End of Percentage Unit

What were your 2 big “take aways” from the Managing Mark-up assessment?

My first big take away from the Managing Mark-up assessment was I got to learn how to find monthly revenues with different markups, and learn how to make graphs and use formulas on Excel. On Excel, I learnt how to use formulas to generate data faster, so that I wouldn’t have to spend time typing all the numbers and calculating the answers using a calculator.

How have you now become a more educated investor? Be specific on how you would now invest your money?

I have now become a more educated investor because I learnt that I should use compound interest instead of simple interest when I invest money, so that after a few years, I would earn more money than what I would earn with simple interest.

Describe with examples how you improved on some of your math skills

I improved on my math skills by learning how to properly investigate in math. We were taught the steps to being successful in the assessment, and learnt the formulas for calculating simple and compound interest. Before this unit, I didn’t know how to calculate simple and compound interest, but now that I know, it is something that will probably help me later on in math, and might be useful someday.