English is my first language, but I can read and write in Chinese, and have learned French for 4 years but have decided not to continue learning it. By being a communicator, I have to be able to understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language, and in different forms of communication.

In Chinese, we have a variety of forms of communication, but the most common are book reports, as shown below

我讀了《飆車》這個故事以後,我覺得很有趣。故事講作者是一個巴西的農村的小孩,從來沒念過書。他十七歲的時候就開始賺錢,錢給了媽媽。有一天,有一位先生來,他穿的比較體面,而他看了作者的牙口,選了他在城市裡工作。作者知道這時間事以後很願意,不想工作在田地裡。爸爸說不要羨慕人,但作者那時候不明白,繼續去城市裡工作。作者到了城市候,開始羨慕所有念過書,會寫字的人, 但他明白了,他已經十八歲,再也不能回去讀書。在城市裡,令作者學到很多新的事情。由於城裡的人看不起,所以他們的性格發生了變化,而有的人用打架來證明自己的本領。作者卻喜歡上了飆車,他用飆車讓大家看得起他的本領。作者從慢車開始飆車,然後飆快車,要從橋上跳到快車上,一用來證明自己的能力。最後,作者站在橋上,準備往下跳。

我讀了這個故事以後,發現作者是用倒敍法來寫的。開頭的句子和最後的句子是一樣。人生活在這個世界上,就應該對社會有所付出。要付出,就要展現自己的價值。以前我不明白為什麼有人挺而走險,去飆車、去打劫、去販毒等等。當看完這篇文章,我似乎明白到,這些誤入歧途的年輕人,正像故事裡的年輕人,為了證明自己的價值,從飆慢車,到飆快車,再到從橋上條上奔馳中的快車。他們都是在追求自我價值的認同。當然,這種手法不是正確的。但是,我們的社會應該反思:為什麼我們忽視了這些年輕人?我們是不是應該幫助這些年輕人? 我覺得這個故事很有趣,而會建議同學們讀。

My most recent French year was in Grade 8, and here is a video recording of myself introducing a French music group.


As an inquirer, I develop my natural curiosity, and obtain the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research aiming towards independence in and a love of learning.

During summer 2014, I took part in a two-week Mandarin Immersion Program in Taiwan, and was able to further develop my Chinese skills, and learn more about the Chinese culture through the Chinese classes we had on weekdays from 10am-2pm, and visiting local areas.

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At a local tea shop learning about Chinese culture and how to make tea (left), Chinese classes on weekdays (right)

When I went to Fujian, China in November 2016, we were given the opportunity to talk to three locals who talked about their life in Fujian, and how they’ve seen the area develop throughout the years. I also learned about how the tulou traditions have changed through the generations.









Talking to one of the three locals that came to the tulou to answer our questions


Throughout the different places I have travelled to, I have been able to grow as an individual by understanding and appreciating different cultures through these experiences, and by being open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities.

In May 2014, I went to Chang Rai, Thailand and was able to go to a local primary school and play games with the children. We had the chance to experience their school environment and community, as well as understand how the children of different age groups interact with each other by playing games with us.








Playing with a parachute with the primary school children in Chang Rai, Thailand

In November 2016, I went to Fujian, China, and had the opportunity to stay 3 nights in a tulou, which are Chinese rural dwellings unique to the Hakka culture. We were able to experience the living environment of the locals, as well as participate in a puppet show by creating a plot with the puppets and play the instruments. Therefore, allowing us to appreciate the local traditions of the community, as there were many young children and elders who watched.

15025530_1269775426428269_8708797662507046651_o 15138512_1272945822777896_8401908280209359322_o







Playing the drums for the puppet show (left), group picture at the center of the tulou (right)



I think that being balanced is one of the key aspects to success. It is important to have intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for ourselves and others around us.

I have effectively balanced academics and extra curricular activities, as I have maintained my achievement of the honour roll certificate from 2014 onwards.

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Honour Roll Certificates (2014-2016)

I swim regularly each week, and have recently joined the school’s under 16 basketball team. I think this would give me a new experience as I haven’t tried playing on a school team before. Therefore, I swim twice a week, and have trainings and a game on a weekly basis, which would ensure my physical and mental well-being.

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I have also actively engaged in outside and school activities, such as being an active member of the 1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group since 2008, and am a member of the clubs UNICEF and The Reading Tree, thus exhibiting well roundedness in academics, health, and the community.







I have always had a love for helping people around me, and always look for opportunities to make others happy. My willingness to show respect, support, compassion, and empathy towards those around me is reflected in the citizenship awards I have received.

The citizenship award is awarded to 12 students in each grade, and is awarded to two students in each homeroom for their demonstration of support, encouragement, and assistance towards peers and the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile.

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Citizenship Award in Grade 7 and Grade 8

I also have brought commitment to service, and act to try and make a difference in the lives of others and the environment. I have achieved a first aid certificate from St. John’s Ambulance after completing a continuous first aid course for a total of 30 hours. I am part of the 1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group and have participated in the Canadian Commemorative Ceremony in December since 2010. I also have completed service during the Mandarin Immersion Program in summer 2014, as we performed in an elder home.









Canadian Commemorative Ceremony 2016 (left), St. John’s first aid certification (middle), Community Service Certificate from Taiwan (right)