hissed in disappointment. I on the other hand, knew he was a goner. Sting never tolerated such, and I knew, that my only friend was going to be exiled.

Finally Sting spoke his words of wisdom…

To be continued….

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Photo Of The Days #17

Seventeen, a prime number. My mother asked me to do one of our cats, Sting and Julie. I picked Julie, a picture of her in the sink, isn’t she cute? Now, everything I type is half real and half fantasy. Her personality is real, and some of what she does is real, but the actual plot is fantasy. You’ll be able to tell which is which. By the way, some of the words used is from the Warriors Series (I wrote a review on that a long time ago), like ‘two-legs’.

I leant towards the metal tube, trying to make water run from it. My two-legs owner lifted up a larger metal chunk and the water flew out of it. I nimbly put my front paws on the slippery side, trying to not get myself soaked, knowing how bad an enemy water can be, but how vital it is to survival. I stuck out my tongue and flicked it in and out of the water stream, catching little water from the rush. I continued to lap up the water, until my owner pushed the metal chunk down, making the water turn off. She pet me a while, and I purred in response, making sure she knew I loved her. The two-leg walked away.

I decided that the tap would turn on again later, so I waited, staring intently at the metal tube, making sure it wouldn’t move without me noticing. My paws scratched at the top metal bit, where my owner had touched, but the water wouldn’t come on. The plan for ‘hours of entertainment’ wasn’t going to work. I realized that I could wait all day, and have no response. That’s also when I got lazy and tired. I walked into the sink, too tired to think straight. All I knew at that second was that I had to watch the sink. I had to. You can close your eyes for a second, Julie. I thought. That of course mad me sleep.

When I woke up, I was purring automatically. Above me was my two-leg owner, stroking my soft, beautiful fur, yes, I am adorable by all means. I jumped out of the sink feeling hungry, and still quite lazy. My tummy has slimmer than usual, and I knew that I missed lunch. I trudged to the kitchen smelling the disgusting brown pellets. The pellets were edible, and were my three meals a day. 24/7. Nibbling each one slowly, I turned to see my cousin, Sting, another pet of the two-legs. “Julie! How’s it going. I’m the Alpha, so I’ll be eating that for you.” he mewed happily. His stomach bulged from all the extra meals.

I bared my fangs, but slowly walked away, letting him eat my lunch. Sting munched it happily, even though it tasted like sewer water. “Oh, Julie!” he meowed cheerfully through a mouthful of pellets, ” There’s a monster on the loose. You better hunt him.”

I sighed as best a cat could, but inside I was excited. My brother, Shade assigned himself this job even though he was Alpha. Unfortunately, he got was so obsessed catching monsters, that he accidentally went too far, he jumped out a window, and died. I was to take on his job.

There it was. The creature buzzed around the two-legs’ bedroom, and it stuk to the ceiling as much as it could. My owners sat on the bed, gazing at both me and the animal. I jumped onto the cupboard, an amazing leap that I hadn’t tried before. The buzzing thing continued to buzz, annoying me more. I hissed loudly, and Sting came into the room, trotting lazily. He walked back out. I snarled and hurdled myself at the bug, my claws extended. The buzzing stopped as I landed on the bed, next to my owners who looked at me in marvel. I looked at my claws, pierced into one was a bee.

An older two-leg gently took the bee off my claw. He placed the bee in a plastic bin. The crowd disappeared. I suddenly heard a purr behind the bed. Another cat popped up from the other side. The cat had long whiskers, but longer claws, it’s fangs drooping from it’s gum. It’s fur was a lovely soft light beige with dark stripes

I nervously stepped towards the purring cat, thirsting adventure. He stopped purring and turned deadly serious. The cat was close to handsome, but I couldn’t ever like a stranger, no way. His meow had a hint of pride in it, ” Nice one Julie. Great catch.”

I stared at him for a second then snarled lightly, ” Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?”

He took a step back, but held his ground, ” You may think I’m crazy, but I am here to take you to the woods.”

“You still haven’t answered my questions, and yes, you are crazy. The woods? I know there are at least 100 out there in the Earth.” I defended.

“Listen up, kitten. Your Alpha, what’s his name… Sting. Yeah, him. He know’s what I’m meowing about.”

