My Learning in Music

How has the content covered in class so far (theory and performance) helped your development as a musician?

I think the content covered in class has helped my development as a musician because the theory really helped me understand how to read the notes easily, and know the flats and sharps with barely any problem. I think theory has also helped me recognize the key signature the song is in, and it has made me more comfortable and familiar with it. The performance part has helped me because I’ve learnt songs with higher notes, which therefore makes the song harder, and challenges me.

Discuss the ways in which you are furthering your development as a musician.

Since there are some songs with notes above the brake, on the clarinet, the high notes are quite hard to play, so I’ve gotten help from Mr. Dacho, and he taught me some exercises I can do, and tips on how to reach those notes, so I think thats how I am furthering my development as a musician.

Discuss how other musicians have inspired you to be more successful (consider musician in your class and/or in the school and/or outside of school).

I don’t think that a specific musician has inspired me, but I would pick one of the music teachers because they are all very passionate about music, and they’re all willing to teach us more. They also play a lot of instruments, and also play them really well, so I think that I should learn how to play the clarinet with passion, and have confidence in myself that I can play it well.