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June 7, 2013

Grade 6 Showcase

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It’s a Friday morning, we’re sitting at our computers typing blog posts and everyone’s commenting on one another’s gelled, neatly cut hair. It’s no other day than the Grade 6 Gradu- (heavy glare from Mr. Macpherson)… the Grade 6 Celebration, where we get to walk on wood, shake a few guys’ hands, receive a piece of card, and then sit down. How exciting!

Afterwards, we get to all walk down some stairs, receive a piece of cloth, don said piece of cloth, and then walk down more stairs so we can walk on more wood and perhaps listen to specific, neat arrangements of notes coming out of large hunks of metal! What could get more thrilling?!

And on such a special day like this, there’s no better time to sit down at our computers and push lots of buttons with pretty symbols on it and also press a flat piece of metal in an attempt to communicate with society. Wonderful! And so, that’s what I am doing. This showcase is to show everyone the various things I have created by pushing various buttons. Why do I not put these in a red, bent piece of plastic, you may be wondering? Well that is because these are made in a metal and glass machine which makes them special, so they get a special place made of a cluster of electrons which hides behind a glass screen not so effectively because the screen is made of glass which is… not so opaque.

Alright, I made everything sound boring and monotonous just there. I like that word, monotonous. Plenty of alternating o’s. Like banana, kinda. Banananananananana BATMAN!

Went crazy there. In any case, this post is just to show you things I made throughout the year in the digital realm of stuff. So, first I apparently have to say what my learning goals are and give a little reflection. The first one is; To improve time management skills. The second goal is to ‘improve expression of ideas in writing by including additional detail and depth, specifically when highlighting learning within Process Journals.’

And now for the reflection. Alright, so as for the first goal, I did… stuff. I’ll work on this later, okay?

Monday morning, and I’m back. For the first goal, a fairly big factor to help me achieve it was that I went to a meeting in… November? Something like that. Around halfway through the year, I went to a presentation for people grades 6-7. Or something like that. It was a long time ago, alright?

Anyways, that session was just to help us students organize their homework, schoolwork, and their cluttered, disorganized, unkempt, post-apocalyptic lives. Alright, maybe not post-apocalyptic. But same concept.

That was a fairly big factor in reaching for my goal. I think it helped. Yeah, it probably helped. (I hope). Apart from that, I didn’t do much in terms of anything very important towards my goal. After that it was all fairly gradual, just trying to force myself to do my homework earlier.

Goal #2. To improve expression of ideas in writing by including additional detail and depth, specifically when highlighting learning within Process Journals. I didn’t attend any sessions or anything like I did for the past goal, though I have generally been working towards this naturally. Every time I need to write up something, I just write it with relative depth. Unless I don’t have much time. Then I just make it short enough to still be comprehensible. Hopefully.

Now, I need to say a couple of ‘wonderful’ pieces of work that I’ve done throughout the school year on my hunk of metal and glass. Or in my hunk of metal and glass. A bit of both, maybe. Each little learnywhatever will be a part of this post, somewhere down in the abyss over there. Just keep scrolling…



Aaaaand you’ve found it. I’m just going to be putting these in here in no particular order. These are just nice little internet stuffs that I made and just because I put something here first doesn’t mean it’s better than the next. So don’t be sad, fourth post.


π from grade5a
And that is my first pick. I picked this because I like π and π is cool. To all you people out there who are fans of τ, I don’t really mind. But I’ve always learned it as π and π is more original. And I’m used to writing it. π. τ is just so unfamiliar to me. But τ is still alright, I suppose. But π will always live on in my r = 1 – sin(θ). Cardioid, anyone?
And I found out that 4 – 4/3 + 4/5 – 4/7 + 4/9… makes π, and that’s cool.  I have no idea why, by the way. It’s just another of those weird math things.
Well, I included this piece because π is pretty awesome. It’s my favorite irrational number that I remember. I mean, √2 is pretty cool, but π has a cool name and sign. Probably not my favorite mathematical term, though. Imaginary numbers are fun.
Alright, now to ‘what I’ve learned’. The consistent factor in each reflection. I’ve learned about, of course, π. I learned what π is used for, how many digits have been calculated, and basically everything in the SlideShare.
And my possible next steps. Again, pretty typical. I would just simply add to it. Add whatever I can. Add the origins of π. Add how to type π. Even add how π has impacted the modern world today. And I’ll probably want to do all the above replacing π with ‘potato’. That’ll be pretty cool.
Next showcase; a math assessment that I made. Mr. Macpherson was going to gather up everyones’ and combine them to make a big test, but he changed his mind and left them all untouched. So now I have it here, and I’m publishing it below.
Math Assessment
Alright, apparently it’s a link now. No harm done, though, unless you have an allergy to links and/or underlines. If so, then ha.
Well, I like this. I think it’s fairly well made, and has decent questions. Try to answer a few. If you can’t, then… well, just… just answer them.
I didn’t learn much, because this was, as you can hopefully see, just something I made on the spot. Didn’t need any research or anything, just did it.
Next steps? Just continuing. A lot of the stuff I’m putting here doesn’t have very much in it, so I would just like to add more.
Finally, this:
100 Things that are Round
Aaaaaaaand we have another link. For all those who have the mentioned allergies, you won’t like this post. Why did you even continue? Why aren’t you in the hospital now?
Well I like this because it was just a fun assignment. It was quite fun to make, and I say it turned out alright.
I learned, again, not much – this was one of those just-for-fun assignments. And I don’t even really have next steps. I could add more, but that’s really all I can think of.
Well, those are my showcases. This will likely be my last post for the year, but I can’t be certain. Bye.

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