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May 26, 2017

Health and Wellness Reflection

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Final Questionnaire Result: 67/100

    • Were you able to continue with your selected habits for the entire semester. Explain.

For the most part. After a week or two, my sleep goal (not eating processed food or sugar for three hours before bed) became a habit, as did my food goal (cutting back on processed food and increasing real food). While it was difficult at first, it became natural over time and I found myself less hungry after dinner as I resisted eating then. My fitness goal, however, was less easily maintained; since I take the bus to and from school, I needed to put more effort into it than the other goals.

    • Was this experience useful in promoting health and wellness into your life. Explain.

Yes; it was not as difficult as I expected, and it encouraged me to make small changes in my life which I feel amounted to a sizeable improvement. I think that that it the most significant and powerful part of this experience; that habits are reasonably easy to maintain, and only difficult to start.

    • Will you try to continue to implement some of the habits into your daily lives? Explain.

Not as actively as I have been throughout this assignment, but I feel that I will likely continue to avoid eating significant amounts of processed or sugary foods in general (more out of habit than practice by now).

    • If you were to do this again, what would you change? Explain.

I think I would pick a fitness goal that requires more intense, but less consistent effort (e.g. several bouts of intense exercise per week). I found it difficult to consistently put even a relatively small amount of effort in each day, so I feel that I may have been able to incorporate less frequent, but longer sessions better into my schedule.

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