I almost choked at the word ‘kitten’. How dare he! That’s when Sting appeared, not even caring that the stranger was here. He just looked at him and back at me. The other cat opened his mouth to speak, but Sting stopped him. ” Biegepaw, your job was to protect her, not at all to tell her anything. Willowwhisker won’t tolerate it. Being your second mistake and all, neither will I.” he hissed threateningly.

The other, Beigepaw bowed his head in respect. Sting turned to me, his eyes full of admiration and love. ” Julie, cousin-” he began.

“Sting. Explain this to me. He is loyal to you, why is that? I do not even know this cat, yet he is your servant. You understand this madness. Give me a good explanation!” I snapped. Biegepaw winced at the word ‘servant’.

He didn’t say anything for a couple seconds, then he finally spoke, but not to me, ” Biegepaw. Since she know it exists, take her t the base camp. Give her the ritual. She must be back by dawn tomorrow. They will think she jumped off the balcony.” he meowed nervously.


“No comments from you, Biegepaw. You have no rights anymore. As my role, you have been demoted back to apprentice. You’ll have another ceremony when you get back to Star Cave. Now go, Biegepaw, before my two-legs come back. Hurry. Tell her about everything. Get going.” he ordered, and finally spoke to me, ” Julie, Biegepaw will tell you everything. Please, calm yourself. I know this is hard for you, but please. For me, for the clan, follow Biegepaw.”

I gulped, ” Sting, I don’t understand, I’m nervous, I’m confused. But I’ll do as you say, because you’re my cousin.”

He looked at me intensely, then walked away. Biegepaw flicked his tail, wanting me to follow him. He hunched over and leaped out the window, the same type of graceful jump I did when I caught the bee. I looked down below the low-rise apartment building. It was big. I could see Biegepaw’s outline on the cement, and I jumped. A galactic leap of faith. I closed my eyes as I fell, when I opened them I was next to Biegepaw.

He complimented me, and continued to walk. I followed him in silence until he reached a river. That’s when I freaked, ” A river! No way Biegepaw. Water! You’re crazy! We’ll walk around the river to get to the base camp, whatever it is, and that’s final!”

Biegepaw closed his eyes, “Julie, we are at camp, it’s been destroyed.”

I looked around me, and suddenly saw more cats, all with scraggly and bloody cuts. Each one ripped open, their blood gently spilling into the river. I walked around the campus once more, but then heard a deep growling from the trees, knowing that whatever killed these cats, was there. Biegepaw sprinted away, as I followed him, noticing the tears flowing out of his bloodshot eyes.



Note: I really like this one, and’ll be doing the same prompt again, continuing on from this one. I just feel this has been quite long already. Goodbye bloggers! If you have any questions about this post, just comment it below.

CDNIS Sports Report

Canadian International School Of Hong Kong Athletic Program

Kinsey          29th of January 2013

The Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS) has a well-organized Athletic Program (a team known as the Timberwolves, or T-wolves for short). The school provides sports such as rugby, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, ball hockey, swimming, gymnastics, track and field and squash. With over 15 sport teams of various ages, CDNIS have many players. Each sport has practices and competitions.

The students’ objectives depends on their age. For those under 12 and under 14 their goal is to develop their understanding, knowledge and skills of a sport. For under 16s the reason you train is to become more competitive, changing basic to complicated, creating challenges. The under 20s are build for competing, learning tactics and strategies for a better game.

There are 6 facilities available for the Athletic Program after-school. On the 6th floor there is a state of the art turf, made of artificial grass known as the turf, or 6th floor playground. The football, rugby and golf teams use this facility for training and competitions. The newest addition to the Athletic Program is the fitness room on the 4th floor.  There are over 50 machines and weights along with a dance studio. The machines include cardio, circuit and free weight which overlooks the main gym on the third floor. The main gym is the centre of CDNIS’ athletic program.  It houses 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts along with 7 badminton courts.  It provides an excellent venue for basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, gymnastics, and many other sports. Furthermore, there is an electronic scoreboard when they host games or tournaments. The small gym is used for basketball, badminton, football and volleyball as well as gymnastics, but mainly used by younger kids. The 3rd floor surface is located outside the main gym.  It is used for basketball and ball hockey. Also, the batting cage and machine is nearby creating a great practice area for baseball and softball players. Lastly there’s the 6 lane, 25 meter pool is located on the 1st floor of the school.  It is a great indoor heated facility that the T-Wolves swim team uses for training and competitions.

