Summer Holidays!

Schools Out, Summer’s here! Hey everyone! I enjoyed this year in grade 5, and I’m looking forward to grade 6. I might not get the time to blog much, but I’ll try my best. So I want to say THANK YOU for all the positive comments and making my blog so successful! I hope you guys have an awesome summer! 😛

My Crossroads Experience with the Grade 9’s

Today from 8:15-9:15 we did crossroads, crossroads is the name of the activity we did. This activity was by grade 9 students, there were 8 activities in total but unfortunately we were only allowed to do 3 of them. Their goal was trying to get us to know about the people around the world, being discriminated, overpopulation, child labor…etc. We were with another class, 5B (The bosses) and we were in groups of 6-7 and rotated to different activities.

The first activity my group did was about overpopulation. In this activity, we had 1 person turn around on a stick 5 times and had to go to the bunch of newspaper on the floor and find 5 pieces of candy. After that 1 person finds 5 candies, the other people in the group get a stick and have to turn around 5 times and your group of 6-7 has to go to the bunch of newspaper and find 5 candies, you have 6-7 people though, so some people in your group don’t get candy because the world population is increasing. This activity has taught me that the world population is increasing and that if it continues, we might not get the food we already have, we might get less food.

The second activity we did was about discrimination, in this activity, we had to pick a card and on the card, there is a few facts about that person and what job they want to apply for. My group got into pairs (according to the job on the card) and said the facts about the person on their card. The person with the better qualities doesn’t get the job, but the person with the lower qualities get it. It’s because of discrimination. One of them couldn’t get the job because they were pregnant, another couldn’t get the job because they have dark skin and not light skin, and the last one couldn’t get the job because of his/her gender. The people who didn’t get the “job” had to bring “money” (chips) to the people who got the job. This activity really taught me that discrimination against people’s gender and if they are pregnant is really bad, and people around the world should stop doing that, but sometimes it’s just the way it is and you can’t change it. If you see someone do that, try to make them stop discriminating other people, and don’t try to discriminate people because it can hurt someones feelings very badly, and make them mad.

The last activity we did was about child labor. During that activity, we had to run to one side to get 1 ball and run back and give it to the grade 9 student that was going to get our balls. We had to get five balls each. After we did all the running to get balls, we only get one dollar for running so much back and forth. I learn’t that child labor is really harsh to children around the world and even if they work hard, they don’t get treated or paid fairly. At the end of the activity, we didn’t even get that one dollar! (how harsh is that making us run for so long).

I really enjoyed this activity and had an experience being in the life that other kids in the world have. It helped me understand a lot and it was fun at the same time! I would really want to do this again, and maybe try the other activities too!

Student Led Learning Review

The Student Led Learning Review is about your parents coming to your class and you are guiding them around and telling them about your learning. I went with my Mom and I guided her around. I showed her my locker, Physical education, unit of inquiry, French, Chinese, Math, my blog, how to embed a widget to my blog, literacy… and we all prepared it by ourselves (now how shocking is that!) I think I done well that day.

My Mom: It is impressive what you have learned, more importantly is to understand how you learn and how you feel about it when you learn. Good to know that some subjects have more of your interest and some less. Also good to learnt from you that you know in which area you are good and which areas still need some more efforts.

I think that my learning improved, and I’m happy about how I showed my Mom my learning. I hope she enjoyed it! 🙂

We had a AWESOME time! 🙂

Alan Dick Memorial Walk

Tomorrow is the Alan Dick memorial walk, if you don’t know who Alan Dick is, he was our old school principal, until he died. So every year since he died, we do the memorial walk to remember him. Every year, we have to wear pink to the memorial walk because pink was his favorite color. In the memorial walk, we have to run or walk rounds on the race track, you can be as relaxed or active as you can. Our school’s junior choir grades 3-6 (I’m in it) will be performing at the memorial walk. I think that I’m going to be walking with my good friend Alpha-Adventurer 13 aka Stargirl. I also think that this is a very special event, and that we have to treasure this moment. Hope it’s not that hot tomorrow! 🙂

A Once in a Life Time Opportunity

Today classes 5A (Alpha-Adventurers) and 5B (Bosses) went to the S.E.N.T. landfill (South East New Territories) in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong for a field trip. It’s almost impossible to go there, because it’s a government place, and you have to sign a lot of documents. I learn’t a lot of things there.

