Surrealism Artwork

by 053603 on June 5, 2014

Below is a picture of my recent surrealism artwork. This was the final assessment of our art unit, ‘Surrealism’. My piece was divided into two halves: The top represented land, and the bottom represented underground. So one of the things that I tried to do in my piece was to make opposites. The water in my picture was on the top, even though it was the land. The grass was on the bottom, even though it was the sea. I tried to create a picture of surrealism by switching the two. I further emphasised the surrealism by adding jellyfish onto the grass. I then added a tree, with the leaves as clouds, raining into the sea. I also added fire to the bottom. Overall, I think I conveyed the message of surrealism quite well successful.


Math Exam Refelction

by 053603 on May 29, 2014

I think overall on this exam, I did on a mediocre level. I think one of the reasons why I achieved a ‘4’ level is because of little errors. Through some small errors I feel that they made the biggest difference in my marks. I also think that I had performed many careless mistakes, which resulted into the loss of some points.

Although, I still think I did quite well on some parts. One example would be one of the 7/8 questions. I applied my skills that I learnt from other parts, and I got half a point. I felt satisfied with this, because usually I’m quite hopeless with the 7/8 questions. Another part I think I did well on was the geometry questions. For my geometry quiz earlier in the year, I achieved a very low score because I wasn’t sure about how to do the questions. Again, I’m satisfied because I studied hard to understand the questions.

I did do poorly on some questions though. One example could be the 6th question. It was a simple question applying the index laws, yet I still struggled to complete it. I think this was because I forgot some of the laws, and to apply the outer exponent with EVERY single base inside the bracket. Another part I feel I did quite poorly on was two of the 3/4 questions, where I got both of them completely wrong. I think this was because I thought I wouldn’t encounter this type of questions, but we did, and I wasn’t prepared. I think this teaches me to always prepare for every possible situation in every unit. If I did this, I could’ve gotten I much higher score.


Experience Week Trip – Yangshuo

May 23, 2014

Most recently, we went on our experience weeks. There were two choices; Vietnam and Yangshuo. At Yangshuo we did many things. On the first day, we stayed in Guilin. The hotel that we stayed in was quite nice, and my roommate was Vincent. However, we only stayed there for one night, and then we went […]

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How has French class been so far this year?

April 4, 2014

What do you think about your effort and participation in french class? What do you like about french class? What do you not like? What do you need to improve on? How? I think I try to participate a lot in French class, but my opportunities are quite limited as I do not know too […]

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iBook Survey

March 28, 2014

Please take our survey! It’d really help us out.

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Community and Service Day Reflection

February 28, 2014

Make community and service tab in iFolio What happened, what did I see, or observe What did I learn, what did I discover about beach What needs were I addressing What would I like to learn more about the pollution What can I do to help? So today, we went to the big wave beach […]

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Swimming – Survival Unit Reflection

February 22, 2014

I think the most challenging part of personal survival training and test was definitely the water-treading. This is because, since the first time we did it, I found it to be very difficult. To overcome this, on my free time I went to my swimming pool, and practised treading water until I could do it. […]

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December Theory Test Reflection

January 8, 2014

How did you do?  Did you expect this result? How did you prepare? How will you improve your results (or maintain excellent results)? What is your goal in music theory?  Is it achievable?  How will be achieve your goal? Add any other relevant reflective comments/thoughts. I think overall, I think I did okay. This is […]

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Term 1 Humanities Reflection

December 19, 2013

Overall, I think I did quite well for humanities this term. All my scores have been five and up, which is my goal. I think my goal for next term is to maintain or improve my current standings. Meaning that next term my goal is always a six, but a five is fine. I think […]

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Waste Not, Want Not Survey

December 18, 2013

Please take my survey! 🙂 It’ll help me out.

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