Save our Home

Our Earth is a wonderful place with wonderful nature, animals…etc. It is also our home, and we need to care for it. I think that we don’t care for it that well, and we need to care for it more. Not caring for the environment will effect us and might give us bad health. It might cause air pollution (that effects our health) and water pollution (which also effects our health). All these things also effects animals, wildlife and the environment. All electricity (switches, light… etc), vehicles (cars, taxis, trucks…) and trash that we put on the streets or in the water are caused by US, not the animals, it’s US that’s doing it. Do we really need to use so much electricity a day? Do we always have to ride a car? Do we always have to throw trash in the ocean or in the streets because we can’t find a rubbish bin? What can we do to stop these things happening to our home? We can recycle, compost…etc. Theres also another alternative, participate in the 2012 Earth Hour event on Saturday 31st March, 8:30 pm (I’m sorry if this is late, but if you participated this year, GREAT!!! Participate next year again!) During Earth Hour, you have to switch off your electricity in your house for 1 hour and use candles or any source of light (that is not wasting electricity) instead. This idea was found by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Australia came up with this idea in 2004. Then they got most people to do it.

I think that it’s important to live in a clean environment, and to have one, we need to care for it, so please participate in Earth Hour whenever you can each year, that will be a big help towards the environment. Thank You :)!

Photo of the Day

This is a picture of a Mom hamster, and a baby hamster hugging, the baby is trying to read to the Mom, and showing her how well she can read her book. This picture also might mean the Mom is reading the book to her child, and the child is thanking her Mom for reading to her.

I chose this photo because it’s really sweet. It really shows that the Mom loves reading to her child, or the child is reading to her Mom, and her Mom is proud of her.


Try it!

If you want to get a bunch of words put together and make it look good, then go to these websites: Wordle or Tagxedo. If you want to see how tagxedo appears like, then you can see the one below that I did, these words all appear on my blog. I you want to see wordle, well i don’t have a example, so you have to try! Hope you have fun!