As an inquirer, I develop my natural curiosity, and obtain the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research aiming towards independence in and a love of learning.

During summer 2014, I took part in a two-week Mandarin Immersion Program in Taiwan, and was able to further develop my Chinese skills, and learn more about the Chinese culture through the Chinese classes we had on weekdays from 10am-2pm, and visiting local areas.

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At a local tea shop learning about Chinese culture and how to make tea (left), Chinese classes on weekdays (right)

When I went to Fujian, China in November 2016, we were given the opportunity to talk to three locals who talked about their life in Fujian, and how they’ve seen the area develop throughout the years. I also learned about how the tulou traditions have changed through the generations.









Talking to one of the three locals that came to the tulou to answer our questions