Then there is SEASAC, an event where the T-Wolves of 8 different sport teams attend. The teams include: Volleyball, football, tennis, basketball and four others. SEASAC is a competition in which international schools participate in. SEASAC Season 2 sports tournaments are approaching soon.  The weekend of February 01-03, 2013 will see the basketball, rugby and tennis teams in action. The following two weekends are also busy as swimming takes off on the 8th-10 of February and gymnastics competition on the 15th to 17th. These schools participate in SEASAC: Surabaya International School, Indonesia , United World College of SE Asia- Dover ,Bangkok Patana School, Thailand, Garden International School, MalaysiaAlice Smith School, Malaysia, International School Yangon, Myanmar                   Tanglin Trust School, Singapore, Mont’ Kiara International School, KL, New International School of Thailand, United World College of SE Asia- East , British International School of Jakarta and finally Ruamrudee International School, Thailand, not to forget CDNIS.

After all tournaments, at the end of the year, there is an athletics banquet, where all athletes gather. At the banquet, the coaches hand out two awards to two different members of the team: the Most Improved Player, and the Most Valuable Player. Besides the awards, the banquet includes a buffet with your teammates.

As you see, the T-Wolves are very involved in athletics. They have many teams and players, not to forget all those tournaments. Coaches teach their teams to victory, to become champions. The players try hard, and do their best to become an athlete.

Photo Of The Days #16

Well, well, well. I had a difficult choice today, between two really neat prompts. So, I decided to mix them together in a creative way…


” Mary walked into her mushroom hut, feeling satisfied with her life.” Leila’s mother read. Leila the princess peeked out her pink velvet curtain, seeing the great grassy courtyard, shining in the moonlight. She looked around nervously, quoting from the book her mother had read, “We will live in their gardens, and will not give humans peace, unless there is war.” The queen laughed, ” Oh, don’t worry Leila, the gnomes will not harm us. It is a fictional story. No fear. I’m terribly sorry if you are scared princess, I thought you would like it.” Leila sighed as she turned to her mother, ” I did like it mother, I was just, you know, too absorbed in the book.”  Her mother smiled, ” Time for bed, my princess. Tomorrow Chef Gustave will make you your favorite homemade cream pocket pancakes.” She carried Leila to her bed, and tucked the pink and white spotted blanket over her shoulder. The main point of the story is what happened the next day. Leila woke up in delight, knowing that her cream pocket pancakes were ready for her. She hopped out of bed in her nightie, quickly grabbing for her doll, Reyna. The princess strolled casually down the quiet halls, sucking her thumb. She noted how silent the castle was, as if nobody was there. In her brain she heard a whispery voice muttering, “The answer to the universe lies with me. Follow me to the kitchen.” Leila waved it aside, and arrived at the dining room, her breakfast not yet made. She started to cry, upset her breakfast was not made. Leila called for her mother whining and bawling louder and louder. The queen never came, nobody did. The marble floor shook from her screams, but still nobody cared. Leila sucked her thumb more intently, hugging her doll tighter. She decided to listen to the voice she heard earlier, heading to the kitchen. Inside the large kitchen, a man stood. He had spiky black hair and gorgeous hazelnut brown eyes. His tuxedo  was definitely new, and had no crinkles of any sort. The man stepped forward to Leila and the princess spoke, ” Who are you and where is everyone?” The man leaned down toward her and said in a kind and soothing voice, ” I cannot introduce myself, for that is the biggest secret. But I know the answer to the universe, which is definitely not 32*. Now, lean close, Leila, princess, and hear me out.” Leila quickly took a few steps forward. The mysterious man smiled and whispered, in his voice of kindness, ” The answer to the entire universe and galaxy is-” Then I woke up.

*Read ‘The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’

Did you like it? I quite like the suspense, it’s shorter than others, but nice. I kind of cheated on the first prompt, but hey, I at least did one! I want to mention the bit about the pancakes, and why I tend to use pancakes as breakfast. My father is an expert on making homemade pancakes, and he can make pancakes with pockets of sour cream, or buttermilk ones, he really is amazing! My dad also makes the best homemade crepés. Mmmm!