Apple Objectives

by Christopher on September 21, 2011


To expand their sales to customers who have not yet own any Apple’s products.


Expanding their distribution network to reach more consumers.


–       Internet Providers

–       Third Party Retail Stores

–       Flagship Stores

One of Apple’s objectives is to expand their sales to customers who have not yet own an Apple product. They do this not only through advertising but by expanding their distribution network as well.  In my opinions, in order to expand their distribution network, Apple has their products such as the iPhone sold in various Internet providers like Smartone, 3, and CSL. Stores such as Smartone aim to sell long-term phone plans with the iPhone. By promoting the popular generations of the iPhone they are able to sell plans along with the iPhone. Apple also offers its products in third party retail stores such as Broadway and Fortress. Lastly they also sell their products in Flagship stores such as the new store opened in Central, Hong Kong. The use of a Flagship store eliminates the need for people to visit stores such as “DGA-Design” in Causeway Bay or the previous “DG” that was located in the IFC Mall. A flagship store located in the heart of Hong Kong for example is a great way to attract customers. Also they offer anything Apple related, from products to software and servicing.



To produce hassle free products that provides service and enjoyment for customers.


To continue investments in Research and Development


–       Improved new generations of products

–       New features

Another objective for Apple is to produce hassle free products that will provide service and enjoyment for customers. To reach this goal Apple believes in the continuous investment in their Research and Development department in order to continue producing quality products. For example, in the past few years Apple has revolutionized the global networking world through their improved generations of the iPhone. I believe, with the upcoming fifth generation iPhone coming out, Apple will be attracting more customers than it has before. In 2007, according to an article in CNN, the first generation iPhone reached sales of up to US$500,000 in just two days after being launched. Last year, three days after the launch of the iPhone 4, sales rose to about US$1.7 million. Furthermore the improved generations of the iPhone offer new features such as Face Time, Voice Control and access to new games and software updates. Customers are able to enjoy movies and play their favorite games in the palm of their hands and they are able to connect with friends and families even faster than before.



Become the leading business in the mobile market


Become an online search machine and platform for online advertising


–       Research and Development in online search and advertising

–       Monitoring the works of Google and Yahoo

Lastly one of Apple’s biggest objectives is to become the leading business in the mobile market. Their strategy associated with this goal is to become an online search machine and platform for online advertising. This strategy involves dividing their market into two categories. The first category would be for market “common-or-garden mobile phones of the kind we have now — which do voice, text, MP3s and perhaps radio and TV” (Guardian) and the second category would be the iPhone platform, allowing people to access the internet and get the computer feel in their own hands. This iPhone platform will be Apple’s continuous expansion to one-day match Google in becoming a leading search engine for online advertising. To fuel this strategy, I believe continuous investments in Research and Development would be a viable tactic as well as monitoring the works of Google and Yahoo very closely in order to see how they can match their competition.


Importance of the objectives in Apple

All three objectives listed above are very important to Apple. Being a business in designing and manufacturing electronic devices, Apple experiences constant competition from other companies such as Blackberry, Nokia and HTC. Just recently Amazon has launched their new tablet, proposing a head-to-head competition with Apple’s iPad 2. However, Apple continues its research and development in order to produce user-friendly technology that will make them the leading business in electronic devices.



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