We first saw a presentation about the S.E.N.T. landfill and the waste management in Hong Kong. I didn’t know this, but there are 16 landfills in Hong Kong, and we only use 3 of them today, the S.E.N.T. landfill, the N.E.N.T. landfill (North East New Territories) in Ta Kwu Ling and the W.E.N.T. landfill (West East New Territories) in Tuen Mun. The other 13 landfills were filled up and turned into parks, recreation centers… etc. In the presentation, many people asked different questions about landfills, how they turn it into parks and many others. I’m thinking why are the people in Hong Kong are not willing to expand the landfills even though it will help us with the waste that we produce? I’m also wondering why people in Hong Kong doesn’t want the Hong Kong government to build a high technology incinerator even though high technology incinerators produce very little dioxin and can help reduce the waste going to the landfill. People in Hong Kong think that the incinerators will harm them because of the dioxin that is going in the air, and harms our health. Almost half of the waste going to the landfill are domestic waste, it’s the waste we produce at home. The 2nd most waste going to the landfills are construction waste, which is the waste for renovating houses and for building houses.

After the presentation, we got to see the landfill, but we have to stay on the bus to see it. It was a good thing, because we don’t have to smell it, but if we got to see it in person, it would have been really cool, and making this field trip a very awesome experience! We saw the tipping phase, and we also saw the plastic wrap that they put on top of the rubbish. The plastic covers that we saw on the trash were green and blue. The plastic wraps keep the smell from spreading out of the landfill. There was a tour guide who works for the S.E.N.T. landfill who came with us to give us a tour. I really think this is a once in a life time opportunity! 🙂

S.E.N.T LandfillN.E.N.T Landfill
W.E.N.T Landfill

What’s Happening Tomorrow: Friday Feb 17 2012

What’s happening tomorrow… Pyjama Day! It’s a day where you get to wear your pyjamas to school. The whole (maybe not the whole) school will wear pyjamas. For lunch at school, we get pancakes, with maple syrup and some sausages. The pancakes are quite yummy. I’m going to wear a red, salmon pink shirt with blue pants with flowers on it. On pyjama day, we just do the normal things we do at school, but wearing pyjamas, maybe we will get to sleep for one period… 🙂 just joking! I don’t think the teachers will let us sleep in class. Well, I hope they let us. I’ll tell you if they do. Till next time!

Have A Wonderful Day (or week, month, year) 🙂

Our Final Day of 2011!

On Friday, December 16th, Our school had a half day, which means we only go to school until 11:00 am, but we usually end school at 2:30 pm. It was our last day of school of  2011, and the last day before winter holidays. Our first 2 periods were a Christmas assembly, then we had recess/ snack time. After that, My friend Alpha-Adventurer 13 and I were so excited for the next 2 periods, which was PARTY!!! The different classrooms had different things going on in them, In 5A, it was the chill out room, where you can play games, and chat with your friends. In 5B, It was the arts and crafts room, where you can make creative crafts, and express your feelings. In 5C, It was a movie room, along with 5E,They were both movie rooms, and lastly, in 5D, It was the Disco room, I went to the disco room with my friend Alpha-Adventurer 13, and they played a lot of songs like DJ got us falling in love again, Price Tag, Marry You, Beggin on Your Knees, Firework, Baby, Dynamite and much more! After all the partying, it was time to go home, but the exciting part was, the grade 5’s got to take their macbook pros home!!!  Hope you guys have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year of 2012! 🙂

Christmas is almost here!

Christmas is almost here! Our entire grade is having a party on Friday December 16, to celebrate our last day at school before the winter holidays and the last school day of 2011. I’m so excited! This year for Christmas, I’m staying in Hong Kong. I’m not going anywhere, but my cousin is coming over to Hong Kong to visit my family. Christmas is all about giving, and sharing, you receive gifts and get gifts from your family members, friends and relatives. I love receiving gifts from my family, friends and relatives!

Today, December 13th 2011, the entire grade 5 is going on a field trip to Elements. In case you don’t know what Elements is, or where it is, it’s in Hong Kong. It’s a shopping mall, but theres a Ice- skating rink there, thats why we’re going to Elements, to Ice-Skate! Some of the parents in grade 5 organized this, and the teachers let them. It’s to celebrate how close Christmas is coming, and how our holidays are almost here. Overall, I’m really excited for the winter holidays to come, and Christmas is so nearby!

Enjoy your Christmas, Have a happy new year, and enjoy your winter! 🙂

Remembrance Day

Today is remembrance day, and our school had a service about it, there was no applause allowed, because it was a serious service, and also to remember the people who sacrificed themselves in world war 1, and also gave us peace. The junior choir sang the Canadian national anthem, the Chinese national anthem, and a song sung in the 2008 Vancouver olympics. The song is called I believe and in french, it’s J’imagine. The song was in 2 languages, in french, and in english. We had students read out poems, and the moment of silence, with a upper school student playing the trumpet to the last stand. Just to add to that, today is 11, 11, 11. The 11th day of the 11th year, of the 11th month. I also celebrated 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11. The 11th day of the 11th year, of the 11th month, of the 11th hour, of the 11th minute, of the 11th second. Wow! I noticed I used a lot of 11’s in this post, and I used it again. Everyone in the choir, including me, had to wear a poppy in the remembrance day service, to show our respect. I have one more thing to say: Please comment or take a look at the things in my blog!